Prompt/idea: Team Seven and overthrowing corrupt dictator(s). (i mean, its already canon, right?)


… hm…

To be honest, anon, I’m not entirely sure what to do with this prompt. Like you said, it’s basically canon that Team Seven overthrows corrupt dictators even though, usually, that’s just a byproduct of their main mission to protect their client.

I suppose the issue is that they can’t go around doing it deliberately without it being a political overreach on both Konoha and Land of Fire’s behalves: as if they were either meddling in foreign affairs or turning Land of Fire into and empire. Already the friendship alliance going on with Mist and Sand is highly suspicious in the eyes of Rock and Lightning so…

And… well… how many countries are there even? How many dictators could there possibly be before news of Team Seven spreads? How long would it take before Team Seven has to take a look at their own government for corruption? And, well, it is also canon because… Danzo… but surely there are evil schemers in the Fire Court. Or perhaps even the idea of nobility/royalty will start to seem like dictatorship…

I guess what I’m saying is who watches the watchmen?

Although in a more abstract interpretation of your prompt I did think of an idea sort of like… a post-post-post-canon Rise of the Guardians-esque story. In which many generations have passed and ninjutsu is as much a matter of legend as ninshuu is for current canon shinobi. There are still injustices in the world–old injustices given new faces–but children have less access to the abilities to save themselves. And it’s kind of…

Well, in line with the Rise of the Guardians vibe I suppose my idea is a little based on Esama’s All Hallows and joisbishmyoga’s Lullaby, in that after Team Seven dies they become guardian spirits to protect children from all the awful things in the world. And they’re held together more by belief of a thing, by ideals and hope and the need for help, than actually ghosts.

So when a child is being hurt by an adult, or when they have no one else to turn to, or when a child is on the verge of death… one of Team Seven appears and helps them however they might. And sometimes that’s getting rid of their abuser, sometimes it’s bringing them to a place that can help them. Sometimes it’s just being there and holding their hand as they pass on.

Children pass the story on–in the way there exists a children’s culture separate from adults, certain rhymes and games that spread from playground to playground without ever being heard by adults–about how if you’re afraid, or if you’re hurt all you have to do is call for them and one of Team Seven will come to help. 

A little bleak, sorry, but that’s what came to mind.

I suppose a different twist on that might be something where Team Seven is like King Arthur? In that they will return during the hour of the Elemental Nations’ greatest need? And whether that means in a literal sense–they’ve died and are the last hope for a group of rebels who summon them/their spirits to save them–or a more happenstance sort of way–the rebels only know that this mysterious chakra device will help somehow but they don’t know it will specifically be Team Seven and so both the rebels and the team are surprised when the three are summoned–or… I dunno. There’s a lot of takes on that.

I am now getting very strong Final Fantasy vibes. I mean, Shikako already has her Gelel stone which is very much like the summon materia in FFVII. And I’ve already posited that FFVII and the Naruto world could easily be one in the same if millennia apart. So maybe instead of FFVII being before the Naruto world, this would be the other way around with DoS being before FFVII? And AVALANCHE happens upon Shikako’s Gelel stone and she gets summoned to help fight ShinRa and Sephiroth?

I don’t know how Naruto and Sasuke get summoned, too. Though given both of their respective heritages/superpowers no doubt there’s some way for them to get preserved/summoned as well. I mean, I did also posit that the bijuu are very much like WEAPONs so that could be what happened to all of the jinchuuriki. And as for Sasuke. Well… Sharingan. Who even knows what that can do at this point? Not Kishimoto, that’s for sure, and definitely not me. 

So basically, a remix of Stories of Ancient Gods.

… OH! You know, I just realized, upon trying to look through the confusing mess that is Kaguya Otsutsuki’s naturowiki page, that her “go from dead planet to young live planet and eat their vitality” is not only reminiscent of Jenova but also is like Jadis from the Chronicles of Narnia.

So if you include Sakura along with Team Seven then that would make the four of them “two sons of Adam and two daughters of Eve” (never mind that Adam and Eve are not in the Naruto world) so in the same way that my still as of yet unwritten Once Then Always has the Lost Kids take the place of the Pevensies, then you could have Team Seven take their place instead.

And, well, if anyone’s a corrupt dictator in need of overthrowing then it would be the White Witch. 

Hahaha, yeah they would be super terribad at being royalty wouldn’t they?

I think the problem is that, unlike the Pevensies who are still children and grow into themselves in Narnia, Team Seven are already adults in the eyes of Konoha and fully capable warriors. Not only that, because of how capable they are, they would be able to overthrow the White Witch quickly.

… possibly too quickly, actually, because if you consider the White Witch as… even if she were S-rank, she’s the only one who is S-rank. The rest of her soldiers are, at most, chuunin level and easily taken out. So given one S-rank enemy against Team Seven? I mean, they haven’t yet gotten to fighting Akatsuki yet, but I believe at this time all four of them would be able to take on one S-rank easily. And that is, again, if we give Jadis the benefit of the doubt and consider her S-rank.

