Reasons To Keep Living + headcanons, please.

Hm… I guess the headcanons are more just adapting more of DoS into the Princess Mononoke universe? But obviously some differences so…

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Father isn’t your actual father–you’re human, not stupid, no matter what the boar clan scoff within earshot–but that doesn’t mean he’s raised you any less. It’s Father’s teeth that have provided your meals and Father’s fur that keeps you warm. His deep growling voice the first thing you hear in the morning and the last you hear at night.

Of course, usually that voice is saying that maybe he’ll eat you tomorrow, we’ll see boy, don’t test me, but you know he doesn’t mean it.

He feels guilty, after all. He was the one that killed your real parents.


There was a stranger, before, a generation ago. Vastly different and not at all like the stranger here now, but somehow the same.

She came with nothing but the clothes on her back, looking for a miracle.

Maybe she found it, maybe she didn’t–who is to say? She disappeared into the forest and never came back.


The Emperor sends an army to Konoha for weapons strong enough to kill a god.

They are lead by the greatest hunter, a man more wolf than person–or so the rumors go.

The Emperor wants eternal life or, at the least, an undeniable show of force. The hunter wants simultaneously a lot less and a lot more: he wants to avenge his lost teacher.


Your family is the oldest in Konoha, but Konoha itself is a very young town–only a few generations old.

Which is what confuses you: why did your ancestors choose to settle here?

Your family has hated–and been hated, if such a thing could be said–the forest for as long as they’ve been here. And yet, the walls of the town edge against the borders of the forest. For a people so obsessed with gaining power, why settle near the forest but never go inside?

There are secrets your family keep–even from you.


You are a stranger to these lands, and so it is not your place to say, but perhaps it is because you are a stranger that you can see with eyes unclouded.

This situation is a powder keg ready to blow. You’re not sure which side will light the spark first.


The god of the forest looks like a deer during the day and a living shadow at night.


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1243, Team 7 + Reasons To Keep Living AU

The sun is shining
and the birds are singing

and because today is the very last day
they will sing forever.
(listen while you can)

Something is strange about the town of Konoha, though you’re not sure what exactly. It niggles at the top of your head, a phantom thought that is there one moment and gone the next.

But you stay silent. Who are you to cast judgement on these people, on their lives? Especially when they’ve been so hospitable.

They will aid you as best they can, so long as you do not look too closely.

The stranger is the first of a wave, coincidentally, soon after follows a troop of hunters on orders from the emperor.

Eternal life in exchange for killing a god.

They just need a weapon strong enough to do so.

Your father is restless. Prowling around and making ominous statements more than usual, picking fights with the other clans and snapping his fangs at empty air.

You do not dare sneaking into the town while he’s like this, possessively paranoid, constantly on your tail.

You don’t understand what’s happening. You’ve never seen him like this before.

Something terrible is coming.

You’ve never seen him afraid.

The stranger is your responsibility, and she’s an interesting one at first–you’ve grown tired of the same people and the same rhythms. The stranger is a breath of fresh air in your stagnant life, and you appreciate the change.

But you notice, after the second day, that there is more to this duty your family has assigned you. You are more distraction than tour guide, and vice versa, it seems.

Your brother and your parents stop talking whenever you enter a room, stranger at your side or not.

They do not trust you.

Heijomaru was the one that brought you here, footsteps certain for a reason beyond your knowledge.

Still, you have faith.

The town does not have what you need, or if they do they aren’t saying.

To the forest you go, then.


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1, with platonic Shikako/Sasuke/Naruto

Our love is a forest fire
and we are the little things
that live in the trees.
(Today is the most exciting last day of our lives)

(Reasons To Keep Living)

The forests around the growing town of Konoha are haunted. At night, there are sounds and shapes and lights and movements that make their way out of the thick curtain of trees; it is eerie and fearsome and beautiful.

If a man goes into the forest, he is never heard from again–or so it is said.

Good thing you are no man.


The stranger has travelled from far away lands, dressed in strange clothes and riding a long horned deer.

She comes in search of a cure for her brother and she knows she is in the right place:

Either it will be found in the town at the forefront of progress, or it will be in the forest of magic and miracles.


All your life you have been told to stay away from the forest. There are dangerous things in there, beasts and monsters and horrors–a good son would not make his parents worry so, just look at your brother, what an upstanding young man.

But they are too enamored by him to notice you, and you are ever so curious about what secrets are within.

When you are told to act as the stranger’s guide, you see an opportunity to fulfill a lifelong dream.


You’ve been to the town before–it’s your best kept secret, because if your father knew, he’d eat you, just as he’s always said.

You love the forest, of course you do, it’s your home: the cave where you and your father curl up together for warmth, the rivers where the otter clan chatter and play their tricks, up in the treetops the monkey clan howl and down below the boar clan stampede.

You love your home, but you want to see the world outside of it.


The kodama come out at sunset, when the Shishigami walks the forest and begins to transform; they watch and click their curious little heads, observing a phenomena that has happened daily for centuries and yet is still so breathtaking.

Sometimes, the fox boy joins them, head tilting in unison, mesmerized.

Sometimes, from the very top of the town walls, the second son can see the top of the Night Walker’s head breaching the canopy.

They both wait, though they don’t know it, for the stranger to arrive.


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