“You are blood and earth, not theory and chalk.” In reference to sealing in the naruto-verse (preferably dos)

blood and earth (not theory and chalk)

Once they dared to rewrite the universe, but their fires have long gone cold, their legacy turned to dust.

Shikako walks in the footsteps of titans and listens to their echoes.

Sorry, did you mean ALL of my Uzushio feelings?

I have so many Uzushio feelings, wildtabbykat, so many. And the barest traces of fuinjutsu is all we have left of Uzushio. An entire culture that thrived and believed in the impossible but got killed off so ignobly. T_T All my Uzushio feels.

Aaaaanyway, that’s what this is about. Because in my head the journey of fuinjutsu MUST include Uzushio. Either the beginning–when some enterprising Uzushio citizen first even fathomed the possibility of translating their sense of will and imagination into reality–or the climactic middle–Uzushio striving for sustainable peace or reaching too far (but how far can be too far considering the Uzumaki are canonically allied with the Shinigami?) and being struck down for their hubris.

And Konoha as it’s end: the sporadic existences of fuinjutsu masters impressive only when Uzushio has been forgotten (in Uzushio, seals were taught alongside letters and numbers, as vital to understanding the world as language and science. In Uzushio fuinjutsu mastery was as common and expected as fluency in the native language. [Maybe I am over-romanticizing Uzushio. But you can pry this unfounded love for a dead fictional civilization out of my weak, squishy, un-moisturized hands.])

Surprisingly, despite the fact that it’s completely feasible and canonically possible for Shikako to travel in time and see Uzushio in all its not destroyed glory, I think this would be a more traditional pilgrimage. Learning about Uzushio via epistolary and archaeological methods.

If they were aiming for sustainable peace decades before the rest of the world considered it, then I wonder if this would help with Shikako’s understandable PTSD. She originally goes as a research trip for fuinjutsu, obviously, but she learns more. About their way of life, their culture, their ideals and morals. How they soared and why they fell.

Closure for herself and Uzushio.

All my feels T_T

so that mention of Mito (and also that fact that i have recently been reading Reverse) reminded me that the only reason Kurama was there was that Madara had genjustsu-brainwashed him then summoned him and used him like a tool. and the reason that hashirama then went after the other biju was basically ‘well hey it worked on the nine-tails and wouldn’t it just be such a neat way to get the other villages to think we’re cool.’ they just want to be left alone :( (well most of them(most of the time))

I love @blackkatmagic’s fics!

I very much so think that the bijuu are more like sentient forces of nature? Like, literal walking masses of natural energy–imagine if hurricanes and such were alive and also grumpy. They’re not (before, anyway) actively and maliciously trying to kill numerous humans, just that the humans are so small and insignificant that it’s harder NOT to kill them.

So I think with Mito it was a last act of desperation–whereas with Hashirama it was “oh, we can make the world a better place (for humans) if we cage these walking natural disasters.” Well meaning, but limited.

I do wonder, though, if he was at all aware of the sentience of the bijuu. If he thought of them as giant animals and also natural disasters then to him it’d be like putting down a rabid dog, maybe.  

dreaming of sunshine, kakashi (and maybe team 7) from any au, ‘Wolves like you can never truly be tamed, can they?’

That phrase is a little long for a title, wildtabbykat, so I’m going to shorten that to


“Wolves like you can never truly be tamed, can they?”

Or, elite jounin Kakashi Hatake takes on his biggest challenge yet: adulthood.

And, you know, making sure the idiots under his care don’t die.

AKA Kakashi’s ANBU shenanigans! Probably heavily featuring a greatly hassled Tenzou, badass former captain Mikoto, way too many trips to the hospital, awkward bodyguard/babysitting missions for all of baby Team Seven, and probably a few “flash forwards” to Sasuke’s own ANBU training in which ANBU Wolf comes out of retirement long enough to mess with his adorable genin. And also, you know, to be badass himself.

