Can I just say, as an aromantic person that I absolutely LOVE AND ADORE your Walking Around (Sharing The World) AU. Like the feels man, the feels are KILLING ME. I empathize with Shikako so much BTW; you’re great.

🙂 Thanks!

I like to picture different domestic set ups, and while there are some problems in Walking Around (Sharing The World) that has more to do with Sasuke and Gaara not liking each other more than the actual situation of multiple households and partners (being aware and tolerant/accepting of each other. This is the important part. I do not condone adultery.)

I also have a soft spot for Sakako’s POV not quite understanding that her family is atypical, but being happy and safe and loved nonetheless.

!!! im also aromantic and in the ace-spectrum and when SQ said that romance was not a thing that’s going to happen in DOS smh i got really happy, i’ve gotten so attached to shikako that i actually headcanon her as aromantic as well and would rather see her in queerplatonic relationships rather than romantic ones (though i can see why the shipping thread in the forums is lively) who do you think would shikako be QPRs with?

I actually quite appreciate that there isn’t any romance in DoS. Which might sound off considering a lot of my DoS fanfic does revolve around various ships, but I’m relieved that canon DoS doesn’t.

My interpretation of Shikako in canon is also aromantic–though for shipping/fic writing purposes I tend to extend that to demi-romantic. Then again, considering how mild my writing expression of romance is, all of my shipping fic could be interpreted as queerplatonic? But I understand what you’re saying (my Trailblazer character Tetsuki is qpp with Ryohei Sasagawa) so let’s see…

I think Shikako and Ino are one step away from a canonical QPR… but it’s one of those “in a kinder world” sort of situation. Even without the oncoming war, both of them (or, at least, Ino does) have clan responsibilities, and I do think Ino is a romantic at heart. She would want a romantic relationship (not necessarily with Shikako, per se) and while I know QPRs aren’t incompatible with romantic relationships, that’s a lot of people to juggle since I do really quite like the triad of Sakura/Ino/Sai (which is at least 2/3 canonical for Naruto and could very well be completely canonical in DoS?) 

Alternatively the only other character who I think Shikako is closest to a canonical QPR with is Sasuke. But the problem with that is I cannot help but headcanon that Sasuke is in love with Shikako most likely romantically. So while it’s platonic on Shikako’s end, it’s probably romantic on Sasuke’s, and I don’t think she’d be comfortable with deepening their friendship into a QPR for fear of breaking Sasuke’s heart by not being able to reciprocate his romantic feelings.

Who else… I don’t know. I would have considered Kiba before but not particularly recently and not more than Ino and Sasuke… Yeah. Those are the most canonical potential QPRs.