Untitled (2015-02-28)

Imagine a boy. His world is ending because his Momma is in a hospital room and the doctors say she can’t come back home. This boy is just old enough to decipher what that really means. Death is something that can happen to people, not just unfortunate houseplants and goldfish.  Not anymore.

So while this boy loves his Momma, knows that her time is limited, he leaves the room. Because he is scared, and a part of him–a slowly dwindling part, a part which he is beginning to outgrow–still thinks that if he doesn’t see it, it won’t be true.

He finds his way into another hospital room–this one much fancier than his Momma’s. It only has one bed, only one person, and it has wide windows to let in sunlight. But it’s not as nice, the boy thinks, because there aren’t any flowers or handmade cards or balloons. It’s a very empty room, even though it’s occupied.

So the boy clambers into the chair next to the bed, because he is still young and he is still quite small, to look at the sleeping man in the bed. Later on, the boy will learn the difference between sleeping and a coma, but unconsciousness looks the same to him.

The sleeping man’s face is not very nice looking–even without the scars crossing across half of it, the sleeping man has slanted eyebrows and a sharp nose. He’s all angles and edges, like blades and icicles and sharp dry wit.

But the boy is scared and lonely and naturally a bit of a chatterbox, so he talks. And talks. And keeps on talking. The sleeping man is sleeping–in a coma, same thing–so he can’t tell the boy to shut up. But even if he could he wouldn’t, because it’s the first voice he’s heard in years.


A/N: Ahahahaha… well… uh, I admit that this was written with certain characters in mind… by which I mean technically this may be Teen Wolf fanfiction, more specifically pre-slash StilesxPeter (which I don’t even really ship?) But I’m not sure if such an AU exists and I was kind of interested in the idea. Basically, it was meant to be something like canon AU where Peter is like… Stiles’ sociopathic fairy godfather via Stiles regularly chattering at a comatose werewolf.

However, you could ignore all of that context and enjoy it in an entirely platonic, non-fanfiction way.