So I’m a bit behind in descendants news, and I just looked up any news for Descendants 2 and saw the costume pics from September. Ben looks wicked in his Isle look, however I wish that the franchise would stick to the Villain children that they have. The books, Web series, and Movies all list Captain Hooks kid by a different name (admittedly he could have more then one…) and apparently the Gastons have been written out for “Gil”. It’s very confusing to keep track of…

Ah, well, I haven’t been keeping track of Descendants news either, but I just looked up stuff after seeing your ask and all I can say is…


Ookay then Disney, you do you?

Descendants has a lot of content in different media formats which aren’t cohesive with each other so there are a lot of points of conflict. My fic writing philosophy for Descendants is very much so buffet style – in that, I’ll pick and choose what I like and leave what I don’t – so I was expecting to be jossed at some point or another.

Like, even my OC takes of the villain kids (Jemma Hook, for the most part) was done knowing that I’m directly contradicting some level of canon – whether alpha/beta canon or fanon…

I’ll watch Descendants 2, don’t get me wrong, but I’ll probably do so with a grain of salt (and, well, it’s not like I didn’t watch the first one without a bucket of salt, so).

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