Mostly a coloration change this time, but it’s a pretty substantial one.

The white/blue one is a simple change from his former shirt, but I added a change of pants as an option. Because the navy pants might mesh better with Sakura’s spandex shorts or something?

And then a huge recolor on bottom, because I thought adding the gray might set him apart from the other two while making the blue accents might call to lightning better or something? Plus, all of the Team 8 genin wear mainly gray, so it’s a call-forward to that whole deal. And a variant of that with the other color shorts.

I agree with @sweeterthanmydreams, it’s definitely a decision between top left and bottom right.

The reasoning for the bottom two is really neat (“call-forward” is such a cool term!) but something about the top left is just super compelling to me. Maybe he goes through a wardrobe change after (possible) death of jounin-sensei and switching to Team 8? I mean it’s canon that everyone had a wardrobe change before Shippuden so…

Maybe top left is his pre-Shippuden and then bottom right is Shippuden since it has a more adult/Konoha chuunin feel to it.

Character Analysis: Dreaming of Sunshine, Team Eight (2015-10-29)

A/N1: Check out Team Seven and Team Ten, if you haven’t.


the Ego
Phlegmatic – Apathetic/Conflicted
(I/e=A)NFP – Idealist – Healer
Neutral/lawful Good


the Id
Choleric – Realist
ESF(P/j) – Artisan – Performer
True/chaotic Neutral


the Superego
Melancholic – Cynic
ISTJ – Guardian – Inspector
Slytherin / Ravenclaw
Lawful Good/neutral


the Mentor
Sanguine – Optimist
ENT(P/j) – Rational – Inventor
Ravenclaw / Slytherin
Lawful Neutral/good

I’ve decided not to do the Five-Man Band since I hate it and it doesn’t contribute much if anything to the analysis.

Surprisingly, Team Eight was fairly easy to do–the designations weren’t what I expected at the beginning, but they were easy.

Anyway, reasoning under the cut.

The Freudian Trio

Team Eight is an almost perfect representation of the Freudian Trio. My only hold back is that, in the beginning, Hinata (the Ego) doesn’t mediate between Kiba (the Id) and Shino (the Superego) so much as she lets them argue it out and have Kurenai (the Mentor) decide. Thankfully, Hinata’s entire character development is her gaining self-confidence so, if anything, Team Eight is become more like the ideal Freudian Trio as they grow older.

The Four-Temperament Ensemble / The Four-Philosophy Ensemble

Given my continued confusion over the Four-Temperament Ensemble, I ended up relying a bit more on the related Four-Philosophy Ensemble to make my decisions. Additionally, for this go around, I ignored the emotional vs rational binary amongst the Temperament (whereas in the Team Seven character analysis, I ignored the introverted vs extroverted).

Between the introverts–Hinata and Shino–it’s pretty obvious that Hinata is the people-oriented one and Shino the task-oriented one. Making Hinata the Phlegmatic one and Shino the Melancholic one. Likewise, Hinata matches the “Conflicted” philosophy more, whereas Shino matches the “Cynic” philosophy more (I definitely would not consider Hinata a cynic).

Amongst the extroverts–Kiba and Kurenai (I’m not entirely sure she is an extrovert, but we only ever see her in a group setting)–I believe that Kurenai is the people-oriented one. Considering her expertise is genjutsu–illusions of the mind–and her continued devotion to her students’ mental and emotional health. In contrast, I believe Kiba is the more task-oriented one–it’s not readily clear since he is in touch with his emotions (considering he’s the Id of Team Eight, he is emotions), but as far as it goes with his actions, Kiba is the kind of person to pursue a goal regardless of other people’s feelings.

With Kurenai as the Sanguine, and Kiba as the Choleric, that would result in Kurenai being the “Optimist” with Kiba as the “Realist.” Which is a little surprising to me, considering that Kurenai is the jounin sensei and Kiba the less experienced shinobi, but it… kind of makes sense. Kurenai is a recent jounin, a lot of her interaction with her team is hopeful–they’re her first set of students, she wants to see them succeed but more than that she wants to see them happy. In contrast, Kiba is member of the Inuzuka clan–which, from the outset, does not seem all that significant, all of the Rookie Nine are part of shinobi clans–but I perceive the Inuzuka clan, and Kiba’s immediate family in particular, to be very open and candid with their experience. As such, I get the feeling that Kiba is second-hand exposed to a lot of the shinobi world.

