I know you don’t really write for descendants anymore, but I finally saw Moana and there is something that I wanted to ask if you thought was plausible. Assuming that Moana was in the descendants-verse, do you think that Auradon would try to put Maui on the isle, because on one hand he’s a Demi god who helped Moana save the world from Te Ka. But on the other, he’s the reason the world needed saving at all and if Auradon imprisoned a god (Hades), demigod doesn’t seem much of a stretch.

There’s a lot going on in the greater Descendants ‘verse which I don’t fully know (I haven’t read the book and only cursory watched the animated shorts) so my interpretation of the ‘verse is mostly based on the first movie (I haven’t yet watched the second, but the GIFs look great) and whatever I get curious about and look on the wiki and decide whether or not to keep.

Because the Descendants ‘verse itself picks and chooses what it wants from the greater Disney ‘verse and some of their own beta canon contradicts with itself so it’s hard to keep consistent with the Disney ‘verse when Descendants clearly has decided to ignore it.

I guess what I’m saying is, thanks for the ask, anon, and I’ll answer based on my own internal understanding of the ‘verse (which is based on limited information anyway), and so it is in no way actual factual for the ‘verse and should not discourage you one way or another.

So let’s go:

First off, Moana was a great movie. I loved it. (It’s on Netflix, for anyone who has yet to watch it, btw). And so given, as you said, the Auradon was capable of imprisoning Hades (a full god) and Maui is a demi god (who was born human and whose source of magical shapeshifting abilities is his fish hook) then yes, I agree, that Auradon COULD trap Maui on the Isle. I mean, it’s not even really that difficult since without the hook or a boat he couldn’t leave even a non-enchanted island which is how Moana first meets him in the movie.

Would Auradon think/be motivated to do so? I’m thinking no.

Plot-wise, Maui isn’t really a villain. He’s painted to be so in Moana’s grandmother’s story because, hey, he stole the Heart of Te Fiti and caused the world to slowly decay etc. etc. But then we as an audience find out he was trying to do it for the sake of humans (in a Prometheus-esque, steal fire from the gods sort of situation, and Prometheus was never considered a villain) and in the end, he helps Moana return the Heart which basically wipes his slate clean. Te Fiti even restores his fish hook so, if anything, he’s good there.

So unless Auradon imprisons him before Moana can find him to restore the Heart of Te Fiti–thereby dooming the Polynesian islands/the rest of the world to the encroaching decay and darkness of Te Ka–then he wouldn’t be considered a villain anymore to then be imprisoned.

Additionally–and this is very much so my own headcanon–I’m pretty sure the kingdom of Auradon only corresponds to the equivalent of the continent of Europe. Both the school and the Isle have characters from other countries/kingdoms/empires–such as Jafar and Jay, Lonnie, Freddi Facilier, etc–because the school is meant to foster international relations in the young elites of the world (think actual United Nations for teenagers) and the Isle is one of the most secure prisons in the world.

Maui would be under the jurisdiction of Moana (or her descendants) as the ruler of the society that he briefly terrorized with his actions and seeing as how, again, he did help restore the Heart of Te Fiti, she/her descendants wouldn’t send him to be imprisoned on the Isle.

If anything, the idea that Moana’s descendants have a guardian shapeshifting demigod watching over them at Auradon Prep is a lot more appealing to me than Maui being imprisoned on an Isle and NOT BEING ABLE TO SAIL OR SHAPE SHIFT. That’d be so sad, anon, so sad T_T

And also, considering that some of the GIFs of the second movie have a badass pirate from the Isle, having a voyager on the hero side would be pretty fun.

So I’m a bit behind in descendants news, and I just looked up any news for Descendants 2 and saw the costume pics from September. Ben looks wicked in his Isle look, however I wish that the franchise would stick to the Villain children that they have. The books, Web series, and Movies all list Captain Hooks kid by a different name (admittedly he could have more then one…) and apparently the Gastons have been written out for “Gil”. It’s very confusing to keep track of…

Ah, well, I haven’t been keeping track of Descendants news either, but I just looked up stuff after seeing your ask and all I can say is…


Ookay then Disney, you do you?

