Darcy Lewis, Keyblade Wielder, parts 4&5 (2015-07-19)

N15: Nowhere and Nothing

Her nightmares, on the rare occasions she does have them, are usually on opposite ends of the spectrum. Sometimes, they’re over-saturated with brightness and colors, flurries of movements and motions. As if all of her adventures with Mickey were sped up and enhanced within the space of one dream. In contrast, there are the nightmares that are just… nothing. An empty void where time has slowed to a crawl, no sights or sounds or warmth. Just darkness.

She wakes up gasping, skin clammy and eyes wet with unshed tears. She knows that it’s PTSD, knows that they’re just memories and remnants of justified fear–she was never in the darkness, had never lost her heart, but still the possibility hung heavy over her mind–but if she has learned nothing else, it’s that the heart and mind are powerful things.

She doesn’t tell anyone. Or rather, had never tried to again, after her parents gently, but mistakenly, dismissed her stories as an overactive imagination. And so it remains a secret.

At least, it does for fifteen years.

C26: Childhood

Her childhood and adolescence were always distinct in her mind. Childhood was saving the world and magic and adventure. It was traveling to other worlds and being a hero and knowing that she could make a difference. Her teenage years featured awkwardness and puberty and secrets. They were spent trying to navigate high school with a body that wouldn’t cooperate and a heart that had once fought for survival.

And yet, from an outsider point of view, one would think that it was a little backward. As a child, she had been shy and quiet, with a tendency to entertain herself than befriend others. But as a teenager, she was outgoing and gregarious, eager to interact with her community.

None of this is a lie, nor is it at all incompatible. Separate though they may be, her childhood and adolescence combined helps prepare her for adulthood.


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Darcy Lewis, Keyblade Wielder, parts 1-3 (2015-07-18)

The nice thing about the keyblade is that it doesn’t really exist. Technically it’s a manifestation of her heart, she can make it appear and disappear at will. Which is extremely convenient because people on this world don’t really use swords, much less swords that look like giant keys.

Except for the basic Kingdom Key which Mickey had given her, the key chain a bright silver silhouette of his basic head shape, she also has what she likes to call the Lorraine Key which is far more convenient to carry around. It’s still a blade shaped like a key, but for the most part, the Lorraine Key is less of a sword and more of a knife–small and understated.

It’s also absolutely fantastic at Wind magic, to the point where she can actually cast it on others. Which, well, she supposes makes sense considering the key chain is a pin that her grandmother gave her: a bird with an edged shield for a body, wings stretching beyond the circumference of a ring–of course it would be good at defensive Wind magic.

But other than that, she has yet to find anything that modifies her keyblade. Simple key chains won’t do it, neither do phone charms as she jokingly tried, or even other pieces of her grandmother’s jewelry (which she was grounded for a week for). She figures that there simply aren’t any other keyblade chains in the world–nothing with enough magical or emotional potential to modify something that literally comes from her heart.

By the time she turns twenty five, she’ll have another seven key chains.

She doesn’t use her keyblade that often, what with Mickey having locked her world against Heartless. And, to be honest, this world isn’t even all that appealing to the Darkness–the heart of this world isn’t as magically powerful as others, despite the high population.

In comparison to literal soul sucking creatures of darkness, the everyday threats of sleaze balls who won’t take no for an answer and muggers are hardly deserving of the term. She uses magic against them anyway (because she’s a big believer in the phrase use it or lose it and magic is just really cool). Mostly Thunder magic because it’s the easiest to explain away as a taser. And also, she could give Zeus a run for his money with how good she is–and she should know, she’s actually met the big guy and he said as much. (Though, to be fair, she was a little girl very far from home who had almost been kidnapped by Hades. A little white lie can be comforting.)

Over a decade later she knocks out a different God of Thunder with her magic and thinks that maybe it’s time to refresh her other skills.

She loves her world. Her adventure across the universe in a spaceship with a royal anthropomorphic mouse had been amazing, sure. Had been incredible and extraordinary and beyond the scope of anything else she would ever find on Earth. But that was just a jaunt–Earth is home.

Earth is messy and fragmented and near void of any cool mystical phenomena. But she loves Earth. And she doesn’t mean the physical planet (though she does believe in everyone doing their part to help the environment) but the people. The cultures and societies and governments. As a ten year old she didn’t know how to explain the idea of representational democracy much less multiple nations with different governments to a talking mouse who happened to be a king of an entire world, but she wanted to even then.

So while it’s a surprise to everyone else that she eventually chooses political science as a major, it really is just her, heh, following her heart. Sure, she’d probably breeze through the CompSci major (a field that really deserves more women in it) but hacking is a hobby for her, not a lifestyle. And even though she’s achieved space travel–something other people can only dream of–it’s as if her journey has only made her more appreciative of her own world.

But that doesn’t stop her from feeling nostalgic for her childhood adventures. And so even though she’ll always be a political scientist at, heh, heart, she signs up for an internship with the (crazy) eccentric Dr. Jane Foster. She doubts a semester of data entering in New Mexico will be anywhere near as exciting as her time with Mickey, but at least she’ll finally get those science units out of the way.

