Yeah, I am a different anon. Thanks for the early bday wishes; I love all the detail you go into for the post! I am however also the Homeward Bounders / Gardens anon, which not to be too spoilery or anything but one line in one of your Counterclockwise works reminded me very much of said book. As for eaten asks it is a documented problem that if a user doesn’t use a space after an ellipsis that asks get eaten so I avoid that punctuation altogether.


Hello to both of you anons!

Mobius+birthday+homeward bounders!anon: thanks for the info! 🙂 I had no idea that ellipsis in asks make it more edible for tumblr! ~Learning new things every day~

I am both A) pleased that you’ve read my Counterclockwise works and B) a little concerned about what happens in Homeward Bounders–even more than what you’ve already mentioned–because I try very hard to make Counterclockwise kind of bleak and ominous so… oh dear.

Time-travel!anon: Hopefully mobius!anon’s tip about punctuation helps as well? I love hearing about–then brainstorming–about time travel shenanigans, so I’d hate to miss out on any cool asks on the topic.

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