Fake Fic: Bridge Over Troubled Water – Stars Also Dream

Hm… this has to be an alternate!POV of Stars Also Dream or a prequel of it. Outside!POV of young Jedi!Yoshino, probably back and forth between Bant and Obi-Wan.

I think maybe Bant’s reluctance/pickiness about her padawan has always been a point of contention between her and Obi-Wan. Especially since he almost aged out of padawan-hood, but also because he stepped up and took on Anakin even though he had only just recently become a knight himself.

There are other canonical points of contention in their friendship beside that (Obi-Wan possibly being indirectly responsible for her first master’s death) but I wonder how much Bant knew about the future that was coming.

Did she know that Anakin would lead to the downfall of the Jedi? Did she know that Obi-Wan would be indirectly responsible for an even greater tragedy than just Master Tahl? Did she know that, one day, far in the future Obi-Wan and Yoshino would be two of the last few Jedi in existence? That Obi-Wan would get to see her padawan as an adult, as a knight, as someone who had grown beyond Bant’s own reach while Bant herself only gets Yoshino for a few scant years. How unfair that Obi-Wan and Anakin get over a decade and ruin it for everyone else.

Alternatively, maybe Obi-Wan has visions about Yoshino. And because he can’t comprehend the context–of a Yoshino crash landed on a hidden planet post Order 66 and rise of Darth Vader–all he sees is Bant’s little, sweet faced padawan as an adult covered in blood and without a lightsaber.

Are both Bant and Obi-Wan suspicious of the others’ padawan?

And while Yoshino was starstruck by The Hero With No Fear, I wonder if Anakin might have also gotten Force feelings from Yoshino during their one meeting. She’s not going to be his downfall, but he can’t destroy her.

Which he shrugs off because, first of all, why would he even try to destroy this tiny padawan (ahahaha… haha… goddamnit Anakin), second of all, how could said tiny padawan possibly withstand the full power/ability of Anakin?

Basically, a bunch of criss-crossing suspicions in the not-really-but-kinda Jedi family of Bant and Obi-Wan as siblings and Yoshino and Anakin as cousins.

Bridge Over Troubled Water

Bant stands on the edge of loss, looking down. Anakin takes, uncaring. Obi-Wan suspects the wrong people. And Yoshino doesn’t know yet that she can lose everything.

I don’t know how the timing of Ahsoka as Anakin’s padawan would match up in all this. Then again, she and Yoshino might have been initiates at the same time so… 

(I hope it’s okay to prompt more than once!) TITLE: “All distance breathes a final dream of bells” (referencing a line of the e.e. cummings poem “all nearness pauses, while a star can grow”) STORY: Yoshino, Stars Also Dream AU where Obi-Wan dropped by after feeling Jashin, not Gelel.


I see everyone is excited about the Land of Hot Springs arc 🙂

I’m putting these three together because I think separately they won’t be very long mostly because they’re AUs/remixes of fic and brainstorms I’ve already done previously. I don’t mean to brush off these prompts–I, too, am all a flutter about the world building SQ’s introduced (GODS! WTF? I’M SO HAPPY AND CONCERNED?!)–but I’m not certain enough to do a full outline of a fic in relation to this topic.

I mean, as an appeasement of sorts, here’s some… spoilers, I guess: I was actually planning on doing a Hail To The Queen installment “she who has divine right” before the Jashin bomb drop (pun not intended) in which each time the Shinigami appeared it ominously looked in the direction of Shikako. Waiting for her to ascend… sort of? And during the Gelel struggle Shinigami might have intervened a little?

But finding out that Shikako is considered a “little god” by Actual Literal Eldritch Horror Jashin kind of just blew that idea away (pun still not intended). Not in a bad way, but that installment is definitely on hold until I can develop more of a sense of how deities work and, as a result, how divine right would also work. Also there are still two more canonical instances of deities that SQ might use so…

ANYWAY! Let’s start with @donapoetrypassion’s prompt:

So in a Stars Also Dream!AU where the Millennium Falcon shows up after the Jashin / Shikako nuke… you know what, this is maybe at most a week after the events of Rogue One? Shikako’s nuke might be the more important thing than the Jashin peering into the tangible world (then again, that’s probably a really creepy sensation in the Force).