Myers-Briggs Types and Keirsey Temperament

(Review: Extroversion vs Introversion, Sensing vs iNtuition, Thinking vs Feeling, Judging vs Perceiving. _NF_=Idealist, _NT_=Rational, _S_P=Artisan, _S_J=Guardian)

As I’ve listed above, these are the types and temperaments that I believe matches each member of Team Eight.

Hinata: (I/e=A)NFP – Idealist – Healer
Hinata is comfortable on her own, but she does enjoy and crave company even if it makes her nervous (hence ambivert leaning towards introversion). Much of Hinata’s character is about belief–that she can do more and be more than her past. She remembers interactions as they affect her relationships, and is willing to take people at their words more than their past actions *cough*NEJI*cough*. Her behavior is definitely based on her emotions rather than logic. And she is more likely to wait and react than instigate activities.

Kiba: ESF(P/j) – Artisan – Performer
Kiba, unsurprisingly, is an extrovert–while he can handle being alone (with Akamaru, that is)–he is more energetic around other people. He relies more heavily on what is tangible than abstract ideas, what he (and others around him) has experienced more than what might happen in the future. Considering he is the Id of the team, its unsurprising he’s more of a Feeler than a Thinker. As for my uncertainty on perceiving vs judging, well… Kiba is reactionary and adaptable, he doesn’t plan but rather stays open for possible opportunities, but he is decisive–once he does decide on a course of action he will pull through with it.

Shino: ISTJ – Guardian – Inspector
Shino’s designations are pretty obvious, even though we know comparatively less of him. Introversion, is a bit of a guess, but he doesn’t seem to actively crave become energized by company. For both sensing and thinking, this is mostly because of the rare occasions where he does have dialogue. He lists out pieces of information and how it leads to the ultimate, logical conclusion. Likewise, this method of rationality leans toward the judging side rather than perceiving.

Kurenai: ENT(P/j) – Rational – Inventor
As mentioned in the previous section, I do think that Kurenai is an extrovert (though we know very little of her as well). Additionally, given that she is a genjutsu expert, I believe that she would rely on her intuition more on her senses because she knows just how easily senses can be fooled.  For all that she is in touch with her emotions, I don’t she is ruled by them necessarily–in some cases, I think she acts in spite of them. As for perceiving/judging, well, like with all of the jounin sensei, she has to be a little of both due to her career–as for why I think she’s leans more heavily toward the perceiving end, well, ultimately her behavior is in response to someone else’s actions or decisions.

Hogwarts Houses

I may be a little bias on this one, just because I’ve always had the headcanon that Hinata is a Gryffindor of the Neville Longbottom variety. With that in mind, Kiba would then be the Hufflepuff of the team–loyalty, determination; he’s not as much of the rabid badger Hufflepuff as Sasuke is, but he’s close. As for Ravenclaw and Slytherin, well, I’m not really sure.

Both Kurenai and Shino are intelligent, but given Kurenai’s intelligence leans more towards the creative and Shino’s the practical I tentatively say that Kurenai is the Ravenclaw and Shino is the Slytherin. Additionally, while it’s more a sign of his ability than ambition, Shino was one of two to make chuunin during the first exams. Then again, considering how difficult it must be for a genjutsu specialist to become a full jounin rather than be stuck as a special jounin, Kurenai must be ambitious as well.

D&D Alignment

As you can probably tell, I was a little unsure about alignments for Team Eight.

Hinata: Neutral/lawful Good. Hinata is clearly good–but her lawful leaning is actually detrimental to her; her character arc is her striving and failing to conform to her father’s idea of a Hyuuga heiress. It’s when she steps away from that standard that she grows into herself.

Kiba: True/chaotic Neutral. Of Team Eight, Kiba is the closest to being chaotic leaning–but while he does enjoy the occasional ruckus, he does adhere to orders so long as they are from someone he acknowledges as superior in hierarchy. As for neutral, pack is what is most important to him–so long as his friends and family are okay, he doesn’t really care about anything else.

Shino: Lawful Good/neutral. Shino is, if anything, more likely to bend the law to his own use or find loopholes which allow him to act. Luckily, he is good at heart–if in a cold utilitarian way, optimizing the most benefit for the most people; though he does make exceptions for his friends of course, hence the neutral leaning.

Kurenai: Lawful Neutral/good. Given the creativity needed for genjutsu, Kurenai doesn’t step out of line at all if ever; maybe it’s because she’s a recent jounin and doesn’t want to misstep. As for Neutral/good, I think her concern is centered around her team/Asuma/her friends–she doesn’t seem to extend that care to others. Then again, her actions aren’t inherently selfish so…