Your Hands On My Heart (a Mal x Evie fanmix)

  1. Fantasy by Ms Mr
  2. Shankill Butchers / Once Upon A Dream by Mountain Strings
  3. Glory and Gore by Lorde
  4. My Best Friend Is You by Kate Nash
  5. I Will Follow You Into The Dark by Jayme Dee
  6. Heart Skips A Beat by Lenka
  7. Closer by Tegan & Sera
  8. Untouched by The Veronicas
  9. No Sleep Tonight by The Faders
  10. Animal by Ke$ha
  11. Tigerlily by La Roux
  12. Bottom of the River by Delta Rae
  13. Clarity by Regina Zaremba
  14. Cosmic Love by Florence +The Machine
  15. We Found Love by Ingrid Michaelson
  16. Indestructible by Robyn

Find it here!
(The link sends you to a mediafire folder, only the zip file is necessary for the entire mix)


A/N: So part of the reason why I didn’t do a post yesterday was because, while creating a fanmix for Evie, I kept stumbling on songs that better fit Evie in love–specifically, Evie in love with Mal. Hence, this Mal x Evie fanmix. What is their portmanteau, anyway? Malvie? Mevie?

If there are any issues with the download link, please let me know so I can figure out how to fix it. Again, only the zip file is necessary to download the entire mix.