Um. Regardless. Whatever vestigial echoes Obi-Wan feels, Yoshino is feeling ON BLAST (pun still not intended) to an exponential degree. And this is definitely worse than the original Gelel eruption because that one was a huge burst of energy but that was positive life energy being returned to the planet (and imbued into her daughter). The nuke was the horrific ritual being co-opted into an explosion as tweaked by the Force/Gelel which probably, especially since it results in basically an entire country being destroyed, doesn’t equal positive energy.

Yoshino was worried about her children being involved in the Gelel eruption before. This time she knows without a doubt that Shikako was there pulling on the Force/Gelel in order to do something that resulted in a country destroyed.

Also, she just gave birth, and no doubt her maternal feelings are on overdrive.

This time, when Obi-Wan comes she is not interested in pursuing this thread from the past. She is not interested in tagging along on his mission to save the princess from the Empire. She has to stay here, has to watch out for her family, has to keep herself and her own safe.

She’s not actively keeping this a secret from Shikaku, but he is, you know, a little worried about the whole nuke and war with Cloud. So it’s still a T&I only project like as in canon SAD, but instead of Yoshino (and Santa-kun) going with Obi-Wan I think maybe… do one of the droids stay behind? No… Does Ibiki have any summon beside that weird jail cell? He must, right? Like some kind of monitoring thing… That as well as a missive from Tsunade’s desk inviting the Rebel Alliance to treat with Konoha.

So a post-Jashin AU of SAD would have Yoshino hands off as far as Episode IV goes. Which is bad news for Obi-Wan–he’s going to die just like in canon–and maybe a younger, less hardened Yoshino would feel bad about that. This AU would be a lot more political, I think, than action/adventure; a lot more fraught and bleak.

Regarding the other two prompts, anon(s?), since I’m not confident enough in my grasp of what deities are like in DoS I’d probably just end up with vague ideas not unlike this suggestion from @wildtabbykat and Stories of Ancient Gods  as well as the rambling Rise-of-the-Guardians-esque brainstorm.

Shikako growing into her godhood. Becoming a god through belief from other people. Outlasting most of the people she loves. etc. etc. but having a fondness for those humans descended from those she once knew.

At some point, when her immortality begins to grate on her (and how ironic that someone whose life involved so much dying is immortal) she probably talks to the Shinigami. At first to get it to kill her finally, but eventually as one does equals…

Yeah. Sorry I couldn’t fill these properly, but hopefully these rants are entertaining enough.

Fake Fic Challenge, any fandom, “In the Absence of Heroes” please!

In The Absence Of Heroes

Tragedies happen when the tropes are hungry and the heroes are in wrong goddamn story.

Good thing they aren’t heroes then.

Anon, this is very clearly a Disney’s Descendants fic in which the four Lost Kids end up in a different universe. I really don’t want re-use previous brainstorms because that seems a little unfair, but this would work PERFECTLY with that “Lost Kids in Naruto/DoS ‘verse and placed on the Konoha Twelve genin teams (to make Konoha Sixteen)” which is still, bizarrely, one of my favorites that I know for sure I will neeeeeever write.

Check out the link if you’re curious, since that would be my number one offering for this fake fic title/summary, but I guess I can come up with a runner up of sorts?

Hm let’s see…

Ugh, this is hard. Because, see, the great thing about the “Lost Kids in Naruto/DoS ‘verse” is that it really is a place without heroes. Or, rather, that heroes are relative there. Of course Naruto is the hero but he’s the hero of a society of mercenaries. Morality is different. Naruto doesn’t like killing and maybe it’s never been definitively shown that he has killed (I legit forget), but I’m pretty sure he has, at the very least, committed manslaughter via collateral damage to innocent people.

And this weirdly grey morality is something that I did get into in the brainstorm, but it just really fits for this prompt. I had, alternatively, considered more of a “In The Absence of Heroes… The Villains Step Up” type of direction but that seems almost too much of a stretch unless it’s–again, like another previous brainstorm Once Then Always – a world and a plot specifically crafted to turn them into heroes. And that itself has its own “morality is relative” sort of vibe. By getting rid of the White Witch the Lost Kids are, by default, the heroes regardless of their motivations or their process or what they do afterwards.

So what I’m saying is, this is still definitely a crossover but I’m not sure which morally ambiguous ‘verse to throw the Lost Kids into…

… A Song of Ice and Fire?

