Fic: ‘light the way’ for Stars Also Dream verse

This isn’t related, anon, but can I just say that this choice of title resonates so nicely with me? More specifically, with my own OC, Tetsuki Kaiza from Trailblazers. Hey? Lighting the way~

Eh, anyway, this title seems like not within the SAD timeline, if that makes any sense. Within the same ‘verse, of course, but some time after the events of SAD (which is Yoshino getting involved in Episode IV, at least).

Maybe Light the Way is the title for the Episode V equivalent? But that seems like a bit of a cop out for this ask box event…

Unless this isn’t Yoshino’s story at all… maybe it’s Shikako’s?


… I mean, timing-wise, Kinokawa would be about the same age as Poe Dameron–a little older than Rey and Finn–which means he could be the Yoshino equivalent for the sequel trilogy.

And given SAD starts while Yoshino is pregnant with Kinokawa, it’d be thematically appropriate for him to be her most Force sensitive child and, depending on if she reveals her heritage, the one she trains in its ways?

But he’s definitely not a Jedi. He just happens to know how to use the Force, is all.

I really do like that idea, but I don’t know what else I can say about it without two out of three of the sequel trilogy…

Kinokawa, Space Shinobi!

… oh no… did he know Ben when they were younger? Is he the Naruto to Kylo Ren’s Sasuke? O_O


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Fake Fic Summaries, 16/? the Meet Me Again (For The First Time) edition (2016-06-07)

A/N: Random Kylux idea because @bona-mana’s fanart is absolutely gorgeous and I swear I have just been browsing through the art tag for DAYS.

I mean, this brainstorm isn’t based off one picture so much as it is kind of a mishmash of everything. In particular this one, anything to do with Hux having flowers in his hair, and the Emperor Hux AU which in itself was prompted by this post and which I now desperately headcanon.

Anyway, let’s go:


Meet Me Again (For The First Time)

Every year, Naboo has a planet wide festival, celebrating its people and all its descendants. It’s a time for family and reunions, but it can also be a time for first meetings and new relationships.

Or, in which Ben Solo would rather enjoy the festivities than talk about his heritage, and Hux knows better than to reveal his.

Soooooo basically–Hux and Ben (although, I suppose this could work with Kylo Ren instead) meet at this festival and continue to do so every year, not knowing that outside of Naboo they are enemies (or rivals, if going with the Kylo Ren version. I mean, this would be pre-movie, obviously, and maybe they only know of each other’s reputation in the First Order–rising star, Snoke’s apprentice, etc).

Uh, yeah. So headcanon that spawned this is from this post in which, apparently, a young Sheev Palpatine looks remarkably like Hux. So maaaybe Palpatine is Hux’s grandfather/great grandfather (however the generation/ages maths adds up). And, obviously, in a galaxy where the Empire has fallen and the First Order is mostly on the Outer Rim, no way is Hux going to go to Naboo and actually tell people who his ancestor is. ((God, what if Hux’s first name is Sheev… mrgh, nah, I can’t do that to him.))

Whereas, contrast with Ben, grandson of a beloved queen, who honestly has gotten tired of hearing about it after so many years and would prefer maybe getting to eat some fried food and maybe play some carnival games.

Then they meet! And… I dunno… identity hijinks probably ensue. And then they fall in love?

Probably there are pink balloons involved at some point.

Ugh, okay, let me do some proper brainstorming, then:

For the sake of coherence, I’ll stick with the Ben Solo version (even though technically the ship name is Kylux).

Every year there’s a week long festival for all of Naboo in which, like the fake fic summary suggests, everyone on Naboo or of Naboo heritage is highly encouraged to attend(? participate?). So even though Hux is descended from the New Republic’s number one persona non grata, presumably his grandmother (I am also going with the maths of Palpatine being Hux’s great grandfather via his maternal grandmother who was an illegitimate daughter) had been born and raised on Naboo and, you know, also wasn’t an idiot and didn’t tell her neighbors about her father’s identity.

And, I mean, presumably, Hux has other family (*cough* the Weasleys *cough*) who actually still live on Naboo and don’t quite realize who their cousin’s employer is or what exactly “the company” is working towards. Nor is he all that keen to enlighten them.

But it’s one week a year where he doesn’t have to be picture perfect Lieutenant Hux all the time and can just be himself. Or, at least, a different part of himself that he normally doesn’t get to express.

