Other POV : Shikako’s kidnapped by Danzo in the Jashin mission.Others, thought she’s dead,didnt react well.Years later,they killed Danzo and found Shikako,but now broken and quiet because she was in the black all the time to protect her friend’s information. Shikako had with a fake smile on her face and scars covered half of her face. Plz? I really want to see the others (including 12 friends, her parents and her teachers) reaction from her fake death to her broken state and try to fix her.

Hey matchamilkgirl, thanks for the… prompt? Ask box ficlet? It’s an interesting idea for sure, but if this is a prompt I’m going to respectfully decline. Partially because at this time I’m not really taking prompts–I still have a few from the things you said ask box event even though it’s been MONTHS and I’m really sorry about taking so long–but mostly because this seems like you have a very specific ficlet in mind, and if so I think it would be better for you to bring it into the world yourself?

The best thing about being part of the DoS fandom is how many of us are involved and contributing, how many readers and artists and writers there are, and how the different voices add more to the world. Maybe you’ve sent this to me because you like my (figurative) voice and for that thank you. But–and I don’t know where you are in your personal creative journey–it seems to me that this is your story, not mine.