1243, Team 7 + Reasons To Keep Living AU

The sun is shining
and the birds are singing

and because today is the very last day
they will sing forever.
(listen while you can)

Something is strange about the town of Konoha, though you’re not sure what exactly. It niggles at the top of your head, a phantom thought that is there one moment and gone the next.

But you stay silent. Who are you to cast judgement on these people, on their lives? Especially when they’ve been so hospitable.

They will aid you as best they can, so long as you do not look too closely.

The stranger is the first of a wave, coincidentally, soon after follows a troop of hunters on orders from the emperor.

Eternal life in exchange for killing a god.

They just need a weapon strong enough to do so.

Your father is restless. Prowling around and making ominous statements more than usual, picking fights with the other clans and snapping his fangs at empty air.

You do not dare sneaking into the town while he’s like this, possessively paranoid, constantly on your tail.

You don’t understand what’s happening. You’ve never seen him like this before.

Something terrible is coming.

You’ve never seen him afraid.

The stranger is your responsibility, and she’s an interesting one at first–you’ve grown tired of the same people and the same rhythms. The stranger is a breath of fresh air in your stagnant life, and you appreciate the change.

But you notice, after the second day, that there is more to this duty your family has assigned you. You are more distraction than tour guide, and vice versa, it seems.

Your brother and your parents stop talking whenever you enter a room, stranger at your side or not.

They do not trust you.

Heijomaru was the one that brought you here, footsteps certain for a reason beyond your knowledge.

Still, you have faith.

The town does not have what you need, or if they do they aren’t saying.

To the forest you go, then.


A/N: it’s been a while since I watched Princess Mononoke, though it is one of my favorites…

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