Ben Solo, on the other hand, has from birth been considered a guest of honor. And, well, the festival isn’t exactly fun when spent indoors the entire time or in events for nobility/politicians only. In this, at least, he’s like his father because if he has to spend one more year eating carefully crafted plates of haute cuisine and listening to snooty aristocrats list their impeccable pedigrees then he’s going to explode.

Honestly, one stick of cotton candy and maybe a game of darts. Is that too much to ask for?

So one year he just… escapes. Changes out of his itchy formal clothes and into something more casual, more like what the other festival goers are wearing.

And then–boom–serendipitous meet cute with Hux.

Basically the week is kind of like a more wholesome version of a one night stand in Las Vegas. Because everything is so lighthearted that they don’t really reveal much of themselves to each other, but god do they just seem to resonate. A week is hardly anything, but it’s almost as if they’re falling in–

Unfortunately, the festival ends. Ben has to go (has to get scolded for ditching the graciously planned itinerary for him, though his parents are actually quite surprised at how serene he seems) and Hux only gets basically one week of unsupervised leave a year.

So they agree to meet at the next festival and depart ways amicably.

And then this is where the real world butts in. Because Uncle Luke finally deems Ben old enough to be a proper Jedi Knight–not just a student–and with it comes all the responsibilities. Unsurprisingly, this new Jedi order works closely with the Resistance and so Ben is involved in several missions against the First Order. Though he has yet to come up against Hux personally, the same name does keep popping up in relevant reports that Ben starts to notice.

((Okay, I’m gonna backtrack and say that Hux introduced himself with his first name which is reasonably common, maybe. Whereas, since Ben Solo is basically the face of the New Republic, he used his secret identity “Kylo.” So there! It’s still Kylux))

Meanwhile, the First Order hears news of the Resistance’s new magical attack dog which, at first, doesn’t actually mean anything to Hux. But the higher up he gets promoted, the more relevant everything about the Resistance becomes. He has to be prepared for all eventualities, and that includes, apparently, outdated religious fanatics.

A lot can happen in a year.

Still, when the time of the Naboo festival comes around, both of them put their troubles on the back burner. More interested in the here and now with each other. It’s obviously adorably sweet.

And maybe this pattern continues for a few more years, the Naboo festival more and more becoming the highlight of their lives. Or maybe it doesn’t. Maybe they only get the two weeks, because–again, obviously–on the last day of the festival, people who know Ben as Ben and not “Kylo” find him and reveal his secret to Hux.

And he would like to be righteously angry/betrayed except then one of his cousins (unaware of what his name might mean) refers to Hux by his full name like–“Elan/Brendol/Sheev Hux, you nerf herder, you stole the last chocolate banana” or something else suuuper innocuous in comparison to the fall out that it causes.

Just, you know, ~BIG REVEAL~ and loud yelling and betrayed feelings and accusations of being spies and seducing the enemy and etc.

I don’t actually know how to resolve this? Who defects from their side? Does anyone defect?

Does Ben accidentally reveal ON A NEW REPUBLIC PLANET that Hux is part of the First Order, and the crowd quickly turns into a mob, but Ben saves him? And thus the pattern of a Skywalker Jedi turning to the dark side because of love continues? (And, following his own ancestor, Hux deposes Snoke and becomes Emperor?)

Or–upon realizing that the First Order can’t win, especially considering they’re being led by some crazy old religious fanatic whose Knights of Ren really cannot stand up to the new generation of Jedi (seeing as how… Kylo Ren hasn’t murdered them all), and also that his life is very bleak and what once made him proud just leaves him hollow–does Hux leave his position as Colonel and exchange valuable intel to the Resistance for asylum/clemency?

Do they get married and live on Naboo and be a frightening power couple? PROBABLY?

WHO KNOWS? ((No, seriously, who knows? Because I obviously don’t but I would like to see this resolved.))


A/N: Uh… so… there’s that. If anyone’s interested in adopting this, please feel free and let me know? Because I would super like to see how someone resolves this… and I would also  be interested in beta-ing or further brainstorming.

Also, thank you to bona-mana. Your art is BEAUTIFUL 😀

also, also… what is the ship name tag if its technically Ben Solo x Hux instead of Kylo Ren x Hux?