Stars Also Dream, 9/? (2016-11-23)

The first part of the journey is a hesitant, careful maneuvering of eight sentients in a ship meant for significantly less people. It certainly doesn’t help that they’re all strangers…

… and that four of them were, until recently, incarcerated by two others’ village.

And so, for the beginning of the journey, the small clusters stay separate for the most part: the smuggler captain and his Wookie XO grouchily trying to ignore their passengers, the royal droids conferring to each other in binary beeping and scandalized tones, the Jedi Master training the young Force sensitive, and you talking Santa-kun through his first off planet mission.

On the surface, he appears to take everything in stride, but you can’t help but notice his increasingly frazzled expression and how he keeps disrupting his chakra as if to shake off a genjutsu.

Well, you can hardly blame him–no doubt his definition of a long distance mission was vastly different when he woke up. Thankfully, he is a quick study, especially with such unassailable evidence, and you are confident that he will do his clan and village proud.

Now it’s time for you to do the same.

Master Kenobi has not lied to you–this, you can be sure of–but you’re also certain that he hasn’t told you the entire truth either. There are some things that The Negotiator is keeping close to his chest and you can respect that.

But you’re not going to just sit to the side and wait for things to happen around you.

Santa-kun does what Yamanakas in strange situations do best–adapt and extract information and cause distractions–involving himself in the most pertinent conversation and leaving you free to do some reconnaissance of your own.

He does have relevant questions for Master Kenobi, and for all that Santa-kun will never be able to use the Force, it’s beneficial for him to learn the theory behind it alongside young Luke.

Young Luke. A Force sensitive boy the same age as the fall of the Republic with the last name Skywalker.

You may have run away from your past, but that doesn’t mean you’ve forgotten it: the last Force sensitive Skywalker left a significant change on the galaxy.

You know Master Kenobi must be training this one to put the matter to rights.

You’ve forgotten how frustrating protocol droids could be–or perhaps this one in particular is especially aggravating–not that there was much need to interact with them in the Jedi Order.

The R2 unit, on the other hand, you’re pretty sure would be an information gold mine if he weren’t so damned suspicious. Then again, you are best friends with Ibiki, so it’s not like this is entirely unfamiliar.

It’s true that the planet you’ve made your home is behind in terms of technology than the rest of the galaxy–whatever made it near invisible and the perfect sanctuary, also isolating it–and as a Jedi padawan, tech was never a high priority in your training, but these droids are quite old and… almost familiar.

You shake off the feeling. After all, droids aren’t connected to the Force.

With some cajoling, the R2 unit plays the princess’ message and, with hardly any prompting, the protocol droid goes on in length about what happened to them afterwards. It matches what Master Kenobi has said, true, but you think the R2 unit has more to add to the story.

“What about Luke?” you try asking, getting a resentful whistle and a whole load of empty chatter for your effort.

“What about Anakin Skywalker’s child?” you try again, rephrasing the question–the protocol droid seems honestly confused, but the R2 unit beeps in what you’ve learned to interpret as shock.

It’s confirmation, but not quite what you were expecting. Not completely.

“What about Anakin’s… children?” you ask once more, enjoying the way the R2 unit’s light blink at being caught out, right before a world ends.

All of Alderaan screams, billions of voice crying out one last time before being extinguished.

The death of a planet in a matter of moments.



Post Word Count: 673, Running Word Count: 8584

Untitled SW:TFA drabble (2016-01-10)

This drabble contains spoilers for Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Rey comes to him on Ahch-To, lightsaber in hand and desperation in her eyes. The Millennium Falcon is short one Han Solo and the galaxy one Republic.

It wasn’t supposed to be like this.

There is something about the Skywalker genes–greatness or madness–strong in the Force but at what cost. After Ben’s–Kylo Ren’s–descent, Luke thought he knew what he was doing.

Send Rey to Jakku, send her away so she won’t be a target. So his mistakes won’t catch up to her, so she wouldn’t have to pay for his sins.

None of this was supposed to happen.

If ever she got curious, if ever she asked about him, she was to go to Lor San Tekka. And he would give her the map. But only if she asked, and only if she wanted.

Luke thought Jakku would be safe for her.

From her.

The desert is harsh, but Skywalkers have always been better there. Kinder, more controlled, the sand wearing away at all their sharp edges. Luke thinks maybe being raised as a Jedi is what led to Ben’s fall, honed and shaped until that’s all he became–a weapon.

Things were supposed to go better, be better.

He didn’t know Rey had ended up completely alone on Jakku, unaware of Lor San Tekka’s existence much less the information he had for her.

Hadn’t thought the Resistance would try to find him–he who had created their enemy through his failure.

Couldn’t believe that Han would come back and help, only to wind up dead. (But Luke should have–Han always came back when it mattered).

And now Rey is here, staring at him like he has the answers. As if his attempts at solutions weren’t just problems in the making.

He doesn’t know what he’s supposed to do now.


A/N: Tiny thing because still feels but mostly I’m confused on some points and trying to work everything out in my head.

So, basically, I hella headcanon that Rey is a Skywalker. Specifically, Luke’s daughter, and that she was left on Jakku for a reason. Or Lor San Tekka was left on Jakku for a reason… Basically, he was meant to be the Obi Wan Kenobi to her Luke except whatever adult supervision they had in place for her either bailed or died and so she never even knew to go find Lor San Tekka to go find her father. :/