A/N: 7 of 8–in which I forget the words “embezzlement,” “fraud,” and “suspicious.”


7 – R to Patrick – 5 months

Hi Patrick, it’s R… um… oh, geez, it’s late. Uh. Sorry about calling… outside of work hours… and… at… two thirty in the morning. Um. I guess I could have waited? Until we were both at the office to let you know but, um, I just–I just found it and I just thought it’d be good to inform you as soon as possible, um, that there is uh… so you know… in regards to the, um, Pine Star Group? Uh, I would suggest we… look… elsewhere because their financials are a little bit… hinky. I mean, I guess that’s not the professional words I would use… to describe it, but there’s something fishy with their financials and it–I-I do not think we can take on that kind of liability, um, I can–I have the documents, um, with me and obviously I can show them to you… tomorrow, or I guess later today, in… the office… but, um… basically their, um… yeah. 

They’re shifting a lot of money… around… and there’s not–I can’t tell where… it went. Which, I mean, my first instinct is, um… well, no, I was–I was gonna say maybe they just have bad math, but it–it’s prob–it’s probably like… they’re probably like… skimming from their own company right? Like that’s–that’s probably what that is? That’s–that’s–I mean, that’s–we can’t–we can’t trust them–we can’t… 

Anyways! I will speak to you… tomorro–today–in the office–okay, have a good night, um, morning–have a good–bye!

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