2/2 1: The plot device at the museum/in Konoha has a timer and automatically sends them back. 2: Encounter with dimension crossing Sharingan via Akatsuki/Kaguya forces them back. or 3: Forces from Auradon either pull them back arrive via Magic wand to re-imprison them on the Isle, much to the displeasure of Konoha, or arrive in Konoha for the same reason and a similar response. Personaly, even after a 4th shinobi war, I think Konoha would kick Auradons butt.

(related to this previous brainstorm)

Given that Auradon has spent the past two decades banishing all of their villains to an island and all of their knights/princes are athletes instead of warriors, there’s no question that Konoha would totally own Auradon if it came to that. Heck, even in canon Descendants I’m pretty sure the Lost kids could take down the rest of the school–including the Fairy Godmother–if they really wanted to. Obviously, they’d have to use the advantage of surprise, and this is with the wand out of play (not even with Mal, just not with the Fairy Godmother). And by taking out the school they’d effectively have all of the children of the royal families hostage and thus the rest of the kingdom but…

Wait… what were we talking about?

Oh, right. The crossover!

Actually, now that I think about it some more, I wonder if the Lost kids shouldn’t be somehow summoned directly from the Isle of the Lost a few years before the events of the Descendants movie. Such that they are the same age as the Konoha twelve and grow up alongside them through to Shippuden. At which point they’d be at the right age for the events of Descendants to occur.

That way its a summoning on both ends–someone in Konoha on one side, then the Fairy Godmother, by request of the king to be, on the other. That way it puts the least suspicion on the Lost kids’ appearance–and the being pulled away from their home(s) twice makes for some additional story drama.

Now, whether or not Konoha is going to try to retrieve them… well. It depends on the specifics of how they disappear. But definitely for sure they will try to make their way back to their “real” home–and given that Carlos would be a weapons AND seals specialist, they would have a decent chance of doing it.

From the Auradon side, depending on what they know, they could view the matter as “saving” them. As in movie canon, the way Ben was “saving” them from the Isle by offering them an opportunity to get better education etc. Or, if somehow Fairy Godmother knew they were being used as child soldiers, then “saving” them from that fate.

Which the Lost kids don’t appreciate because they’re probs all chuunin/jounin level after 3-4 years of training which means they are used to being treated as adults by shinobi standards.

I dunno. There’s definitely lots of interesting possibilities you can play around with here, anon. How do the Lost kids affect Konoha’s timeline–does Sasuke defect when shown examples of kids who actually have worse family than he does? Does Danzo try to muscle his way into their group and get outed to Sandaime early on? Does being half-fairy give Mal some kind of bijuu-esque advantages? I have no idea, but it’s interesting to think about.

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