Externality, part 5e (2017-07-13)

Even with their frantic search during the remaining daylight hours, they don’t find a fifth token for Naruto Uzumaki.

Part of it is due to the fact that any token holder who has lasted to the third day knows what they’re doing–they’ve holed up and won’t be budged until the exam is finally over–the other part is because there’s a manhunt going on.

A mob, loud and angry and massive, almost a dozen strong and every time even a hint of it reaches her ears, Tetsuki makes the two of them hide.

Naruto Uzumaki bristles at her caution, but doesn’t break off on his own. The bruises on her face still ache. She wonders: if she healed as fast as he did, would she be reckless, too?

Then again, maybe because her objective is already completed, she’s not as determined. She doesn’t think so–she does want to help him still, if she didn’t, she’d have left him immediately after getting the copper token from Rock Lee–but it’s true she has less incentive. She’s less desperate.

Just as angry, though. Perhaps more so. It crackles and buzzes in her veins impotently, unable to be expressed.

Dusk of the past two days had been a quieting thing, everyone going to their separate camps and settling down for the evening. Tonight is completely different. Tonight, their classmates are energized: armband holders aggressive, the mob still out for their blood.

She’s tempted to just wait it out, let the gamut of traps take care of them and run out their time.

Those who don’t complete their objective in the next few hours will fail.

Naruto Uzumaki included.

She sighs–well, it’s not as if she was planning on sleeping tonight, anyway.

“I have another idea,” she admits, reluctantly, “but it’s going to be… tricky.”

If she’s learned anything about him in the past two days, that’s exactly what he wants to hear.


A/N: Taking a little break from Externality for now, even though I’ve written myself into this exam without resolving it and I’ve only gotten to five “chapters.” Not sure what to do now… thinking of maybe another ask box event? Hmm..

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