Chompy Maiden flies so sweet.
To all the ships in the Bone Fleet,
She smiles sharp and wide and well,
Then bites their shields and hulls to hell!

Chompy Maiden is so strong,
She can never do a wrong,
‘Cause all the enemies she hits,
Explode and get all wrecked to shit!

So if you think you can destroy
Chompy Maiden, she’ll enjoy,
Your crit ones and awful luck,
Your plan has failed, your ship is f–


Ode to Chompy Maiden, jacksgreyson

Kuwabara Onsen Brochure

Less than a day’s travel from Takigakure–at civilian speed even!–there is a popular onsen which is recommended to all who journey through the Land of Waterfalls. The recommendations promote various features of the onsen: the excellent service of the inn, the healing properties of the hot springs, the attached spa which works miracles for reducing aches and pains and stress. There’s even an adorable exhibit of capybaras enjoying the hot springs for themselves! Truly a locale that appeals to every type of traveler.

(Please ignore the clan of highly trained shinobi who consider this place both headquarters and home)


A/N: Okay so… spite… brochure making? For that Legends of Sunshine RPG over on Discord.

Kuwabara Onsen Brochure

Legends of Sunshine (Character Creation)

I don’t know how many of you are over on the DoS Discord, but some of us are (hopefully) going to start a game set in the DoS‘verse (but as shinobi of Takigakure) using the Legends of the Wulin system.

I’m new to this system (which is interesting but very complicated) so mostly I spent today creating my character: Hibiki Ibarata Kuwabara!

I’m not entirely sure if I’m doing it right (hence the bright red and question marks in some places) but I think I like the direction I’m going in…

If anyone’s familiar with the system and would be willing to give me some feedback, I’d appreciate it 😀

I’m kind of curious here, how do three d6 get a 23? Don’t three d6 get a sum between 3 to 18?

Oh, whoops, it’d be plus whatever the related skill/stat is. I guess I forgot to include that (let me do that now). Like for example if you’re trying to outrun an explosion and you roll three 6s and ALSO have 5 in speed, you’d get a 23 total which is an EPIC SUCCESS. (… which means you run so fast that the explosion is trying to escape you?)

So not only do you totally succeed in outrunning the explosion, the triple 6s gives you a boost/advantage, AND the “epic” part means… I don’t know… you get to declare a story detail or something?

Character Statistics –> DoS/Naruto RPG?

Having four sets of character statistics up for the Konoha Twelve/Thirteen kind of makes me want to develop an informal role-playing game (RPG) based on them? I’d definitely have to add another stat called “Heart” or “Spirit” or “Empathy,” something like that, but otherwise I think everything is covered?

Like… I even thought of a rough idea of the rules and such when I was traveling:

  • So as not to require many specialized dice, this game would only use three d6 (aka the cube shape dice that have six faces which most board games use). 
  • Depending on what the related skill/stat is, playing would be the three d6+stat. For example, if I have a speed of 3 and roll a 2, 4, and 5, then that’d be a total of 14.
  • The breakdown of roll results would be 3-8 is a failure, 9-16 is a mixed success, 17-22 is an uncontested success, and 23 is an EPIC SUCCESS. (This would probably be a little modified depending on what the obstacle or who the enemy is? Like, a 17 will not defeat someone like Madara outright, but maybe your character does manage to score a hit).
  • There’d probably be some special rules, too. Like, if you roll triples you can get a little boost/advantage no matter what the actual result is–like, triple 2s might be a fail, but maybe you failed so badly that the enemy is distracted and your teammate gets an advantage on their attack.
  • Character creation! If we go based off everyone’s Academy graduation stats then it would be (well, I’d still have to figure out whatever the other Heart/Spirit stat is) but all graduates have a rough minimum of 12 points and a rough maximum of 18. So you start with 12 no matter what then in order to create your character, you’d roll two d6. One you can make part of your current talent/fighting stats and the other you can make your Heart/Spirit stat (so you can decide if you want to be more of a Lee character or a Neji character–or a Naruto character vs a Sasuke character–more Heart/Spirit but less talent. Or maybe you might end up rolling 1s on both and just be like one of those background faceless characters that didn’t get a jounin-sensei).
  • Depending on who the game master (GM) is and who is playing you don’t have to start in Konoha (actually, maybe you probably shouldn’t? To have a different genin team set up it might be better to go to a different village).  Most likely (unless everyone has amazingly high character creation rolls) the players wouldn’t be on a jounin led team but in the general Genin Corps so the GM wouldn’t have to be worried about playing an OP non player character (NPC) and god.

I guess mostly it’d be a cool way to create a story in the Naruto world without having to adhere to Naruto’s canon story.

Damn. I really want to play this now.