Touch a single hair on his adorable genin’s head?

~Sharingan no Kakashi has arrived and is ready to murder the fuck out of people~

Which would be canon DoS interpretation of the prompt, but you did specify an AU so hm…

Hrmph… I got it!

It’s definitely going to be


Through a series of bizarre and, frankly, unappreciated events Big Bad Wolf Kakashi has somehow found himself responsible for not one, not two, but THREE different Happily Ever Afters.

The sooner he can get these three fairy tale protagonists back on track, the sooner he can return to his lone wolf ways–he’s got a reputation to maintain, after all.

Featuring: Sasuke the angrily awake Sleeping Beauty; Naruto the Giantkiller who does less killing of giants and more talking them through their problems instead; and Cinder’kako who would prefer to stay at home and play with fire than go to some ball and get MARRIED. Ugh.

Kakashi has his work cut out for him.

I’m actually really fond of this AU now and I just made it up in five minutes. Aw, snap, I think I like this better than the canon DoS ANBU shenanigans summary.

Team Seven in a fairy tale world defying their prescribed roles and doing whatever they want. Which is becoming a group of badass heroes, obviously, with a “reluctant” Kakashi keeping them safe and “trying to bring them back to their respective stories.”

Sasuke–through the sheer power of vengeance and fury, probably–woke himself up from Itachi’s century long sleeping curse, cut his way through the wall of thorns, in order to kill his brother and revive his kingdom.

Naruto, striving to be friends with everyone–even his own villains–ends up talking it out with the giant (who might definitely be Jiraiya) and getting some cool human sized questing gear in exchange for not letting everyone know that he’s hidden himself in a cloud castle to write smut instead of running the kingdom that he “earned” by finding Princess Tsunade. She runs it better than he ever could, anyway?

Shikako is pretty self explanatory, I think. The Nara family aren’t evil so much as they are fondly exasperated at the increasingly destructive experiments happening in their backyard. They were hoping by sending her to the ball she’d get hired by the royal family as some kind of explosives expert for the kingdom’s army, but they suppose her going off questing is an equally acceptable outlet.

Kakashi really just wanted to be left alone in his forest and read the smut that Jiraiya the Giant writes. Alas, it is not to be.

Shikako’s told us a lot about what other people’s chakra feels like to her, but I was wondering (if you had any thoughts on) what her chakra felt like to other sensors?


😀 Okay, anon, so in my completely non-canonical and outsider opinion on this, I actually headcanon that Shikako’s way of describing other people’s chakra is one of the few things that carry on from her previous life/“chakra hypersensitivity.”

The way she/SQ describes chakra in terms of sensations–warm sunshine, static and ozone, glowing embers, descending twilight, bubbling brook–it’s very much like someone trying to explain color to someone colorblind. (Or, at least, what I have been trained to understand in media as someone trying to describe color. I legit have no idea if that’s just a hollywood thing or an IRL thing. The only colorblind people I know have only mild forms of deuteranopia and it’s mostly a problem in trying to figure out where on the spectrum certain colors stop and others begin.)

What is green? It’s freshly cut grass and the calming scent of tea. What is red? It’s passionate like fire, the bright burst of sweetness of strawberries in the summer. Blue is the ocean, cool and deep, etc.etc.

So I always figured that chakra sense is literally another sense that we, as readers in a world without chakra, can only experience via the sensation-descriptions that Shikako/SQ give us.

Which, I think, is also kind of why Shikako is unprecedentedly keen at being a chakra sensor. Kind of like color blindness being able to see through camouflage? Most sensors cannot tell what jutsu was used in a certain place and how long ago and in what direction it went. It is, after all, why Shikako got that special jounin rank.

With other chakra sensors I think their abilities are very in the moment. They can tell you how many people are coming and how far away they are. They can tell you how much chakra a person has left (relative to their capacity) and how much chakra they themselves can exert.

