I dreamt of Shikako storing bees in the storage seals inside her cheeks, and then propelling them out with chakra. So, enemy nin gets the horrifying nightmare that is Shikako opening her mouth and having a swarm of bees seemingly summoned and propelled in their direction. (Or maybe they’re wasps? Hahaha)

While I do enjoy the imagery and, no doubt, absolute terror that would invoke, I’m not sure it’s something Shikako would want to do given her canonical dislike of bugs and a more general concern about stinging insects inside her body.

Also, pretty sure you can’t store living things in seals?

But you know who IS a bug-based kunoichi who is cute enough that swarm of insects coming out of her mouth would be horrifying and cripplingly effective? Chiyako.

And since, well, I kinda like the idea of her being a more combat Aburame than Shino (whose hive is more tracking/intel gathering) swarms of bees/wasps would be preeeetty great for her.

Other things being shot out of Shikako’s mouth at high speeds would be pretty fun. Never mind the fact that she could do a human Water Gun (in the Pokemon sense) if she tweaks the speed and pressure of the canonical water seals, just her shooting out random food at her enemy (if, for example, her arms are tied so she can’t do any jutsu, she’d just shoot out, like, ration bars and bewilder her opponents). Smoke would be fairly effective for a similar reason, if she can figure out how to harvest enough for a seal, and that way she can turn into her shadow form without anyone seeing.

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