A Year With The Moon / (In)Difference drabble (2015-03-16)

They try not to think too often about their first attempt at the Jounin Trials. Not that they comported themselves shamefully, but it was still embarrassing to be denied something you wanted in such a public manner.

The Jounin Trials are far different than the Chuunin Exams–the latter focusing on teamwork, strategic thinking, and, to put it crassly, staying power. You don’t always have to win in order to make chuunin, you just have to last long enough and be impressive while doing so.

In contrast, the Jounin Trials were determined by the number of victories scored. Jounin trials were unique to each village, some needing a jounin hopeful to kill a current jounin in order to be promoted (no guesses as to which village that was) but Konoha, touting their friendly peace-time reputation merely needed their ninja to be good enough to win against other chuunin in the running and two jounin moderators.

Fighting chuunin hadn’t been a problem, no matter that some of the other jounin hopefuls were almost twice their age. But it was when they were fighting the two jounin moderators that they realized–together the twins fought like two jounin, but alone they were always outmatched.

There had been a few other candidates promoted, but they had been found unowrthy. In the face of their father, who declined to make a decision, the Jounin Commander and the Chuunin Commander their hopes were rejected.

Instead, they had been made tokubetsu jounin, specialty “teamwork,” which was ridiculous because, except for each other, they never had any permanent teammates.


A/N: I was going to continue… but then I have a cold and the next scene didn’t seem to flow together so well…

A Year With The Moon / (In)Difference drabble (2015-03-15)

They are not opposites, nor are they two halves of a whole. They are similar, but not the same; complementary, resonating, twins. They are the children of a genius and a prophetess, and they see the world around them with open minds ready to learn. Her first word is “how,” his is “why;” and it is a theme which follows for the rest of their lives.

As younger siblings they are always a step behind their older brother. It’s not so bad, because at least they walk together. Their brother graduates from the Academy at six years old, they do so at seven. He achieves the rank of chuunin at eight, they at ten; he becomes jounin at twelve, they do so at fifteen after spending a year as the in-between tokubetsu rank. They are still leaders of the pack, of course, but they look forward when they run and all they can see is themselves falling behind their older brother no matter how they strive.

The war ends abruptly in the spring between their ninth and tenth birthday. By that time, they have already served for two years and are considered veterans. For the most part, their missions were low-risk, no one wanting to endanger two of the Hokage’s children. But they still reach for their blades at sudden movements, begin gathering chakra when any noise seems out of place (they have not been in the village for seven months, so every movement seems sudden, every noise out of place).

Their age-mates, the ones who have just barely missed war-time graduation protocols, complain about being stuck in school for another three years. These students will be utilized in reconstruction, small chores that will gradually be turned into low-rank missions as peace settles over the world. Some of them smile in relief at not having to go to war, but others still dream about the adventures and glory of being real ninja.

The twins know that there is no such thing.


A/N: Just some drabbles about Hatake Satsuki and Satoshi of a theoretical future to (In)Difference. I was trying to figure out the timeline of events and how old they should be to fit properly, it’s a lot of incorrect grammar and parantheses and numbers but if you’re interested you can find it on my lj here. But basically, the twins are the same age as Iruka (four years younger than Kakashi) but while Iruka just barely missed the war-time graduation the twins were already genin.