Shikako doesn’t have this. Shikako is known to have a problem with… not controlling her chakra necessarily but… moderating it. Regulating it? If that makes any sense. She has and WILL use every last dregs of her chakra and think she’s still okay to walk around afterwards. She pulls her chakra in to the point where even non-sensor Kakashi gets alarmed, and doesn’t realize how weird that may feel to other people.

It’s also why Jiraiya is VERY CONCERNED that she can sense natural energy since that’s not usually something a non-sage can sense. Shikako perceives human/animal-produced chakra and natural energy with the same “sense” whereas other chakra-sensors can only perceive human/animal chakra. Shikako is using a different sense or is interpreting it in a different way.

So I guess in a very roundabout way I’m saying that other sensors are very baffled by Shikako’s chakra. She has a very active regulation of her chakra–I headcanon that the bouts of her passing out as a child as per Sunshine Sidestories Ch 17 is that she hadn’t yet figured out the trick to subconsciously producing chakra. Or rather, while she was still new to the Naruto world, she was too aware of it and kind of…

You know how when you realize you’re breathing and then you become too conscious of breathing and then your pattern gets all weird until you forget about it and then it’s just back to something you do normally? Yeah. Like, Shikako’s body subconsciously will produce chakra but in the early years she was too aware of chakra because of her “hypersensitivity” and so she had to manually produce chakra until it became (like the enhancing her muscles with chakra, like breathing) just something she could do without thinking. (Which is kind of the “epiphany” she has in the fifth installment of Flip To The Last Page)

Yeah. So, very strange for other sensors. If I had to attach normal chakra sense to a RL sense, it’d probably be sound. Which explains why most normal chakra sensors can’t perceive natural energy because it’s just always there and if you’ve always lived with natural energy then there is no change in “sound” for you to hear so it just gets filtered out. Either that or natural energy is at a “frequency” outside of normal chakra sense the way some sounds can be heard by animals but not humans.

So for these listening chakra sensors, Shikako’s chakra is kind of like listening to someone whose volume kind of jumps all of the place for no perceivable reason. Or maybe if its music then the tempo changes for no reason. With other people volume/rhythm corresponds to how much chakra they have left and how they feel emotionally, with Shikako it’s just kind of all over the place. Sense of hearing also goes with the whole “their sense helps in the moment and even at a range, but not after a period of time” since there’s no leftover sound for them to pick up.

Whereas Shikako’s chakra sense is probably more like RL sense of touch. It’s been said before with trying to follow the “heat” of the earth walking jutsu. And it would kind of explain how she can perceive natural energy even though it’s always around and (minus, perhaps the Dead Wastes of the Gelel shrine) her body has never been in a world without natural energy. Like… people who live in one place their entire lives know what humidity is (or lack thereof, for us desert peeps) and don’t have to know what a different humidity is like to know that the air is wet or dry.

If that makes any sense…

So yeah.

Other chakra sensors look for the changes in chakra around them (like sound is vibrations in the air) and to them Shikako is pretty much that one radio station that doesn’t know how to moderate their volume between songs and doesn’t have a set music genre either.


True, true. If it were actually “hypersensitivity” then Shikako really oughtn’t be able to use chakra, or she would have a more typical chakra sense but with a wider range or more accurate ability to tell changes in chakra.

“Hyperaware” does work better, but there’s an aspect of… consciousness? There that doesn’t quite explain the intrinsic difference between Shikako’s perception of chakra and other people’s. And, well, there was the whole arc where Kakashi-sensei had to train her to use her sensor ability to the fullest…

I’m actually not sure what term I’d use, @wildtabbykat… 

Chakra atypical?

Other chakra atypicals would include Lee (obvs), maybe the Aburame clan, and probably Naruto (although I’m not sure if that’s a side effect of him having the Kyuubi or he already was chakra atypical and the Kyuubi certainly didn’t help matters… how was Kushina with chakra control? It might be an Uzumaki clan thing).

an AU where whatever happened with the juubi and the Sage of Six Paths didn’t so much mark the beginning of ninja as it did take away people ability to use natural chakra. (so kind of backwards from how it’s usually portrayed.) Maybe the various clans and bloodlines are from people who- before that- knew how to use natural chakra.

