Untitled drabble (2015-07-16)

In a world of fated soulmates, soul marks, that first turn of phrase your soul mate speaks writ upon your skin, are held in high regard no matter the country. And yet, cultures develop differently, and they are as variant as ever.

Soul mates are the other part of you, as complementary as one hand is to the other. But are they your one true love? Or as close to you as family, as twins are to one another? What looks like romance to one culture, could be a sick incestuous relationship to another. What may be considered platonic, might as well be a loveless arranged marriage.

Soul marks may be considered sacred–should they be covered or not? Should they be registered with the government for regulated matchmaking?

Some countries consider it proper to introduce yourself with a full name, the better to find your soulmate. Others consider that cheating.

Matchmaking has always been a large industry, but in this world, it’s taken seriously. Handwriting analysis alongside psychology mixed with law and politics.

It’s a strange world we live in, but at least we’re not alone.


A/N: Random tidbits of thoughts that I have on soulmates and the soul mark idea.

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