So Team Seven overthrowing Jadis too quickly is a problem because they’d then view the situation as the many other times they’ve overthrown a corrupt dictator. They got rid of the problem, and now it’s time for them to go home while the natives sort out their government. Except in Narnia they’re the new government.

I do think their priority will be trying to get home and finding that they’re unable to? (At which point I’m concerned they may try to go after Aslan for “keeping them captive” which, obviously, would not be a good thing and not just considering that Aslan is much stronger than Jadis. There’s the whole, you know, Jesus thing O_O)

So if, for some reason, that issue is resolved, then I think there would be even more culture clash. Noble Clan of Uchiha aside, none of Team Seven are actually nobility in the sense of knowing how to build infrastructure. Shikako might know something similar only because she is the Nara Clan Head’s daughter, but even then that doesn’t help because Konoha is a military society and it’s just like…


There would be so much political intrigue that Team Seven are wholly unprepared for because they can’t just use ninjutsu on the problems to make them go away.

That being said, I do like the idea of Team Seven accidentally making Narnia too militaristic and the surrounding countries being like… we thought the eternal winter thing was bad, but now they’re turning beavers into warriors?! (I mean, ninken exist, so it doesn’t seem too out there for Team Seven. And Reepicheep is a swordsmouse so…)

Narnia is probably mostly ruled by regents while the actually kings and queens travel around the kingdom and use their abilities for the good of the people.

Basically, overthrowing the dictator isn’t the problem. Cleaning up her mess is.

Fake Fic Summaries 6/?, the Descendants x Narnia crossover edition (2015-09-28)

Once Then Always

In a kingdom trapped in an eternal winter, there are four empty thrones waiting for their rightful rulers. Narnia discovers that the best way to overthrow a witch queen isn’t necessarily with heroes.

Or: Carlos has always been Gentle, Evie grows into her Magnificence, Jay learns to be Valiant, and Mal chooses Justice.

I’m always a sucker for Narnia fusions/crossovers in which a different set of kids meet the prophecy requirements and are the ones to take down the White Witch and become Kings and Queens of Narnia. And also, I read somewhere, that what if the Pevensies weren’t the first set of “two sons of Adam, two daughters of Eve” that Aslan sent to defeat the White Witch. The prophecy is so vague that literally any group of two boys and two girls could fit it–so the idea was, Aslan had sent multiple groups before the Pevensies but they all failed (got killed).

Now I’m not saying it’s true, or that in this AU the Pevensies were one such group that got killed, but maybe it takes four kids who know what evil is really like to defeat evil.

But I’m not really sure what I’d want to do with this, specifically. I definitely want there to be certain points where the Lost kids handle it differently than the Pevensies did. Like, for example, instead of killing the White Witch’s wolves, Carlos tames them/gets them to betray her. So it’s Carlos the Gentle, Wolftamer, instead of Peter the Magnificent, Wolfsbane. But, similarly, since none of them fall for Mr. Tumnus’ friendship act, the frozen statues don’t get unfrozen for the battle. Jay earns the title Valiant when he (tries to) makes a sacrifice play–which… I don’t think any of the Pevensies did–like, if the White Witch has one of the others, he tries to exchange himself for them (only for Aslan to step in all majestically).

You know, stuff like that.

My main hold up is that I’m not entirely sure whether or not I want one of them to fill the “betrayer” role that Edmund did. I’m thinking, if so, it would probably be either Evie or Mal; only because the White Witch would be able to take advantage of their ‘weaknesses’ best. Evie for the chance to be a real princess/queen, and Mal for a magical mentor who is successfully maintaining her rule over a kingdom. But at the same time, I don’t know if that is tempting enough to pull them away from the others… it depends.

Probably this would happen–in the Descendants timeline at least–during the museum heist. Considering it’s a museum full of various magical artifacts and it’s canon that they had to search around for where the wand was being held. It wouldn’t be too out there for a certain wardrobe to be one such artifact and interrupt their search by sending them to Narnia.

Which would derail the Descendants movie entirely, but that would’ve happened regardless. I guess… hm… it would be interesting if Narnia was like the super distant past for Auradon. Because a lot of the creatures you see in Narnia (fauns, dryads, minotaurs, DWARVES) they’re not contradictory to Disney movies per se, but if you compare Disney’s Hercules (which, obviously, ancient Greece so several centuries B.C.) in comparison to most of the ambiguous Medieval/Renaissance/more recent time periods of the characters/kingdoms in Auradon then you see a distinct drop in magic. Less magic, less interaction with gods/magical creatures, to the point where even the dwarves and fairies look human.

So with the idea that Narnia is the very distant past of Auradon, how interesting would it be for the so called hero kids to be confronted with villain kids actually being mythical rulers from the Golden Age of Narnia.

It’s an interesting idea in theory, and I may revisit to brainstorm some more or even do a few drabbles, but I don’t think I’ll actually write this. AT LEAST NOT UNTIL I FINISH GODDAMN AIN’T NO REST. Ugh, I know, it’s killing me. I wish it were as easy to write as A Tale of Two Kingdoms was…