Mostly a coloration change this time, but it’s a pretty substantial one.

The white/blue one is a simple change from his former shirt, but I added a change of pants as an option. Because the navy pants might mesh better with Sakura’s spandex shorts or something?

And then a huge recolor on bottom, because I thought adding the gray might set him apart from the other two while making the blue accents might call to lightning better or something? Plus, all of the Team 8 genin wear mainly gray, so it’s a call-forward to that whole deal. And a variant of that with the other color shorts.

I agree with @sweeterthanmydreams, it’s definitely a decision between top left and bottom right.

The reasoning for the bottom two is really neat (“call-forward” is such a cool term!) but something about the top left is just super compelling to me. Maybe he goes through a wardrobe change after (possible) death of jounin-sensei and switching to Team 8? I mean it’s canon that everyone had a wardrobe change before Shippuden so…

Maybe top left is his pre-Shippuden and then bottom right is Shippuden since it has a more adult/Konoha chuunin feel to it.

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