But I don’t think they’d go anywhere near the calamity that is Westeros–there are already far too many factions and subplots that if anything they’d just be a mere drop in the ocean, even though Mal is literally the daughter of a dragon–and there’s no real impetus like in the above mentioned brainstorms that would drive them towards any of the dozens of relevant primary protagonists.

Maybe Star Wars, but then comes the issue of when, where, and who. Like, okay, maybe Tatooine after Obi-Wan has brought Luke to the Lars couple but before the actual events of Episode IV. After he’s established himself as that weird hermit Old Ben, and time and the desert have worn away the worst of the hurts but not the entirety of his compassion.

Imagine Obi-Wan, about five to ten years into his self imposed exile, nothing but sand and his thoughts (and those pesky Tusken Raiders who are only now beginning to understand that he is not someone to be messed with) for company. Imagine him stumbling upon these four horribly ill-prepared children in the desert who might very well die if he doesn’t, at the very least, give them some water and point them in the direction of the nearest civilization.

Except three out of the four of them are, to some extent, Force sensitive. And he’s wary about letting them close, about caring–because look what happened to the last Force sensitive child he cared for, he went off and became a Sith Lord–but he’s also been living through the echoes of dying Jedi and he knows that these kids are as good as dead if he doesn’t, at the very least, teach them to hide their Force presence.

Obi-Wan is not actually that good at doing the very least.

The problem is, I like the contained plot of Obi-Wan finding the Lost Kids and training/teaching/raising them to varying extents (Carlos, despite not being Force sensitive whatsoever, is probably his favorite) and maybe that jump starts his mentorship with Luke? (Because now weird hermit Old Ben is now weird teacher Old Ben, and more connected with the “community.” And Obi-Wan thinks it’s not really fair to give these strangers nothing and not do the same for the boy that in a kinder world might have been his nephew of sorts).

But I don’t actually like what would logically follow next: the Lost Kids joining the Rebellion.  Because they would. They would have to. They were trained by one of the last Jedi and they definitely do not agree with the Empire (though their issue might be more a chaos vs conformity thing than a good vs evil thing).

… unless they join Saw Gerrera’s Partisans?

Which does seem in character–if the reason they leave Tatooine is because they’re becoming adults who want to do more and think Obi-Wan isn’t doing enough by just waiting on this desert planet, then I can very well see them joining the Rebel Alliance and thinking that they’re not doing enough, and so they split off and join the Partisans–though I’m not sure of the timing of everything. When did the Partisans split off? Would the Lost Kids being raised/trained by Obi-Wan help/hurt their cause? Etc. etc.

A foil to the Rogue One crew, I suppose.

I might also consider them appearing in Episode VII on Luke’s old Jedi temple planet, but without knowing how the following episodes will unfold, I’m hesitant to make any predictions there.

Hm… so yeah–here’s the runner up.

I have some more thoughts on this if anyone’s interested, but they’re more just random headcanons of this ‘verse as opposed to anything necessarily relevant.

Stars Also Dream, 10/? (2017-01-09)

interlude II

Santa clearly made a mistake at some point in his life, but he’s not sure when or what exactly it was.

It might have been last week, complaining in front of Anko about his desire for more exciting missions. It might have been four years ago when he joined T&I on a more permanent basis.

It might very well have been this morning when he, ever so foolishly, walked within Ibiki’s line of sight and got drafted into what is, admittedly, already turning out to be a bizarre yet exciting mission.

He’s still not entirely convinced this isn’t some extensive genjutsu or psychotropic poison that Anko has surreptitiously dosed him with: there are aliens and off-planet travel and apparently the Nara Clan Head’s wife is some kind of space warrior and he doesn’t know what he did to end up here and now.

This is the sort of stuff that should be in kid’s manga, not real life!

(Not that Santa still reads manga or has a collection in his apartment or a subscription to the monthly serials, no way.)

Then again, he has heard rumors about the kind of missions that the Nara Clan Head’s daughter gets up to…

(and it’s an open secret in the Yamanaka clan about what happened to Ino-sama)

… well, he just made this mission even more horrifying for himself.

Focus, Santa. If he’s going to be a jounin one day, that means going on bizarre and horrifying missions with a sense of dignity.

And, frankly, better this than watching over the newest generation of Yamanaka, young and fearless and newly trained in the mind arts. And inexplicably fond of Ibiki…

So, yes, Santa has made a mistake to end up here, but it’s not the worst mistake he’s ever made.

