Ask Box Advent Calendar 2016 Announcement?

In the wake of my whiplash writing emotions/self-esteem and the realization that tomorrow is December 1st (and thus one month from this blog’s second birthday) I kinda want to do an Ask Box Advent Calendar event of sorts but I’m not entirely sure what I want that to entail…

Because I don’t want this to just be another Ask Box Three Sentence Fic session (though that was fun and I will probably do that again in the future)–mostly due to the fact that I’d like to step away from the medium of three sentence fic for a while–and I also do have some DoS prompts pending* (most of which I do plan on filling eventually**) so I don’t want to just invite a whole flood of other prompts that will, undoubtedly, push them even further back.

So I guess what I’m saying is that I’d like to do a Schrödinger’s cat sort of thing in which y’all send me prompts (or personal questions if anyone is at all curious about me and/or my opinions on things) via the ask box for the month of December and I’ll either try to fill/answer them or write an outline/brainstorm/rant of how I would fill/answer them or why I can’t… if that makes any sense?

Like, y’all can even “resubmit” some of the prompts from the Ask Box Three Sentence Fic session–I can try to do larger fill for it or at the very least outline how I’d attempt to make a full fic for it. Or if you’re wondering what my headcanon is for if/how a certain ship would/could work. Or, I’ll admit, that ask about mono vs poly relationships was pretty fun to answer so if anyone has similar questions that’d be cool, too.

Does that sound at all interesting to anyone?

* (list of pending DoS prompts under cut)
** (if anyone sees their prompt on the list and would like to “resubmit” that prompt for the Advent Calendar because it’s been a really long time since you’ve submitted it and at this point you’d rather have an outline/brainstorm than wait whoever knows how long for an ever decreasing chance of a prose fill then let me know because, well, I’ll be honest, some of them have been languishing for an embarrassingly long time and now they’re beginning to haunt me like the various Ghosts of Christmas Insert-Relative-Time-Term-Here)

Pending Dreaming of Sunshine Prompts

Down Every Road, 4/?

— anonymous’ giant list of prompts:
       1) enraged/emotional/protective Sasuke (in context of Grass Chuunin Exams)
       2-4) Ino, Naruto, and Itachi’s POV of Shikasuke
       5) Ino, Naruto, Itachi, and Shikako bonding over being part of the “protect Sasuke” squad
       6) Ino, Naruto, and Itachi bonding over being part of the “get Shikako and Sasuke together” squad
       7) long distance relationship Shikasuke (via letter writing and unamused summons, no doubt)
— anonymous: (Walking Around) Down Every Road aka Shikako and Sasuke planning/dealing with pregnancy. [#: parents-to-be]
— flamingosspace : Shikako gussied up by Yoshino and Sasuke looking awe-struck and Shikamaru giving him the stink-eye

Gambling Away The Past, 5/?

— anonymous: deer summon shenanigans

Hail To The Queen, 5/?

— anonymous: sometimes in the future, somehow ends up a temporary daimyo for a foreign country

Stars Also Dream, 10/?

— book14reader: the other padawans, saving force sensitive children (people preventing massacres)
— Celeste @ ao3: jedi or sith oath

Walking Around ‘verse

— anonymous: more Sakako and Boruto (and Mitsuki) bonding feels
— anon(s?): Sakako versus ghouls (and her badass Shikabane-hime equivalent name => Reaper?)

future-tongue: Tsunade and Sasuke bonding fic (Walking Around ‘verse or otherwise)

anonymous: in which Shikako is totally oblivious to romance and Shikamaru is the master of the (lazy) date

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