Descendants has a lot of content in different media formats which aren’t cohesive with each other so there are a lot of points of conflict. My fic writing philosophy for Descendants is very much so buffet style – in that, I’ll pick and choose what I like and leave what I don’t – so I was expecting to be jossed at some point or another.

Like, even my OC takes of the villain kids (Jemma Hook, for the most part) was done knowing that I’m directly contradicting some level of canon – whether alpha/beta canon or fanon…

I’ll watch Descendants 2, don’t get me wrong, but I’ll probably do so with a grain of salt (and, well, it’s not like I didn’t watch the first one without a bucket of salt, so).

Untitled Descendants ficlet, (2016-07-26)

The stories go a little differently.

Small details made important when the ending turns one way instead of the other.

Like sparks turning into bonfires, and flapping wings turning into storms.

The queen triumphant, the kingdom stolen. Ambition and cunning and power rewarded.

All because of one tiny change.

It starts like this:

The Evil Queen ascends the throne, and knows she must get rid of Snow White. It is not a matter of beauty, but a matter of politics–for now, she is queen regent, throne gained by marriage, but that will be taken from her as soon as Snow White comes of age.

She summons her best hunter–not a man who can be swayed by a pretty face and a couple of tears, but a woman whose eccentricity is allowed because of her ruthlessness.

Normally, the Huntress only cares for exotic furs, but for this one hunt she doesn’t mind coming back with a different trophy instead.

For true, the Evil Queen feasts on a princesses’ heart that night, and thus solidifies her reign.

Long live the Queen.

Then it keeps going:

Maleficent is, above all else, a being of magic. The being of magic, even, if she’s going to honest. No other fairies are nearly as powerful as she is, and any other magical being that is more also has far less freedom.

When it comes to magic, nothing can defeat her.

Which is why, when it comes to the little princess and those second-rate fairies, she’s not worried about her curse failing.

What she’s worried about is that terrible little prince she’s betrothed to breaking it.

All curses can break, even hers.

But if the little prince is too distracted by, say, a neighboring kingdom’s Queen declaring war to save this kingdom. Well, then.

She’s not much one for mortals, but alliances have their benefits.

Maybe she’ll give the Queen a thank you gift.

Then it spreads further:

The sultan is a buffoon, so it’s not as if Jafar doesn’t already run the kingdom, but there’s a difference between running it and ruling it and Jafar knows which one he’d rather have.

There’s an Empress in the cold lands to the west, one backed by a magic creature. It doesn’t hurt to be friendly with one’s peers, especially one who thinks so much alike.

And anyway, as royal vizier, it’s Jafar’s job to make sure foreign relations run as smoothly as possible.

The diamond in the rough nearly ruins everything, but the Empress from the cold lands sends… an ambassador of sorts.

When the Huntress is done, she considers her trophies. The monkey’s fur is coarse and no doubt flea-ridden, but the tiger pelt? She could make quite the coat out of that.

It’s not as if the new Sultan minds.

And so the story changes:

The Empress has conquered three kingdoms now, her influence spreading, and it’s unlikely she’ll be ousted. Certainly not with Maleficent on her side.

It’s a large amount of land and people to govern, though no one could say the Empress is bad at her job, no matter how evil she may be. But Maleficent does owe her a thank you gift.

The neighboring kingdom has recently lost their king and queen, leaving only a young bratty prince in charge.

In homage, Maleficent plays the part of an old woman and curses the entire castle.

There is little resistance, with no royalty to stop her; the Empress expands her empire. And she gives the Huntress a thank you gift of her own: a very unique hunt with quite the exotic prey.


A/N: I kinda wanted to do a bad guys win thing… this may act as a prequel for an AU series, though I’m a little wishy washy on that because… I’ve become terrible at finishing my Descendants WIPs and I don’t want to just start up another one, you know?

Anyway, because the whole… different time periods mash up into the present thing kind of annoys me, I was wondering what if everyone was in the ambiguous medieval past. And then, trying to figure out how to put Cruella in the past made me realize she would’ve totally been a huntress and Snow White would have been totes doomed.

And then it kind of spiraled from there because I love political ramifications of fairy tales. Love them.

… This kinda reminds me of my first Descendants ficlet.

edit: now on ao3 as part of Nameless, Worthy (Infamous