Chewie grumbles, discontent and loud, and Han rolls his eyes.

“Yeah, I already know, buddy,” he mutters, going through post-jump protocols, “But this isn’t the worst mistake we’ve ever made.”

Chewie snorts a disagreement.

“There were those Klatooinian mercenaries that weren’t exactly happy with us after you–”

A howl, denial and reprimand both.

Han smirks, “And you have to admit, for a prison that one was pretty nice. Three squares, clean and comfortable. No beatings from the guards…”

Chewie’s grumbles again, still discontent but less loud.

“… I could do without the two extra passengers, too, but a paycheck is a paycheck, am I right?”

Silence reigns over the cockpit. Han doesn’t need to look at him to know that Chewie’s expression is that of sheer skepticism.

It’s not the first time that Han’s eyes have been bigger than both of their stomachs–which is saying a lot considering the size of Wookie stomachs–but this is the first time their cargo has been so blatantly against Imperial laws.

Both of them are old enough to remember the Clone Wars, the fall of the Jedi and the Republic both–Kenobi and Skywalker aren’t exactly names hard to forget.

And having two sentients from a planet that’s not on any known record?

He’s made worse mistakes, sure, but that probably depends on the criteria being used.

Obi-Wan has made a great many number of mistakes in his long life and, no doubt, he will make more before he finally becomes one with the Force. But this, he is quite sure, is not one of them.

If anything, this feels like atonement.

He ponders the thought, watching young Luke training against the blaster orb. Watching Yoshino’s young companion watch the same.

Little Yoshino. Bant’s only padawan. He had thought her overly demanding, waiting so long for a padawan that she liked.

He had only thought of his own time as an initiate–so close to aging out–then his own time as a master, padawan inherited rather than chosen for himself.

How foolish he had been, yet thinking himself wise; blinded by his own hubris.

But now he sees clearly, or at the very least he hopes so, hopes the Force will guide him and he will properly listen.

He has made many mistakes. He hopes he can live to see some of them corrected.


A/N: Santa’s POV for @book14reader 🙂

Is it wrong of me to kind of wish that they had walked right passed Shikako’s team (completely by way of a Team 7-style accident, of course), and she did a spit-take of some kind and sputtered out “Obi-Wan Kenobi!?” in absolute shock? Like, I really like the story you seem to be gearing up to tell (and I don’t want to come across as telling you to change it, I’m not, Stars Also Dream is super cool), but that’s the mental image I get every time you update the story.

I understand that wish, anon. It’d definitely be an entertaining story (if not quite the story I want to write), because then it’d be Yoshino and Shikako staring at each other like… “Shikako, how do you know what Obi-Wan Kenobi looks like?” and “OMG Mum, are you a Jedi?” and it’d be a delightful clash of both of their greatest secrets. 😀

Stars Also Dream, 9/? (2016-11-23)

The first part of the journey is a hesitant, careful maneuvering of eight sentients in a ship meant for significantly less people. It certainly doesn’t help that they’re all strangers…

… and that four of them were, until recently, incarcerated by two others’ village.

And so, for the beginning of the journey, the small clusters stay separate for the most part: the smuggler captain and his Wookie XO grouchily trying to ignore their passengers, the royal droids conferring to each other in binary beeping and scandalized tones, the Jedi Master training the young Force sensitive, and you talking Santa-kun through his first off planet mission.

On the surface, he appears to take everything in stride, but you can’t help but notice his increasingly frazzled expression and how he keeps disrupting his chakra as if to shake off a genjutsu.

Well, you can hardly blame him–no doubt his definition of a long distance mission was vastly different when he woke up. Thankfully, he is a quick study, especially with such unassailable evidence, and you are confident that he will do his clan and village proud.

Now it’s time for you to do the same.

Master Kenobi has not lied to you–this, you can be sure of–but you’re also certain that he hasn’t told you the entire truth either. There are some things that The Negotiator is keeping close to his chest and you can respect that.

But you’re not going to just sit to the side and wait for things to happen around you.

Santa-kun does what Yamanakas in strange situations do best–adapt and extract information and cause distractions–involving himself in the most pertinent conversation and leaving you free to do some reconnaissance of your own.

He does have relevant questions for Master Kenobi, and for all that Santa-kun will never be able to use the Force, it’s beneficial for him to learn the theory behind it alongside young Luke.

