A/N: Final piece, both created and chronologically. I’m quite aware that many of these “voicemails” were waaaaaay too long to be actual voicemails, but I think the further along I got the more I discovered what the story I was trying to tell was, and the more of that story I tried to fit.

It’s unstated, but hopefully implied that R is drunk for this one.

I hope you enjoyed this mini-series, scattered and unorganized as it was.


8 – R to Iris – 1 Year

Hey, Iris… It’s been, um, it’s been, uh, a year since our… dad… died and… since we’ve… spoken. Not that that’s, um, more important than our, you know, our-our father dying, just, um, it seems that they are just linked… together… and I, um… I thought it would be–I just wanted to acknowledge it with… someone who would understand. But I guess maybe… that’s not you either since… I don’t understand… you… anymore… or if I ever did…

‘Cause to me it just seems like when dad died you… did… too. ‘Cause I lost both of you at the same time and… it… might as well… be true because… I mean… right? Like, you might… you might as well be–

I d-… I don’t want to be angry anymore. And-and I’m not angry anymore if–if… You know different… different people deal with loss… differently… and, um… I guess that just means I… You dealing with it in your way means that I have to deal with the double the loss in… my own way and I guess that includes leaving voicemails to someone who doesn’t care… So… 

Probably you’re not listening to this… I don’t even know where the fuck you are… I’m just–statistically you’re probably closer to dad’s grave than I am, so if you could–if you could put like some kind of fucking f-bouquet or whatever… Talk to his buried corpse… and the nice shiny rock that cost a lot to have his name on it–if-if you could do that, because I’m… I’m not there and I’m… Hell, maybe-maybe you’re not there either–I don’t know what I’m saying anymore I’m… 

Yeah, it’s been a year! It’s been a year, Iris! It has been. A. Year…  I don’t know, Iris, I don’t know what happened… to us… to…

I don’t know… okay… I-… this is me saying goodbye to you for… for–for real o-or, you know, closure or–something–or…

Goodbye, Iris.

A/N: 7 of 8–in which I forget the words “embezzlement,” “fraud,” and “suspicious.”


7 – R to Patrick – 5 months

Hi Patrick, it’s R… um… oh, geez, it’s late. Uh. Sorry about calling… outside of work hours… and… at… two thirty in the morning. Um. I guess I could have waited? Until we were both at the office to let you know but, um, I just–I just found it and I just thought it’d be good to inform you as soon as possible, um, that there is uh… so you know… in regards to the, um, Pine Star Group? Uh, I would suggest we… look… elsewhere because their financials are a little bit… hinky. I mean, I guess that’s not the professional words I would use… to describe it, but there’s something fishy with their financials and it–I-I do not think we can take on that kind of liability, um, I can–I have the documents, um, with me and obviously I can show them to you… tomorrow, or I guess later today, in… the office… but, um… basically their, um… yeah. 

They’re shifting a lot of money… around… and there’s not–I can’t tell where… it went. Which, I mean, my first instinct is, um… well, no, I was–I was gonna say maybe they just have bad math, but it–it’s prob–it’s probably like… they’re probably like… skimming from their own company right? Like that’s–that’s probably what that is? That’s–that’s–I mean, that’s–we can’t–we can’t trust them–we can’t… 

Anyways! I will speak to you… tomorro–today–in the office–okay, have a good night, um, morning–have a good–bye!

A/N: 6 of 8… you can tell the longer I was stuck in traffic the worse I got 😛


6 – R to Patrick – 3 months

Hi this is R Chacone, I’m calling back for, um, to Patrick regarding the voice message I got earlier today, regarding–wait, um, wha, I–regarding the, uh, job opening? Um, the-the resources? Um. Yeah, I’m–I just wanted to let you know that I am still interested and definitely available to, um, uh, yes. I would like to accept–

Ah fuck it. Um, I’ll just email. Delete message.

A/N: 5 of 8!


