Fake Fic Summaries, 20/? the Hercules!AU edition (2017-01-27)

A/N: So I only saw the artwork for @lumorie’s Hercules!AU and it wasn’t until after I brain-barfed this out did I realize that there was an entire filled out universe so… uh… I guess this is more accurately inspired-by-the-Hercules!AU!AU?

I hope I’m not stepping on anyone’s toes T_T…


Yuri on Quest

The god of victory has disappeared and for some awful reason, it’s up to Yuri, god of war and youngest of the pantheon, to go find him.

It’d be a lot easier if these humans didn’t keep mistaking him for a damsel in distress.

So, yeah. It’s not really a Hercules!AU so much as it is a more general Greek mythology!AU.

Mostly because, while I love the artwork of Yuri-as-Meg and Otabek-as-Hercules, the whole “Hercules asks Meg if she is a damsel in distress” is kind of counterintuitive to Otabek’s “you have the unforgettable eyes of a soldier.”

So Winner Winnerson, unsurprisingly, as the god of victory who has gone to court Yuuri Katsuki who may or may not be a demigod or an oracle/priest of the goddess of music/one of the Muses (Minako)?

But that’s not Yuri Plisetsky’s story so we don’t care about that (… for now).

Yakov, being head of his pantheon (god of strategy? discipline? justice? I don’t know), sends Yuri (god of war) to find the wayward Viktor and bring him home. Mila (goddess of strength) and Georgi (god of passion? suffering? geez this is hard) also kind of help out/bug Yuri, but since they stay in their deity forms no one else can see them.

Oh, yeah, so for ~some reason~ Yuri has to assume a “human form” to find Viktor. Hence why humans keep thinking he’s a damsel in distress. Because, yes, he is very pretty and tiny but he’s actually an immortal ball of war and fury so…

Otabek, a demigod hero, is the first to see Yuri as not-a-damsel and joins his quest to find Viktor. Because that’s what friends do. And also, getting to hang out with the actual god of war is fun.

Along the way they meet some other characters who are either gods from other pantheons, demigods on their own quests, or mythological creatures who may or may not have seen the god of victory but what kind of quest would it be if the quester was just handed the answer?

Or, perhaps, news has spread that Yuri is on a quest to find the god of victory, but others think that it’s some kind of like… whoever finds him first gets granted a wish kind of thing or whoever can defeat the god of victory in human form gets to be the new god of victory… so now there’s all these people who are trying to find Viktor first and now it’s some kind of race?

I’ll admit, I’m not exactly sure.

Anyway, demigod!Otabek and god-of-war!Yuri on the greek mythological version of a road trip to find Viktor. 🙂

At the end, when they do find Viktor, Yuri’s just like: you have to come back, Yakov said so, and anyway you’re immortal and piggy’s just human it can never be.

Except, you know, after traveling (and falling in love) with Otabek, Yuri now knows that feel and he doesn’t like anything he’s saying either. And it’s just like, fine, whatever, what’s one human lifetime to a god I’ll just hang out with you until you die and when you die I’ll turn your spirit into a constellation and bring you up to Olympus where we can be together for eternity or whatever.

Yakov allows it because while he is head of his pantheon, his pantheon are a bunch of unruly overpowered brats and keeping them happy is as much to reduce his stress levels as it is because he’s fond of them (and he’s a sap for a good love story).

(Lilia may or may not be the Head of the Muses and both aware and unimpressed-yet-amused by the entire situation. She has very complex emotions)

So in this AU there’s no actual villain, I guess. Or, well, not like how Hades was in Hercules.

Maybe JJ is one of those who think “if I defeat the god of victory while he’s human, then I’ll become the new god of victory” and Yakov’s demand for Viktor to come back is very harsh and imposing in the beginning, but that’s basically the extent of it?

Chris is definitely the Aphrodite equivalent. And Phichit must be Hermes. The Crispino twins are Apollo and Artemis… etc. etc. I have the most adamant belief that Leo and Guang Hong have an Achilles and Patroclus thing going on, minus the dying part because I’m so soft. Though they’ll only be minor characters considering this is Yuri P’s story.

Language in YOI


I’M STILL RIDING THE EMOTIONAL HIGH OF YURI!!! ON ICE EPISODE TEN, AND I’M TECHNICALLY ONLY FANDOM ADJACENT (I prefer watching things in one long binge session, but I still love watching the fandom’s reactions to episodes as they come out. Spoilers are not really a concern for me).

I am also absolutely in love with all of the analyses of the series post ep 10 plot twist (especially @tumblngkori‘s analyses of the series from Victor’s POV) now that we know the full story. I’m not sure if someone’s already brought this up but and this is just me being a dork who can’t find the right post, but…

I was wondering if anyone had perhaps analyzed the series with the matter of language during everything? Like, obviously, most everything is said in Japanese because that’s who the target audience is, but I wonder how much would be in what language if it were IRL. English is probably used most during the group scenes, but what do Yuuri and Victor use between them? Japanese? Russian? Some amalgamation of the three?

Especially consider Yuuri’s drunken state at the banquet? Maybe the only part Victor literally understood was “Be my coach, Victor” at the end in English and the rest of it was in drunkenly slurred Japanese.


OOH! You know what would be a cool thing? If someone were to like… collect all the different dubs of YOI and edit together a linguistically-accurate version of the series.

Like this series must be so multi-lingual in “real life”. I wonder how many conversations go over other people’s heads because it’s in a language they don’t speak, even though they are present. For example: Viktor and Yurio definitely talk to each other in Russian during their argument in episode 10, but do they speak to each other in Russion in previous episodes even when Yuuri is present?

(I’ll be honest, if I had a computer that didn’t overheat after fifteen minutes of the most basic programs, I’d probably be all over this myself.)