one of the saddest things is when a show you invested so much of your time into and became emotionally attached to seriously fucks up and you are no longer captivated by it whether it’s because of illogical plots with zero substance, ooc characters, sexist writing or because the show kills off and treats minorities horrendously, and all you have left is this bitterness at how things turned out because something that once made you happy now leaves you emotionally and mentally drained.

This may sound weird (or maybe it doesn’t considering this is tumblr) but you’re allowed to break up with your show.

I once had to explain what fandom was to a class full of people who had no idea what that term was or even the depths of what it meant to fans within it (as opposed to the more casual fans who like the thing but don’t engage with it outside of the original thing), and the easiest way I could get them to understand was that fandom is like a relationship.

There is the show and there are the fans and, for the most part, it’s a cycle of give and take. The show gives fans entertainment and ideas, the fans give the show support and transformative works, and as long as this balance remains then that’s fine.

But what happens when, as per OP’s example, the show seriously fucks up–awful writing, disgusting bigotry, etc? Well, then the show is no longer giving entertainment and ideas–or, at least, not any ideas the fans want a part of–and since they’re no longer holding up their end of the relationship, balance is lost.

It’s okay to break up with your show. It’s no longer making you happy, clearly, and you shouldn’t be expected to support something that only takes and takes and takes. Break up with your show before it’s too late, before all you can feel when you think of it is rage and disappointment and disgust, before all the current episodes taint the early ones that made you fall in love. Keep your good memories. Make your transformative works only seasons one through three compliant. That epilogue never happened for you? That’s okay.

You’re allowed to break up with your show.

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