Hello there, I was reading your ideas for “The Predecessors” and I found some plot problems with it related with what “The Isle of the Lost” told us for example Jay, Carlos and Evie choose their respective animal sidekicks on Evie’s Birthday party

(2/3) In this case Jay choose his eels, Carlos choose a Lucifer’s kitten called Beelzebub and Evie choose a little parrot called Othello, also in Evie’s Birthday party, Maleficent cursed Grimihilde and Evie for not inviting Mal to the party
(3/3) And so Grimihilde and Evie were afraid of the Maleficent, and they didn’t go out of their castle for almost 10 years in which Evie was Castle-Schooled by her mother, but after ten years she dared to went out and go to Dragon Hall the island school

That’s true… a lot of my fic/brainstorms aren’t book compliant, mostly because I haven’t actually read the book and, well, I’m not sure how book compliant the Descendants movie actually is? Or, rather, it’s more like the movie ignores the book and whether or not they match up is a bit of a conundrum. Like, in the movie, Grimhilde and Maleficent (and the other parents) are so friendly with each other but in the book they’re… not. 

That being said, the animal sidekicks aren’t all that important to the plot of Predecessors (The Prequel). In fact, since the animal sidekicks aren’t inherited parent to child, that’s even better because now I/the author don’t have to adhere to the Uri-Ursula-eels-Jay link. Which means Uri is totally free to be a mentor to Evie.

But I guess the other plot problem, that is, Evie being isolated/Castle-schooled by her mother for ten years until she went to Dragon Hall, is the one that I/the author would have to accommodate.

From what I can glean off the Disney wiki, it doesn’t specify which birthday party this decade long “banishment” was decreed. But it definitely has to be either her sixth birthday or earlier. If the book is modeling the Dragon Hall school of an American high school (which are typically four years long, starting with freshman year/age 14) then that could give her almost two years worth of mentoring from Uri (if her “banishment” ended at age 14 and the movie starts when she’s age 16).

A lot can happen in two years. (And, since as far as I know, there is no canon Ursula kid, I/the author could make Uri’s backstory similar to that. Like, Ursula is the only one who lives along the shore and Uri teaches himself how to swim in order to get to the main town and hang out with his gang…)

But thanks for looking out! I know a lot of fanfiction is about picking and choosing what parts of canon you want to keep and which parts you want to alter, but I do like to incorporate canon in my fic as much as I can. It’s probably why I’m always a sucker for fusion/crossovers because it’s TWO sets of canon that I have to blend together. (Or more than two if you check out my brainstorm/outline for the “Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons”/“How To Train Your Brave Tangled Guardians/“The Big Four” crossover)

edit: i guess, instead of Uri only meeting Evie in the last two years pre-Descendants, if the castle in which she lives in is only accessible through creepy forest or by the shore then Uri could meet up with her sooner. Like, if the forest is monitored for some reason, but the ocean is not (because only he and his mother know how to swim?) then Uri could have been mentoring her for a lot longer than two years.