5 – R to Iris – 4 months

Iris. I don’t know where you are. I haven’t heard from you in months…

And, um… you know? I’m finally getting the message. You don’t want to talk anymore… and that’s… I mean, that’s–that’s on you. Just–just so you know, that’s on you. But, um, I’m gonna–I still want–you’re my sister, okay? So, even if you don’t want to talk, I still… just in case you ever do…

I’m calling because I’m moving, um, I-I’ll still keep this number in case you ever… change your mind… but, um… I’m moving and, um… I guess geographically and, you know, uh… life… 

I–this’ll be the last time, I think, because… at least from my end, because you’ve made it clear that… you don’t want there to be… anything from your end, so…

It. You’re still my sister… you are still… my sister… Bye Iris.

A/N: 4 of 8 or the Ode to 11010201 voicemails series–halfway done!


4 – R to Iris – 2 months

Iris, call me back. You can’t just hide from everything, okay? We’ll deal with this together, just–just call me back, okay? And then we’ll figure things out. And then everything can just go back to normal, okay?

… okay, I love you. Okay, bye.

A/N: 3 of 8 in the Ode to 11010201 voicemail series! Also, I don’t know why I always end up with Disney Channel references. -_-


3 – R’s failed voicemails – 11 months

Hi, you’ve reached R Chacone the, uh–fuck.

Hi, you’ve reached R Chacone, the Chief Resource Officer of–wait, do I?–fuck.

Hi, you’ve reached R Chacone, the desk of me–shit.

Hi, you’ve reached the voice mail box–what? no, what? god, no–okay.

This is R Chacone and you’re… fucking watching Disney Channel or some–what the? what am I saying? God, okay.

A/N: 2 of 8 in the weird Ode to 11010201 voicemails


2 – R to Patrick – 7 months

Hey Patrick this is R! I’m, uh, stuck in traffic but you probably know that because I’m not in the office and I should be as… a… you know… dutiful employee should be at this time. Anyways, I was just calling to let you know, um–obviously I’m late–if you could let the Mathieson company, uh, the-their people–oh god–um, if you could let them know that I will be in as soon as possible and, you know, just stall for time, maybe… um… I mean, I–to be honest, if you want to just go ahead with the meeting without me you—I’m pretty sure you know the, uh, info better than I do, and, uh, as evidenced by this voicemail you are more, uh, eloquent and will probably… solidify this deal… sooner… and better than I–anyways! That’s not why I’m calling… yeah… did–sh-should I pick up anything on my way in? I mean, given the state of traffic, it’ll probably be lunchtime by the time I get back to the office… Okay! Call me back!

A/N: I was stuck in absolutely terrible traffic a few weeks ago, and in order to prevent myself from frothing about enraged, I recorded a series of voicemails on my phone set in the Ode to 11010201 ‘verse. So not the best quality in any way, shape, or form.

I’ll be posting them in order of creation, not necessarily chronological order, so… enjoy?


1 – R to Iris – 8 months

Hey Iris, it’s R. Um. I know that I said that I would stop calling you, uh, but, it’s been 8 months since we’ve spoken and a lot has happened since then. Um you–you might know that, uh, I moved… to New York. I um, I have a new job. They, um. They, uh, they seem to really like me here for some reason. They, um. They seem really close to each other and I–I like that, you know? I’m not very good at making friends, but I think I could be friends with these–with my coworkers–and they seem… They seem like family, and I guess that’s why I’m calling because… you know… how–how weird it is to be… almost family with these–these people that I’m being paid to work alongside when I haven’t even spoken to my real family in eight… months… I guess I just wanted to see how you were doing and if, maybe, you know, just start up the conversation again. Or, just, start one at all… You’re probably wondering why I’m calling now instead of… you know, earlier, like, um, I mean I–you know, um, our birthday was two months ago… yeah. That, um, that happened. And, um, I didn’t call you then, but, um, in my defense you didn’t call me either so… I guess we’re both a little bit at fault for that one, aren’t we? I, um… shit.

Erase message.


lyrics adapted from Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep by Mary Elizabeth Frye

(but, honestly, inspired by the gorgeous TAZ fanart that used it by @kaylabarart)

I should probably learn how to use garage band or something… because is really meant for just generating sheet music not making songs, and it’s annoying to have to copy paste by measures instead of just telling a program to loop this thing.

But it was pretty fun to make, regardless?