The Green Knight, Part 6 (2015-05-18)

There few things more frightening to a woman than a man with a larger sense of entitlement than manners. The situation is worse when it is a young foreign woman; moreover, when instead of one man it is multiple.

Regardless of her abilities, her hidden gadgets, her experience despite her age… there is still that instinctive fear. Her father hadn’t needed physical violence to strike fear in her heart. It wasn’t Xanxus and Byakuran’s weapons that had made them so monstrous. And even as she stepped away from successful missions, there were always moments when she would pause and wonder–has Reborn finally killed me?

Nervous Japanese girl somehow suckered into the role of mafia assassin; it was an easy mask to wear in front of the Kingsman because it was partially true. And so there was no difficulties in assuming it in the face of the other recruits. Arthur spoke true, she is of a different demographic than the majority of the recruits. And what is different is often misunderstood and reviled.

But she is not the only one. Three of twelve recruits, including herself, are not white. Three of twelve recruits, including herself, are not male. Sure, she is the only overlap, but she is not quite alone.

As the room fills, she is aware of a divide occurring; she automatically on one side without a choice. And so she sits, watches as a bunch of overly entitled men mob together. A herd of herbivores, Kyouya-senpai would scoff, disdainful. But even a herd of wildebeest can kill a lion.

But she is not alone. She meets the eyes of the lanky, curled up man across from her; holds the gaze until he nods and she nods back. Then she looks over at the bed two down from hers, no longer is that man reclining, hood shadowing his face, but he has sat up–feet planted firmly on the ground. As if sensing her, he turns away from the herd and looks at her. When she quirks an eyebrow at him, he smiles, a bright sickle of gleaming teeth.

Perhaps growing up best friends with the most obnoxious boy in town has skewed her interactions with different genders. Because while she finds it easy to nonverbally form an alliance with the two non-white male recruits (and somehow assert dominance over at least one of them while doing so), she can’t draw the courage to do so with the two other female recruits.

It’s true that there are few things more frightening to a woman than a man with a larger sense of entitlement than manners. One of them is another woman whose skills and motivations are unknown.


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Part Six of The Green Knight series… and I still haven’t gotten to the actual exams yet D: