If this isn’t how I get married then what’s the point

I legit thought this was a Critical Role cosplay wedding featuring Percy, Vex, and Trinket.


I don’t think I’m a weirdo in a bad way. There’s just a lot going on in myn head. – Kat Dennings

Okay, but if Disney does a movie for Grimhilde (Snow White’s stepmother) reminiscent of what they did for Maleficent…

I’m just saying…


Model – Isabella Melo

Nationality – Brazilian

Height – 5′10.5

Agencies – IMG (NY, Paris) Women (Milan)

Notable Work – Vogue Brasil January 2014 Editorial 

Eugenia “Ginny” Gothel – aka “Daughter Gothel”

Unlike her mother, Ginny accepts that her youth is fleeting and vows to enjoy it to the fullest while she still can. Though she prefers hedonism and pleasure, she does not fear violence. Given the number of daggers and Stabbingtons at her beck and call–why would she?


A/N: Since it’s canon in the book that Mother Gothel has a daughter named Ginny, I thought it would be hilarious if Ginny were short for Eugenia. Given Flynn’s real name and all. 😀


Color version of Alexander Ludwig’s Fluant Magazine photo shoot (2015).

The Gaston twins, Gaston Jr and Gaston the Third.

Gaston Jr, who willingly and enthusiastically goes by the nickname “Deuce,” is extremely a little more confident than his brother. While he’s not as narcissistic as his father, he does think of his body as a gift to humankind and often flaunts it with casual semi-nudity and strategic lounging. He is, specifically, in pictures 1, 2, 3, and 5.

Gaston the Third, who prefers to be called “Theo,” is more reserved than his older brother. He is pictured in 4, 6, 7, 8 and 9. (He possibly also has a crush on a certain mad scientist, and brings Carlos interesting spare parts that he scavenges from barge runs. But without looking like he’s trying too hard. Deuce thinks its hilarious.)


Kaya Scodelario for Wonderland magazine

Princess Melody, daughter of Prince Eric and Princess Ariel of The Little Mermaid fame, has already graduated from Auradon Prep and is now attending the University of Auradon with a double major in political science and oceanography.


A/N: Like Esteban “Zephyr” de Châteaupers, Melody is an already established Disney next generation. I couldn’t really change her name–given that there’s no way to misconstrue it as a nickname like Esteban “Zephyr” and her name is a fairly important part of her movie–nor would I really want to anyway.

I also figure that she’s actually one of the oldest of the next generation (why I have her at university instead of ambiguously high school). Say around the age of my fancast set of older Lost kids the “Predecessors?” And seeing as how Uri, son of Ursula, is one of them… 😀

She does have a younger sister still at Auradon Prep.


fka twigs in “wild child“ by patrick demarchelier for vogue us january 2015

Now presenting Esmerelda and Phoebus de Châteaupers’ twin daughters:

Phillipa “Phia” and Phyllis “Lizzie” de Châteaupers, younger sisters of Esteban “Zephyr” de Châteaupers


A/N: … well… seeing as how I did technically make it home before midnight (with thirty minutes to spare!) I figured I still ought to do something for a daily post, even if it’s not very much. So here we go–a Descendants Fancast!

I just sometimes spot really cool outfits or photoshoots and wonder who would this be in Descendants. Because I am still Descendants trash despite my dearth of writing. This photoset seemed like a “hero” side, but toeing the line of edgy and cool towards villain. And given how Esmerelda’s storyline almost went… well. They would be rather more accepting of Lost kids.

Why Phillipa and Phyllis? Well, given everyone in this world strangely seemed to be named after their parents and yet Zephyr exists in The Hunchback of Notre Dame sequel… well. That could be a nickname. And someone already came of with Esteban which is rather cool. So I’ve accepted that headcanon. So it seems fair that if the son is phonetically named after Esmerelda, then the twin daughters ought to be phonetically named after their father–hence “Ph” names. 

Well… there aren’t exactly many of them. But I felt that Phillipa “Horse Lover” and Phyllis “Green” resonated well? Because Phoebus’ horse Achilles is a character in his own right–and no doubt would be the best guard/nanny horse for the twins–where as Esmerelda means “emerald” so in a way Phyllis is also named after her mother.

Maybe one day I will use these ladies in some fic! I’m guessing they’ll be Carlos’ age (since I headcanon Carlos to be 14-15 in comparison to Mal and Evie’s 16 and Jay’s almost 17) and probably be in a few of his classes (the ones that he hasn’t skipped ahead of, anyway).

Gustav Morstad as Anthony Tremaine (grandson of Lady Tremaine and son of Anastasia Tremaine… hence the red hair. Also, imagine his clothes as a very dark purple instead of black)

[okay, this is kind of random, but it’s been bugging me. So here is Anthony Tremaine to round out that accidental older set of four Lost kids that I’ve apparently been constructing in my head. For the other three:

Kristen Stewart as Jemma Hook (daughter of James Hook)

Alfie Enoch as Uri (son of Ursula)

Gina Rodriguez as Cora (or Querida? for the Q, or is the similar k-sound enough?) / Princess of Hearts (daughter of the Queen of Hearts)

To be honest, I don’t actually properly fancast them so much as I fancast their outfits/looks. Though I suppose since three out of the four are actors it would work? I dunno…

… for now I guess I’ll tag them all with “predecessors (the prequel)”]