Lost Data (Lost Prompts?)


So I let my sister borrow my laptop and she ended up accidentally downloading a virus and I hadn’t saved my data particularly recently.

My laptop will probably have to be completely wiped.

What this means is that, except for the asks still in my inbox for the fake fic title event, I’ve lost my list of pending prompts and the notes I’ve made for each. (Along with other files, but that’s not all that relevant)

That’s the worst case scenario. Maybe they’ll be able to save the data and all of this is just a premature overreaction. But just a heads up.

Sorry everyone who had sent in a prompt previously that is still pending. Feel free to re-send it with “lost data” in the message so I can differentiate it from the fake fic title events.

Thanks for understanding. I still have a few fake fic title posts queued up so hopefully this won’t lead to missed posts.

Yup, it was premature overreaction. All the data was saved! 🙂

(I mean, on the one hand, of course I’m glad it didn’t need a full wipe. But on the other hand, I had emotionally prepared myself and now I’m just like… all my emotions, for nothing?)

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