Let’s play Writer’s Would You Ever



Send me an ask that says “Would you ever write…” and continue the sentence.

I’ll respond with yes or no and give an explanation as to why if I want to.

Another ask box event!

If I respond with yes, I’ll do my best to write a ficlet or, at the very least, a brainstorm.

If I respond with no, I’ll explain why and depending on the ask try to articulate what would need to be different in order to get it to a yes and then maybe write a brainstorm for that modified version.

Let’s do this!

Missed Post (2018-02-10)

Sister’s birthday, helped out with a script, some RPG gaming, very few hours of sleep.

But please do send in those would you evers, I am very excited to answer them! 💜

Missed Post(s) (2017-11-11 to…?)

So I’m out of town for the next few days and my queue of prompt fills for the ask box event ended today–I have definitely received several others, and I will resume once I’m back home, but until then… I’ll see if I have time to post but most likely not…

We’ll see?

The event is still definitely on, though… just temporarily postponed.

Missed Post / Ask Box Event? / OC Dolls (2017-10-26)

… I need a push to do some writing! Let’s reprise one of the ask box events, shall we?

What do we think: a softer ask box OR ask box fake fic titles?

(And so it’s not a complete missed post, dollmaker pics of OCs under the cut)


Konran (from Counterpoise), Tetsuki (from Externality), and Kiyoshi (from (In)Difference)–aka, my three kunoichi OCs.


Lark, Oleander, and Vinn from various RPG campaigns

Missed Post (2017-10-23)

It’s been rather sparse lately–mostly due to the Love Edition script, yes, but also I’ve been making a cloak out of spare linen (what even is that flat sheet for except aesthetic?)

Almost done–if I knew how to use a sewing machine, no doubt it would have been done in a third of the time–maybe I’ll post a picture when it’s complete? Although it’s fairly ugly… mostly I just wanted to make sure I had the geometry right.