That’s a pretty good idea, wildtabbykat!

I always figured–especially given the existence of the Gelel Empire–that chakra overlayed the previous magic-like system instead of introducing a brand new thing entirely, and that natural chakra was either a thing that you could or couldn’t use. Like you can’t just be taught and train in it if you don’t have the initial ability.

Like… I guess the easiest way to explain would be… I’ve read a couple of HPxNaruto crossovers and to mash up the terminology: Everyone, even Muggles, have chakra but the ability to use NATURAL chakra is for those who would be considered witches/wizards in the HP world. It’s just something you’re born with?

The various clans/blood limits (except for Juugo’s whose blood limit involves natural chakra) are independent of use natural chakra. It’s why not just anyone and their pet dog can become a Sage? Like… why are Orochimaru and Jiraiya sages, but Tsunade isn’t? I can’t really see any of the clans keeping their Sage knowledge to themselves if it is a matter of bloodline.

The Gelel thing is probably… the reason why so many of the Gelel fighters were surprised that the people of the Elemental Nations were putting up a decent defense is that chakra didn’t exist then. So before the Sage of Six Paths, the shinobi abilities would have been limited to the “magic-users” who are (if we’re still using HP standards) a significantly smaller part of the population.

Shikako being able to hear/activate the Gelel stone is because she’s the equivalent of a muggleborn when it comes to natural chakra (or maybe a half-blood? I dunno about Yoshino) whereas if Shikamaru touched it, it wouldn’t have done anything. It would’ve also done something if Naruto had touched it (I’m unsure if the Uzumaki vitality was something like a more stable version of Juugo’s clan’s blood limit, which would make Tsunade a squib in that case).

But then again, aren’t most of the Konoha bloodlines descended from the Sage of Six Paths anyway? Maybe after so many generations they’ve cultivated a blood limit, but lost the ability to use natural chakra and are all borderline squibs?

Then, since Shikako is heading to the Fire Temple to learn how to use natural chakra, the temple is a bit like Hogwarts meets Jedi Order? They probably don’t have jurisdiction in Konoha itself (which is why Team Seven flew under the radar) but maybe the monks travel around and gather possible sages to train them properly?

Kinda curious what you would make of a DoSxHomestuck crossover. Like, her crazy missions are her (unknowingly) working her way through her trials. The gelel stuff is her obtaining her weapon (like John’s hammer and Dave’s sword). Since she would end being a god, she tries makes ‘friends’ with the bijuu, being that they would be some of the few immortals(if they are killed it’s really more like dispersing, and they’ll just reform in a couple centuries). Maybe Kaguya is one of the other ‘players’.

Ah, sorry to say I don’t know much if anything about Homestuck. I liked the idea, but I just was never really able to immerse myself into it. :/ Sorry.

But character-as-a-Gamer has always been pretty interesting to me (SQ actually did one with Iruka which is a fantastic read, as per usual for SQ) and there’s also one of my old time faves A Lifetime of Chances which has Team Seven stuck in a time loop and in Chapter 6 it briefly brushed upon the idea that the more loops they go through, the more powerful they get, and eventually they’d become even stronger than the Shinigami.

That’s all I can really think of that would be even vaguely related to your ask? I mean, you’ve checked out my DoS crossover post so you’ve probably also seen the FFVII idea with Kaguya and Shikako as Ancient 2.0 and 3.0 and possibly even read Stories of Ancient Gods. Um… yeah.

It sounds like a cool idea, I don’t know enough about Homestuck, but it definitely sounds like a DoSxHomestuck crossover would be a fascinating read if it’s about Shikako accidentally achieving god status and having to deal with all the bizarre abilities/responsibilities/shenanigans that come with it.