Legends of Sunshine (2018-02-09)

Three-Sentence Fic: Hibiki and the Kuwabara Clan


Her earliest days are spent quietly in the corner of various rooms of the onsen depending on who is available to watch her. Or, at least, anyone who is not too busy with their own duties to keep an occasional eye out for a single child prone to silent daydreaming.

Hibiki grows up as isolated a person can while being a member of a clan nearly one hundred strong.

The problem is that the nearest in age to her are either infants–too small and young to provide much in the way of playmates–or away in the village, soon to be genin and functional adults in the eyes of shinobi culture.

Between the one child who will soon be off to the academy anyway and the five babies who require near constant monitoring, it is no surprise which the clan caretaker prioritizes.

Still, it’s a little lonely.

Or perhaps the problem is her parents: so successful yet so far away. Her mother, Tamaki, the clan’s representative in the capitol–fierce and graceful, both–her father, Mitsuru, mostly brilliant, sometimes absentminded, but always devoted to his wife.

But if them being in the capitol is what is best for the clan, then of course that is what is best for her.

Hibiki is four years old when she chooses Shokupan… or when Shokupan chooses her.

To this day they can’t quite agree.

Regardless, it is the best day of their lives.

(The day they meet Suki is a close second, but that is a story for another time)

Before she goes to the academy, Hibiki meets her uncle Atsushi just the once.

She is trying to sneak an entire watermelon out of the kitchens for Shokupan, who is far too fat and spoiled already, the shape of it bulging unconvincingly under her shirt.

She is not sure who is more surprised, but she is certain that she’s been caught, wide-eyed and ready to drop her ill gotten gains–but all he does, besides huff a soft, amused laugh, is pat her on the head and continue on his way.

The next time they meet is a decade later:

She is a fully fledged genin of Takigakure, contributing in her own way to the Kuwabara clan.

And he is the head of said clan, informing her that she is one of the candidates to become his heir.

Hibiki loves her clan–how could she not? They have given her everything, have given her Shokupan, have given her what she needs to become a successful shinobi; one who will be strong enough to see a world she had only ever daydreamed of as that small, lonely child.

Hibiki loves her clan–this is not the problem.


A/N: Some three sentence fic about Hibiki and her clan for the Legends of Sunshine RPG.

… I also only now realize that Hibiki and Haru of (En)Closure have the same last name… hm…

Legends of Sunshine (Character Creation)

I don’t know how many of you are over on the DoS Discord, but some of us are (hopefully) going to start a game set in the DoS‘verse (but as shinobi of Takigakure) using the Legends of the Wulin system.

I’m new to this system (which is interesting but very complicated) so mostly I spent today creating my character: Hibiki Ibarata Kuwabara!

I’m not entirely sure if I’m doing it right (hence the bright red and question marks in some places) but I think I like the direction I’m going in…

If anyone’s familiar with the system and would be willing to give me some feedback, I’d appreciate it 😀