Fake Fic Title – ‘when the dawn is still dark’ Dreaming of Sunshine, Shikako (I hope that is kinda the format you want?)

Thanks, anon! (The format is good, no worries)

Let’s see… there are three key points in the title you’ve given me, so I think it’ll have to be something like:

When The Dawn Is Still Dark

Revolutions take more than just hard work and hope, sometimes they take sacrifice.

Time travel and an oracle works, too.

So, the three points of the title you’ve provided is:

1) Dawn = definitely going to be an Akatsuki fic, so the issue is which iteration of Akatsuki exactly?
2) Still = as in, not the evil S-rank jinchuuriki collecting, world-war starting version
3) Dark = Shikako… which, I mean, yeah… obviously

Hence, time traveling Shikako saving Akatsuki from becoming the Big Bads and helping them be the forces of good in the world that they wanted to be.

The question, though, is how.

It’s gotta be fuinjutsu, right? That much is clear… I’m thinking maybe Jiraiya probably gave the Rain Trio some basic fuinjutsu teaching, but none of them really clicked with it and besides there are other things that would be better to teach them.

I also think maybe training the Rain Trio was as much a training trip for himself, so even if his three students didn’t want to pursue fuinjutsu Jiraiya probably worked on some things on the side. Like an attempt to recreate Tobirama Senju’s Hiraishin (he never does get it, but Minato does and he couldn’t be prouder).

And maybe there’s sort of progress? Jiraiya makes a prototype that can summon himself, but it’s the equivalent of a delayed timer and it’s only if he throws it. So not really practical in battle (certainly not the phenomenon that turned Minato into the Yellow Flash, flee on sight).

Well, basically this is just me saying, in a round about way, that Jiraiya had given the Rain Trio a way to summon him but it wasn’t really complete.

Several decades later, he doesn’t see anything wrong with giving that Nara brat some of his old notes attempting the Hiraishin. Maybe she’ll get some use out of it.

The Rain Trio try to summon Jiraiya and they get Shikako instead 😀

Unfortunately then it would just be an Akatsuki version of Gambling Away The Past except with the following:

1) Shikako tells them, pretty early on, that she’s from the future
2) Hanzo is notoriously unbeatable by three people (the Sannin got their title by fighting him to a standstill) but four people? Well…
3) Please, Shikako helping the Uzumaki reunion, pleeeeeeeease
4) Literally no one in Konoha having any idea where this rogue badass Nara came from but the clan is greatly enjoying getting the notoriety without any of the paperwork
5) Danzo take down! Danzo take down!

Yeah, that’s all I can think of for now anon.