Fake Fic Summaries 3/?, The Darcy Lewis crossover edition (2015-07-17)

“Darcy Lewis technically has an older brother named Bennet and a younger sibling named Bingley.

Though it would be more accurate to say that the Lewis triplets have a rather unfortunate naming scheme revolving around their mother’s love of Pride & Prejudice.”

Not sure wtf that’s all about but I just kind of brain fancast Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart (in her more androgynous looks) as Darcy Lewis’ siblings… and since they all code as the same/similar ages to my eyes I’m just like… well… obviously they are triplets.

And I like the idea that maybe Bennet could pass for Ben, but doesn’t because he’s into formal speaking, even if the reference is super obvious. So Darcy calling Bingley Chandler (as in from the show Friends) and Bingley responding to that totally grates.

So I guess the story would be… how the Lewis siblings get tangled up with the Avengers entirely on accident? So maybe Bennet was one of Bruce’s grad students / TAs when the Hulk-ification happened (it’s canon that Darcy goes to Culver but according to MCU timeline, that’s when she was in New Mexico. Maybe they went to the same college.) Maybe Bingley joined the Air Force and is one of the engineers under Rhodey’s command–or even a fellow Pararescue pilot with Sam Wilson. WHO KNOWS.

“Thor is not Darcy’s first experience with life from other worlds.

Though last time there was a mouse and something called a gummi ship involved, so the story doesn’t sound nearly as impressive.”

BECAUSE Disney has subsumed Marvel, and Kingdom Hearts allows for totally canon crossovers. Maybe Darcy’s a keyblade wielder, or maybe she just knows some tricks (Thunder magic, anyone?).

Maybe the matter comes up because Darcy needs to defend herself and suddenly, KEYBLADE AND MAGIC. Or maybe another gummi ship shows up and this time it’s Sora who needs help and since last time Mickey met Darcy he just kind of points him in her direction. So… sorry Avengers I gotta go take care of this real quick, please ignore the talking duck and dog, thanks, okay, bye.

It could be played both serious and crack-y depending on the style and if you want to sustain a long fic or not. I’m thinking, in a Doctor Who-esque sort of way, Mickey showed up randomly in Darcy’s childhood, he took her on an adventure, she helped him out in a minor to her, major to him, sort of way, and so he gave her some kind of cool way to protect herself even after he’s gone.


A/N: Two more quick and dirty Darcy Lewis fake fic summaries.

EDIT: Apparently I wanted to do the second one, so you can find three little drabbles of Darcy Lewis, Keyblade Wielder (title subject to change) here

edit2: apparently I also wanted to do a drabble of the first one, so you can check that out here

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