Word Prompts (G7): Gift

On Tuesday, Aaron meets the love of his life.

By Friday, they have gotten into four fights–the last one escalating into physical blows and ending with two months of detention each.

Just enough time for Aaron to ask Jericho to prom.

“Have you found her?” Benny asks, hands gripped together tightly with concern, skin along his knuckles gone pale and taut.

Hopper doesn’t answer, but his silence is enough.

Benny sighs and looks out the window of his hospital room; snow falls softly in the woods.

You’re tossed into the wall, body smacking painfully against the brick and dislodging a shower of red dust.

Your energy shield managed to cushion the blow, though it’s still hard enough that you black out for a brief moment; you’ll have the worst bruises come tomorrow.

The creature roars, windows reverberating dangerously with the sound–if you see tomorrow, that is.


A/N: Properly moved in today (fucking finally) so had to put together this quick little set of three sentence fic.

The second one is a Stranger Things AU in which Benny Hammond doesn’t die which I may come back to because I have a lot of Eleven-as-Benny’s-adopted-kid feels.