The Delgado Pack, Prologue (2015-06-12)

They’re called the Delgado pack, even though not a single member is named that.

“After my mom’s family,” the alpha says, Alpha McCall, the first true alpha in centuries. While other alphas wield their power like a weapon, he wears his the same way doctors and nurses wear scrubs–a necessity; not inherently frightening, but still worthy of respect, more so in fact.

He’s the ideal of what a werewolf should be, made all the more impressive by the fact that he was bitten not born. Bitten by a crazed rogue alpha, no less, leaving a recently turned, teenaged werewolf to stumble his way through the previously unknown world of the supernatural. Fortunately for him, not by himself.

Alpha McCall isn’t the only unique or impressive or exemplary member of the Delgado pack. It would be more truthful to say that all members of the Delgado pack are each as unique and impressive and exemplary as the next.

“It just rolls off the tongue so nicely. Not as nicely as the Stilinski pack does, but it’s pretty good,” adds the Delgado pack’s emissary, a human spark and, if rumors are to be believed, somehow a survivor of a Nogitsune possession, “And even though I think it would be funny–”

“We’re not calling ourselves the Argent pack,” interrupts Allison Argent, heiress of the Argent clan of hunters. She says it with exasperation and fondness, as if she weren’t in line to be the next matriarch of an entire paramilitary society whose goal is to kill people like Alpha McCall, like a human spark possessed by a void demon.

“But just think of how amazing it would be,” the emissary whines in jest.

A pack of supernatural creatures named after a clan of hunters? Scandalous–obscene and offensive to both sides. And yet, it could be hesitantly considered, revolutionary. Almost as much as a hunter being a member of a pack.

Not just honorary or as an ally, either, but integral.  There are tales told of how the three of them–Argent, Stilinski, McCall; hunter, spark, werewolf–took part in a ritual that took their lives and revived a world tree. But that must be just a tale, obviously, an exaggeration. A world tree? Just a myth.

Just as much as banshees and kanimas were myths. And yet… the Delgado pack. It didn’t just end there, though. A kitsune, a werecoyote brought back from the edge of being feral. Even the normal beta werewolves, if such a word could be used to describe werewolves and werewolves of the Delgado pack at that, were worthy of impressed whispers. Even their other human members were subject of a murmured story or two.

“They’re total dorks. Just a bunch of assholes and morons,” Says Ms. Harlowe, the high school biology teacher and advisor for the ‘Forestry Club’ whose member consisted entirely of teenagers in the know about the supernatural. “Don’t get me wrong: they’re good people, and they’ve been through some tough shit.”

When her students ask, she talks about them frankly. She’s not really a member of the Delgado pack (she’s not a member of the Hale pack either, though she is training the Deaton siblings for that role) but, as she puts it, “I went to school with them, and after you witness people go through embarrassing high school drama, it’s pretty hard to look at them and not see all the dumb stuff they pulled.” She’s friends with the members of the Delgado pack in a supernatural society that considers an alliance with them to be the Holy Grail.

So it shouldn’t be a surprise when she says some of pack members will be visiting her during spring break and might be willing to talk to the Forestry Club. Only if they want to, of course.

The speed at which all of the students willingly sacrifice their spring break is unnatural, to say the least.


A/N: Slightly inspired by hoars’ “age: a sum of years and experiences” Specifically, the esbat section, in which Derek is 16 and Stiles is 24 (so basically a pack generation swap between the Hales and the McCalls… sort of). You should totally read the fic. It’s fantastic. I also especially love the Voodoo Doll section. SO CUTE.

Also, I haven’t actually watched a full episode of Teen Wolf so all of this? Is the bits and pieces I’ve gleaned from tumblr and fic so… I dunno, don’t bash me if I’m getting canon accidentally mixed up (as opposed to purposefully mixing up canon and fanon).

Also, also, Ms. Harlowe! Because I believe that Rebecca ‘Harley’ Harlowe from the first episode should have totally been a recurring character (but then she might have been killed off if she had been, so… at least she’s alive?).

Hahaha… actually, I was going to go more into the whole “oooh, legendary figures” thing but then I was like… nah starting to get bored. Which is why except for Scott, Allison, and Stiles, everybody’s squished into a single paragraph. And, I didn’t really mean to, but I guess the why I set it up could lead to more parts in the future? And the other members will get their own “ooh, legend” introduction then… maybe? Who knows…