Young Luke. A Force sensitive boy the same age as the fall of the Republic with the last name Skywalker.

You may have run away from your past, but that doesn’t mean you’ve forgotten it: the last Force sensitive Skywalker left a significant change on the galaxy.

You know Master Kenobi must be training this one to put the matter to rights.

You’ve forgotten how frustrating protocol droids could be–or perhaps this one in particular is especially aggravating–not that there was much need to interact with them in the Jedi Order.

The R2 unit, on the other hand, you’re pretty sure would be an information gold mine if he weren’t so damned suspicious. Then again, you are best friends with Ibiki, so it’s not like this is entirely unfamiliar.

It’s true that the planet you’ve made your home is behind in terms of technology than the rest of the galaxy–whatever made it near invisible and the perfect sanctuary, also isolating it–and as a Jedi padawan, tech was never a high priority in your training, but these droids are quite old and… almost familiar.

You shake off the feeling. After all, droids aren’t connected to the Force.

With some cajoling, the R2 unit plays the princess’ message and, with hardly any prompting, the protocol droid goes on in length about what happened to them afterwards. It matches what Master Kenobi has said, true, but you think the R2 unit has more to add to the story.

“What about Luke?” you try asking, getting a resentful whistle and a whole load of empty chatter for your effort.

“What about Anakin Skywalker’s child?” you try again, rephrasing the question–the protocol droid seems honestly confused, but the R2 unit beeps in what you’ve learned to interpret as shock.

It’s confirmation, but not quite what you were expecting. Not completely.

“What about Anakin’s… children?” you ask once more, enjoying the way the R2 unit’s light blink at being caught out, right before a world ends.

All of Alderaan screams, billions of voice crying out one last time before being extinguished.

The death of a planet in a matter of moments.



Post Word Count: 673, Running Word Count: 8584

Stars Also Dream 7/? (2016-09-29)

You and Ibiki and Obi-Wan Kenobi: a strange combination for a tea party, but that’s what life is throwing at you, apparently. Two jedi and two shinobi, but only three people around the table.

Seki Hijiri has gone to talk to the other prisoners–only one of them is a Wookie, thankfully, because your Shyriiwook is rusty and still way more than anyone else on this planet has–no doubt she’ll have them talking in seconds. She was in charge of your and Ibiki’s training when you first joined T&I, and as much as you’ve learned from her, she didn’t teach you nearly everything she knew.

Also, she’s part of the Yamanaka clan. Married out of the name, but not out of the family or the abilities, and there’s something about Yamanaka that not even the Force can trick.

“Master Kenobi,” you say, because even in this bizarre tableau of prisoners and interrogation, the man deserves respect.

“It’s been a while since I’ve been called that,” he says, taking on an air of nostalgia that does little to hide the roiling wave of regret, “We’ve met before, haven’t we?”

You smile. “Many years ago, yes. I was much younger then.”

He laughs, a quiet and dry thing, a dusty relic almost forgotten, “We were both much younger then, no doubt.”

Ibiki is silent, listening and observing and never letting on that he doesn’t have all the answers. Or any of them, in this case.

“A strange world you’ve found yourself on, Yoshino,” he says, and even you are surprised by that, “Bant’s only padawan. I told her she was being picky for waiting so long, but when she found you… it was a good match.”

Your smile turns genuine now, though, a little watery and wobbly, too. For a long time, you were the only one left to know her name.

“How did you end up here?” he asks, and at that you blink and steel yourself, pack away the starry-eyed padawan and bring forward the tempered kunoichi.

“I’d like to ask you the same, Master Kenobi. This is not an easy planet to find–I would know.”

You feel a flicker in the Force, or maybe you see it in his eyes–as if he’s considering lying for a second. But hero worship or convoluted family ties or not, you are a shinobi of Konoha now and you will not tolerate it. He gets the message and tells you the truth.

Ibiki is silent through the entire thing, which is good–it’s quite the story.

A jedi, a farm boy, two smugglers, and a pair of royal droids off to rescue a rebelling princess from the evil empire.

And true, this is a mission where time is of utmost necessity, but on their way the strangest Force signature explodes from an Outer Rim planet that would otherwise pass beneath notice.

The only lingering trace of that energy matches the stardust crystal your daughter thinks she’s keeping secret.

But you are her mother and you were keeping secrets long before she was born. Perhaps its now time to share some of them.

