(En)Closure (2016-02-06)

Haru meets her first shinigami the same time she meets L and the person behind Kira, so needless to say it’s an overwhelming experience and she does not hold her reaction against herself.

Of course, she can never tell Hikaru about it because he does not need any more ammunition in their eternal war to embarrass each other. But still, it was a perfectly reasonable reaction. Mild, relative to other occasions. Understandable, even.

Ultimately, though? A terrible first impression.

Because the last thing a person wants to do their first day on the job is to scream at thin air then puke on their boss.

Mostly she’s surprised L kept her on the task force, more so that he’s sticking to the, frankly, exorbitant consulting fee negotiated in her contract. But apparently he sees something in her–her closing rate, probably–that inspires enough confidence as to erase that disastrous initial meeting.

L really thought Haru Kuwabara would turn out to be a fake–he’s disappointed that she isn’t.

It’s not that he was hoping for her to be a charlatan, for all of her supposed solved crimes to be incorrect. Rather, he had wondered if perhaps she was like him–a detective beyond par, enacting justice but using an eccentric cover so as not to have to answer to the tedious ways of the law. That the title of medium was just a tool and not her actual identity.

L had hoped that he would find, if not an equal, then at least another potential heir.

This was not the case. Haru Kuwabara was not like L, using logic to find the truth where everyone else only found mysteries. No, Haru Kuwabara had seen something that no one else did–her pupils had dilated in response to a perceived threat–had reacted to something so thoroughly as to empty her stomach on his person. There was only a 0.3% chance that was premeditated.

No, Haru Kuwabara is the real deal–an actual medium capable of seeing actual ghosts and bringing them closure by solving their murders.

How boring.

Ryuku laughs for seven hours straight after the newest member of the Kira task force is introduced, and it is only the fourth most annoying thing about the day.

The third being that Kuwabara was very clearly able to see Ryuku and possibly even hear him–given her reactions to the shinigami’s grating laugh and flippant comments. The second being that, even covered in her vomit, L had decided to keep her. But the most annoying thing of today?

Kuwabara is not named after springtime.

Perhaps out of deference to her famous grandfather or maybe her youth during the cases, her first name is never written in police reports. And while Light knows her name is pronounced Haru, her few public records have it written in katakana–not acceptable to the Death Note as her true name.

Which means that Light either has to bribe Ryuku into giving him her name–unlikely, considering how amusing the shinigami seems to be by this situation. Or he has to charm it out of her–again, unlikely, seeing as how he’s fairly certain she knows he’s Kira because of Ryuku. Or he has to have Misa get it and convince her to kill Kuwabara for him.

The last option is the most likely to succeed, but given it requires him to suffer through the role of being Misa Misa’s boyfriend, it may supersede the rage inducing irritation of the day by itself.

No, Light will leave that option for last. Or at least, until he can devise a way to do it without having to go on a date with Misa.

Truthfully, he’d much rather date Kuwabara instead.


A/N: A small (En)Closure drabble smashed out on my phone while cuddling with my sister’s dog because of yesterday’s terribleness.

Don’t worry, this is not romance between Haru and Light (actually, there is no romance in this story at all). I’m just pretty sure that Light is going to manipulate Misa into killing Haru “for free” by making her jealous. Haru may not be a genius, but she’s certainly not dumb enough to date a guy who is creepy and probably a murderer and is the boyfriend of a pop idol who is also creepy and probably a murderer.