his sensei’s son show him as happier in his dreams (but isn’t that how dreams are supposed to go anyway?) and (is he allowed to be proud of a student that doesn’t exist?) and “Kakashi dreams about a family dinner that never happened” hooo ur killing me here

∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

Kakashi is the saddest string bean, he makes it too easy, really.



I like the idea of, like, the horde of Itachis catching up to them and so the Kakashis have to fight but given how tiny Shikako is they have to protect her so they temporarily call a truce and tandem fight while tossing tiny Shikako back and forth as needed. (/^▽^)/   (o-o)   (^▽^)

For better, for worse. Kakashi. Hmm dos dreaming Canon-verse mayhaps? (its in the soulmark thread i think)


Hm, I’m not entirely sure what you’re referring to, anon? Which part is from the soulmark thread? Is there a more specific title for it or a post number or the author you could send me?

Sorry, I might need a little more direction here. Is “For Better, For Worse” the title you want me to fill or is that the title of the soulmark ‘verse (with Kakashi?)


edit: Oh, okay. I think I’ve found it–thanks @to-someplace-else​!

So according to the index page, it starts with donahermurphy’s post. The main premise is that at night, people dream their canon’verse lives and, obviously, those close to Shikako are greatly impacted.

Possibly the universe keeps trying to self-edit? Although, who is to say which side is real and which side is the dream?

I’m unsure what this has to do with soul marks though?

I will touch back on this after I do the prompts that came in before yours, anon. 🙂

Okay, okay, okay, anon. I read through the indexed posts (if there are any further related posts that weren’t indexed there, I haven’t read them) and I think I have a much better understanding of the idea.

My favorite post was the “reverse” version in which it’s canon!Sasuke dreaming of DoS!Sasuke’s life by Of Chaos and Destruction. Just, the underlying longing and jealousy for a life that very easily could have been his is so potent…

So I think maybe I would want to do something similar with Kakashi? Except with that special added flavor of Kakashi’s self-loathing and eternal mourning.

And I also wonder if maybe the Dreaming isn’t so widely known as a phenomenon? Because for most people–unless they encounter an Anomaly like Shikako–it’s just a repeat of what they did that day. And given that normal dreams (no matter how bizarre) are easily dismissed, no doubt doubly redundant dreams are more so.

Unless the Dreaming starts BECAUSE there is an Anomaly? So after that September 22nd everyone starts to experience seemingly redundant dreams, not figuring out why until after whenever they meet Shikako (or someone who has already been influenced by Shikako), so definitely the Nara clan and their allies figure things out VERY EARLY ON. (And maybe, because it’s only a few weeks off of That October 10th, people think it’s just a side effect of Kyuubi’s chakra/Shinigami’s presence lingering in the air).

Regardless, it only starts to really effect Kakashi after the Academy graduation. Maybe some previous interactions with Shikaku are slightly different, or his rare stalking of his sensei’s son show him as happier in his dreams (but isn’t that how dreams are supposed to go anyway?)

And then, one day, he gets assigned a genin team that he’s not allowed to reject and when he goes to sleep that night he dreams of a better, more cohesive team and begins to get an inkling that maybe there’s more to the repetitive dreams than his own personal purgatory.

After that it’s just a lot of canon!Kakashi being frustrated at his real life and quietly jealous of his dreams (is he allowed to be proud of a student that doesn’t exist?)

There’s probably a sad scene the day after Team Seven returns from Wave mission where they go their separate ways for the night and Kakashi dreams about a family dinner that never happened.

But so that it’s not just COMPLETELY one-sided canon!Kakashi feeling bad about himself (which isn’t exactly different from a non-Dreaming!verse Kakashi, anyway) I kind of like the idea that Tsukuyomi connects them? In the sense that Tsukuyomi is a distinct pocket dimension of ~torture~  so not only does canon!Kakashi get tortured, he gets tortured right next to DoS!Kakashi who he is jealous of so…

Although, thinking of that now, mashing that up with Desperate Endeavors also sounds pretty fun because canon!Kakashi gets to finally meet Shikako! His non-student! Sure, it’s when they’re all being collectively tortured (and boy, does canon!Kakashi give DoS!Kakashi shit about that, never mind it happened AFTER they both got hit by Tsukuyomi) but he never thought he’d get to meet her in person!

So then it’s just two barely adult Kakashi fighting over a tiny!Shikako while running from a terrifying horde of torturing Itachi and looking for tiny!canon!Sasuke.

But I digress.

Sad canon!Kakashi comparing his failures to his Dreams and being jealous of DoS!Kakashi, basically.


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