Somewhere, buried below crop fields that have long since gone to seed, inside a shuttle that will never fly again, is a box.

That box contains the physical evidence of your life before this one. Of your world before this one. Of metal and power and light that had nothing to do with blood on your hands.

(But that’s not quite true, is it?)

When you first came to this planet, the Kinokawas were kind. Farmers, civilians, who lived close enough to Konoha to enjoy its protection but far enough not to learn its lessons. They saw a young girl, alone and scared and heartbroken, hurt and in need of a place to stay.

You buried your shuttle beneath their fields–buried your past within their home–and wiped their memories of it.

Everything else was their choice.

They took you in, adopted you, and you became Yoshino Kinokawa–a normal girl from a civilian family trying to make it as a shinobi.

But you know the truth:

You’re not normal. You never were, certainly not after you crash landed onto a Force shrouded planet in a medical shuttle, your master and your life taken away from you forever.

So you buried that shuttle under your new parents’ fields, with a box containing your jedi robes, your lightsaber, and your thin padawan braid that you had to cut off yourself.

A lifetime later, sitting across from Obi-Wan Kenobi, over steaming tea and Force signatures tentatively greeting each other, you remember that his master died, too. That he had to cut off his own padawan braid, too.

And maybe, in these decades gone by, he tried to bury his past, as well, but now he’s dug it back up. Robes and lightsaber and Force flaring bright, metal and power and light.

You were never normal.

Jutsu makes unearthing the shuttle easy. The robes don’t fit and the braid is forever cut, but the hilt of your lightsaber somehow still fits perfectly in your hand.



… help me…

Stars Also Dream, 6/? (2016-09-28)

Once, when you had been a padawan for only a few weeks, you met Anakin Skywalker.

Master Bant and Obi-Wan Kenobi had been friends during their initiate years–which, for Jedi, is the closest thing to siblings you will ever have. Or, at least, you always believed so.

And if Master Bant and Obi-Wan had been almost siblings, then in a way that made you and Anakin Skywalker cousins.

Back then, that had been something to be delighted by, to be proud of. You and the Hero With No Fear the same, almost, connected: like maybe one day you could be a Jedi just as great.

When you met him–them, really, the Negotiator and the Hero With No Fear always side by side–you had been shy. You could barely say a word, had all but hidden behind Master Bant’s robes, face aflame.

But they both had spoken to you–actually to you, not just an extension of your master–and had congratulated you on becoming a padawan.

And you thought, then, that maybe you were looking at a reflection of what you and Master Bant would be someday:

Heroes, together, saving the galaxy.

Of course, that’s not how it turned out.

Not for any of you.

The second time you meet Obi-Wan Kenobi, he is going by Ben and calmly sitting in one of T&I’s interrogation rooms.

He knows you’re there as soon you walk in, two way mirror hardly a barrier for the Force, but he politely continues his conversation and his tea with Seki Hijiri.

They didn’t call him The Negotiator for nothing.

You say as much to Ibiki. Also, “I thought he was dead.”

Ibiki would never do something as overt as raise an eyebrow at you, only because he knows you can read him as well as he can read you and you can sense his curiosity emanating the way others can feel his killing intent.

“He probably thought the same of me,” you add, because why just hand Ibiki the answer when it’s more fun to give him clues and let him work it out himself.

Ibiki hums, offers his own information, quid pro quo as per usual, “We found him with two odd metal puppets and three other… men.”

“You sound confused about that, Ibiki.”

Ibiki mutters, “Some kind of blood limit, probably.”

You pause, considering, “Big or small?”

“Big and… furred.”

Wookies? Konoha is out of its depth here.

“I should probably take point on this one.”

The second time you meet Obi-Wan Kenobi, he is an old sand-weathered man with a life of regrets and you are far from the child who hid behind her master’s robes.

But he is still a master Jedi, strong in the Force, and you’re beginning to remember how it feels not to be alone.

He is, after all, one of the closest things to family from your past you have left.

You only met Anakin Skywalker once.

But one day–you know this with a wave of dread and such utter certainty that it can only be true, a warning from the Force, a premonition–you’ll meet Darth Vader, too.


A/N: Small installment which took me a while because I wasn’t sure which route to take for this series and whether or not I wanted to derail Episodes IV-VI or move alongside them.

I guess I’m going with the derailing route.