Ah, looks like part 1 of my 2 pt post didn’t make it through. I don’t think it matters much based on what you wrote back. pt 1 was basically me saying that i don’t see why the lost 4 would want to return to Auradon willingly, before giving 3 ways to force them back in pt 2. Also that unlike with Narnia magic, they would actually age, so coming back to the same moment only 2 plus years older might cause problems. but if they got pulled before the movie, then that might not be a problem.

Ah, yes that makes more sense. But I’m glad I was able to answer your questions regardless. I feel like if the Lost kids got to the point of being accepted by Konoha–which still remains a military dictatorship despite their reputation–then they would reciprocate the trust shown to them. They’d be so loyal–to their teams and to each other, if not to Konoha as a whole–that they would feel unfairly ripped away if the Fairy Godmother were to summon them back.

I guess the plot would revolve around how the Lost kids either find their way back to Konoha or fail to and eventually accept living in Auradon. The second half, at least. The first half would be about the Lost kids adjusting to Konoha and their individual character arcs.

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