Untitled (2017-04-06)

Like ringing in your ears,
or leaves rustling in wind;
Everything muted, untouchable,
but still real. Still true.

I follow the beating of your heart,
every step that much closer to you.

I am silver,
fragile and tarnished;
you are gold,
no rust no to fear.

And yet.
Wood rots, stone erodes,
but after the end we will still be here.

I do not love you,
then or now;
But maybe one day,
I will remember how.

Fingers rubbing at the shell of her ear, tugging on the lobe, nails scratching at skin. Nerves, frustration; futile, pent up energy and only this slow trickle of expulsion.

She walks, head lowered, eyes to the ground. Mindful of cracks and divots, the soles of her shoes scraping against concrete. Noisy, traceable, anchored down. She is silent otherwise.

Shoulders tensed, she turns and stops, daring the world to come for her. She drives too fast and eats as she pleases, ending every night furtively typing beneath her blankets.

She is risk averse and prone to a sedentary lifestyle, but in this case wouldn’t change be the safer choice?


A/N: Today was cloudy and rainy and cold and I LOVED IT.

Clearly this means I should move to, like, Seattle or something…

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