KINO-CHAN’S HEADCANONS WERE SO *CUTE* I CAN’T EVEN **dies**. I loved Shikaku not even going to assume anything, checking all his bases, Best Dad Supporting Whatever. The tower paperwork ninja retiring was also hilarious.

😀 Thanks!

Baby Kino is basically a blank slate baby, but in comparison to his older siblings Shikako “if explosives don’t solve your problem, you’re probably not using enough” Nara and Shikamaru “let’s have a chat about how you hurt my sister, your Orochimaru given Curse Seal can’t save you now” Nara, well… Kino is the chillest of the three Nara siblings kind of by default? Softest baby, sweetest baby.

Shikaku, at this point, is just like… I refuse to be surprised by anything my children do. Expect anything and you can’t be shocked later down the line when the Hokage looks at you with an unimpressed expression because of something your children have done. Pretty sure the paperwork ninja are going to revolt at some point.

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