AU: NarutoxSasuke in DOS with Shikako as a surrogate mum if they ever wanted a baby?



O-okay, anon, this is… hm…

I… first off, have to go back into NaruSasu headspace–which, actually, there are some doujinshi I’ve been meaning to read, so that shouldn’t be too hard–but which I don’t normally equate with DoS as opposed to other Naruto fanfiction since, unsurprisingly, DoS is Shikako-centric so most of my recursive fic is also Shikako-centric (or Sakako, for next generation).

But I also… I don’t really… would Naruto and Sasuke even want a baby and would they want Shikako to be surrogate mother for said baby? I kind of figure they wouldn’t really want kids necessarily but if they did… wouldn’t they adopt? Given that a lot of their bonding/mutual respect for each other was the whole–we are both young orphans thing–wouldn’t they want to adopt?

Although, okay, even if they did want biological children, I kind of find it… not that Shikako would say no, but that Naruto and Sasuke wouldn’t ask her because they know she’d feel obligated to say yes even though she’d rather not?

Sorry anon, this is just going up against a lot of personal head canons that I don’t quite know how I’ll write around… Can I interest you in some Kareru Uzumaki fic with NaruSasu + Shikako instead?


Yeah, I mean I understand it’s kind of like a trust/vulnerability thing–you know, like “we would like to have a child and you’re our best friend and we want to involve you in this big step in our lives” and for some people it is an honor of sorts but it’s also… like… no thank you? Like, there’s a difference between being someone’s Maid of Honor and being someone’s surrogate and I can definitely see Shikako being one enthusiastically but the other not so much…

And it’s like… if this is, again, about reviving the Uchiha population (or the Uzumaki population for that matter) then there would be volunteers for such a program that would probably be okay with having someone else raise that child? Pregnancy isn’t a willy nilly decision, I agree, but there are definitely different stances on it and for Shikako it is, as you said, a sacrifice and a huge effort. For a different person who volunteers for this medical program it might not be such a huge sacrifice per se if they’re getting compensated for the effort outside of friendship.

So, you know, if Naruto and Sasuke really want a biological child there’d be others who would be better choices for surrogate than Shikako.


If I’m going with my One True Head Canon for Shikako re: kids, I’d have to agree that I don’t think she’d ever actively want children. Her dream future doesn’t involve having children–with Kareru and the NGSS they were more like her stepping up to be their parent as opposed to her actively seeking children to adopt, if that distinction makes any sense. Sakako’s existence I already sort of went into here, but tl;dr Sasuke was the initiating party while Shikako merely agreed to it (and went through with the pregnancy which is no ‘merely’ about it).

I suppose being an SI might be part of it, but I don’t think it’s the majority of the reason, you know? Like… even now (especially after the Gelel arc) Shikako is pretty firmly entrenched into this world. When it was still early days–Academy age, maybe–the reincarnation thing may have weighed on her mind, but especially now that it’s in the time skip I don’t think it’s at all a priority or anything of hers. It’s still an important secret, yes, and it is at the root of all her foreknowledge and thus her other secrets, but its not really the most vital or fraught secret she has anymore.

And except for in the Gelel arc I don’t think she ever wondered much about what might happen to her when she died. As far as she knew, she’d end up in the Pure Lands like other Naruto world people who have died–once is an incident and as far as she knows, it’s only been the once. If this were already her second or third reincarnation, then I can see her taking it as proof that she’s stuck in some kind of reincarnation cycle, but I don’t think it’s at that point yet.

If she were the kind of person who wanted children, I don’t think the possibility of being reincarnated in a world without them would stop her from having them. Especially since that would be after her own death, not theirs, so as far as she knows they’re still living their lives just without her while she’s starting a new one elsewhere… so long as she’s not reincarnated into the future of the Naruto world, where it’s fact that everyone she’s ever loved has died. She takes comfort in knowing that, even without her, her the people she loves are still living.

Ah, a Team Seven!OT3… I didn’t really interpret it that way, mostly because in my head Shikako can’t really see Naruto in a romantic/sexual way even less so than she can with Sasuke. With Sasuke it’s more believable because… actually… vice versa for Naruto, too? Like I just realized my set up of Shikasuke is Sasuke is in love with her and Shikako isn’t in love with him yet / opens her eyes and realizes he’s in love with her / her epic trust and friendship is beginning to turn into love. Whereas I don’t think Naruto feels that way about Shikako so there’s nothing for her to reciprocate in the same way there is in a Shikasuke relationship?

Which would mean Sasuke the point in their polyamorous V, but he himself isn’t poly–so while for him Naruto and Shikako are (in either combination) his “one and exception” it’s still not in his character to be polyamorous. Like… of the three, he’s the only one I hardcore head canon as mono while the other two are possibly/probably poly and having him be the point in their V wouldn’t really work… I mean, he’d probably be over the moon if his “one” were in a relationship with the other member of Team Seven because at least this way he knows and trusts and likes the other person (as opposed to his issues with Gaara) and since his “one” is poly in a relationship with his “exception” there’s no way he can have a problem because he’d just be like… yo, exception, live with us and you can be in a relationship with my one and we can be friends. Probably the happiest he will be in a relationship with a poly person while letting them have other relationships. But him being the one with multiple relationships doesn’t really jive.

Which means it’d have to be either Naruto or Shikako at the point of their polyamorous V which…

The only way I can see a romantic relationship between Shikako and Naruto is after EVERYTHING has been finished. No more Pein, no more Obito, no more Madara, no more Kaguya. Because Naruto is the hero of the story and Shikako can’t do anything to turn him away from victory–if she distracts him or somehow becomes more important to him than certain other people–then she’s putting the entire world in danger. And, in a way, once everything is done she’ll probably stop seeing him as that vessel for world peace and start seeing him as a person.

I do think, depending on what SQ does for the Team Seven post-timeskip reunion, that I might be more inclined to see a Narukako (Shikaruto?) ship but as is… I only see something starting after everything is done and she’s been away for months, on a research trip, and she comes back and sees him doing something innocuous for him but mind-blowing for her. Like… one of those he’s-in-training-to-be-the-next-Hokage-and-he’s-actually-fantastic-at-it sort of things. While for him it’s kind of like… Shikako has always know what to do, but now that the crisis is over she’s kind of adrift, and he’s finally seeing the real her and not the stressed out and paranoid kunoichi he grew up with.

… ah shit, did I just talk myself into shipping it?