(In)Difference drabble (2015-02-10) [1]

I am not some brood mare, she thinks spitefully, bitterly. She is tired and cold, most likely side effects from blood loss and being in labor for over 24 hours, but she is still alive, as is her baby, and that is all that matters. Right now.

The doctor looks to her, carrying the baby cleaned of all those bodily fluids and wrapped in a blanket. “What will you name her?”

“Shizuka. Utsugi Shizuka.” She says, the pain and exhaustion and desperation clawing at her throat. “I don’t want her to be a Hatake, please. Just one, Tsunade.”

Tsunade has been Kiyoshi’s doctor for all of her children’s births–in spite of the continuing haemophobia. She was there, calming Kiyoshi’s fears as a first time mother with Kakashi. She was there, angry on Kiyoshi’s behalf for Sakumo not being there during the birth of the twins. And now she is here, looking at mother and child with such sorrow and pity and simmering, bitter rage. Sakumo is not here again–not because he is understandably stuck in another country on a high priority mission this time–because he is the Yondaime Hokage and there is an ambassador from Hidden Mist.

“Utsugi Shizuka it is, then.” Tsunade agrees and stares balefully at the nurse, shocked by the lack of her famous husband and their lack of respect for her famous husband, until he agrees as well.

This baby of hers is lucky, lucky to have inherited Kiyoshi’s unremarkable black hair and lucky that Sakumo’s eyes are not one of his defining traits. No one would look at this dark haired, dark eyed baby and think she were the fourth child of the fourth Hokage. She can use the Utsugi name, free of the danger-laden Hatake name. Kiyoshi is sorry that the same cannot be said for the rest of her children.

“Kunugi is still with the kids,” Tsunade says–no longer doctor, but best friend–brushing away the sweat damp hair from Kiyoshi’s face and transferring the baby into her arms, “They’re doing alright. Do you want him to bring them here?”

“Yes, we should all be together,” She responds, watching Tsunade leave the room to flag down a messenger, “One last Hatake family moment,” She murmurs to little baby Shizuka. Little baby Shizuka who isn’t a Hatake, and will never be if she has anything to say about it.


A/N: Marital/domestic problems in (In)Difference! … Woooo? I’m actually unsure if I want her to be Kakashi’s mom (much less mother to three additional Hatake children) but… eh, it’s an idea I’m playing around with.

Also! I wrote two drabbles today, for some reason… so check that one out too.

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