A month later she tries not to laugh hysterically at the irony while she helps evacuate the citizens of Puente Antiguo (though she’s pretty sure she could have taken the Destroyer. Just saying).


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And for those of you playing at home, yes Lorraine is the SSR agent played by Natalie Dormer in Captain America: The First Avenger who kisses (or tries to? I don’t remember how far they got) Steve.

Fake Fic Summaries 3/?, The Darcy Lewis crossover edition (2015-07-17)

“Darcy Lewis technically has an older brother named Bennet and a younger sibling named Bingley.

Though it would be more accurate to say that the Lewis triplets have a rather unfortunate naming scheme revolving around their mother’s love of Pride & Prejudice.”

Not sure wtf that’s all about but I just kind of brain fancast Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart (in her more androgynous looks) as Darcy Lewis’ siblings… and since they all code as the same/similar ages to my eyes I’m just like… well… obviously they are triplets.

And I like the idea that maybe Bennet could pass for Ben, but doesn’t because he’s into formal speaking, even if the reference is super obvious. So Darcy calling Bingley Chandler (as in from the show Friends) and Bingley responding to that totally grates.

So I guess the story would be… how the Lewis siblings get tangled up with the Avengers entirely on accident? So maybe Bennet was one of Bruce’s grad students / TAs when the Hulk-ification happened (it’s canon that Darcy goes to Culver but according to MCU timeline, that’s when she was in New Mexico. Maybe they went to the same college.) Maybe Bingley joined the Air Force and is one of the engineers under Rhodey’s command–or even a fellow Pararescue pilot with Sam Wilson. WHO KNOWS.

“Thor is not Darcy’s first experience with life from other worlds.

Though last time there was a mouse and something called a gummi ship involved, so the story doesn’t sound nearly as impressive.”

BECAUSE Disney has subsumed Marvel, and Kingdom Hearts allows for totally canon crossovers. Maybe Darcy’s a keyblade wielder, or maybe she just knows some tricks (Thunder magic, anyone?).

Maybe the matter comes up because Darcy needs to defend herself and suddenly, KEYBLADE AND MAGIC. Or maybe another gummi ship shows up and this time it’s Sora who needs help and since last time Mickey met Darcy he just kind of points him in her direction. So… sorry Avengers I gotta go take care of this real quick, please ignore the talking duck and dog, thanks, okay, bye.

It could be played both serious and crack-y depending on the style and if you want to sustain a long fic or not. I’m thinking, in a Doctor Who-esque sort of way, Mickey showed up randomly in Darcy’s childhood, he took her on an adventure, she helped him out in a minor to her, major to him, sort of way, and so he gave her some kind of cool way to protect herself even after he’s gone.


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Uzu no Kuni brainstorm (2015-03-17)

Headcanon brainstoming on Uzu no Kuni, aka Land of Whirlpools, aka home of Uzushiogakure.

I like to imagine that Uzu no Kuni is a series of islands with the largest one being the one where the village is. Additionally, I like to consider there being volcanos, because many island nations in the real world are made out of volcanic activity. It would explain Terumi Mei’s lava-jutsu, since Mizu no Kuni is also a series of (far larger) islands. Also, that due to the naturally bright hair color of the Uzumaki, at least, that maybe the islands are tropical and the people also sort of evolved to be colorful like the rest of the surrounding flora/fauna.

Obviously, the Uzumaki were a significant clan both in the village and in the country. But I think there was more to it–doesn’t there have to be? To that end, maybe the other islands of Uzu no Kuni are much smaller than the main one and maybe they keep them hidden behind seals. Perhaps each clan was in charge of a different island, with the Uzumaki island being the largest and most influential, it would become both the capitol and the ninja center–unlike the other nations in which the capitol for civilians and the shinobi hidden villages were separate, in Uzu they were one in the same. Whereas most other countries (or perhaps, not, we do only hear the origin story of Konoha) were clans banding together as martial alliances… I’m thinking that Uzushio was formed more as a university of sorts. A metropolis where all of the different clans could interact.

Which leaves an opening for what the other islands are doing and who they are controlled by. I’ll be honest, mostly this is a way to fit in cameos from other media:
edit: The seven islands of Uzushio are named things like destiny and amity and prosperity, but for the most part they are called by the names of the ruling clan. 
Unmei Island = Destiny Island = Kingdom Hearts, anyone?
Hamaguri Island = Clam Island = Katekyo Hitman Reborn
etc. etc.

Mostly because the reason why the other nations went after Uzushio wasn’t just because they were allied with Konoha but because they were too powerful. And while the Uzumaki longevity/chakra weapons/sealing is interesting, strictly put… longevity isn’t so much a threat, really. Chakra weapons didn’t seem like a bloodlimit per se, and sealing can be taught. So there must have been other things that made Uzushio a threat. Say, a clan of people whose fire actually can melt Mizu’s Yuki clan’s Hyoton? A clan whose swords can change and do jutsu in contrast to Mizu’s Seven Swordsmen? I DON’T KNOW. The possibilities are endless.


A/N: Just some short headcanon brainstorming for Uzushio. BECAUSE THEY DESERVE BETTER.