Alright. “Team training”, either Flip to the Last Page or Gambling Away the Past? (I’m totally not hoping this will inspire you to continue one of these verses. Of course not)

A/N: This is more of a regular prompt than a fake fic title, so I don’t think this does count as part of the ask box, but I do love your prompts in general, to-someplace-else, and I have been meaning to touch base with those series so, what the hell, let’s do this!


Gambling Away The Past, 9/? (2017-11-09)

Wakakusa is a young buck, only in his second antler growth, but he’s strangely tall and stocky–not as much as Heijomaru, of course, but a good combat summon nonetheless.

Where he got his penchant for fire, she has no idea.

“Oh gods,” she moans into her hands, sitting on the side of the training field with the rest of her team… the rest of the humans of her team, anyway.

On the field proper are Wakakusa and Kakashi’s pack of dogs–closer to pups than the grizzled ninken she remembers, paws adorably oversized, but far more experienced on the field than Shikako’s probationary partner.

Rin obligingly douses the flames with an almost lazy and exasperated D-rank water jutsu before Kakashi waves the summons apart to reset the exercise.

“It’s capture the flag, not set the field on fire,” Shikako yells out futilely; Wakakusa tosses his head in response. She’s not yet sure if that’s irritation or embarrassment or, simply, acknowledgement.

“Like you’re one to talk,” Obito nudges her.


This clearly isn’t working–maybe she shouldn’t have expected it to work–Kakashi’s method of training his dogs wouldn’t necessarily work for Wakakusa just because they’re all summons. She’s his summoner, she should be more involved.

She heaves herself onto her feet, plants one hand on her fist with more confidence than she feels, and calls out a challenge, “Dogs versus deer! Obito and Rin will be the judges.”

At their names, the both of them perk up in excitement.

“That’s eight versus one,” Kakashi says slowly, not yet understanding. As far as he’s concerned, Wakakusa can’t even handle his ninken one at a time, much less all eight of them teaming up.

“No,” she corrects, “It’s nine versus two…” She walks over to stand next to Wakakusa who swishes his tail casually in a simple one-two. This, she knows, is a much more positive reaction.

“… unless you think you’re going to need help?” she continues, goading.

Kakashi’s eyes narrow. Around him, his summons drop their doggy grins and focus.

Challenge accepted.

Loved your Gardens!verse prompt! Just fyi, but waffle has also done a time traveling Aoba+Shikako series that’s AMAZING (from the Jashin clusterfuck back to Gelel). It was recently indexed, so you should be able to find the links to it pretty easily if you’re interested.

Thanks! I’ll try to check it out–I just linked the newer googledoc index page over @dosbysilverqueen but it appears to be requiring permission now? Or is my link wrong? It worked a few days ago… T_T

If you don’t mind, I can totally prompt you some more. Gambling Away The Past, more Shikako and Minato interaction? Alternatively, does Sembei ever bring the deer contract?

I have been meaning to continue that series, so thanks for the prompt, to-someplace-else! Please enjoy!  」( ̄▽ ̄」)


Gambling Away The Past, 8/? (2017-07-25)

Shikako reluctantly but dutifully wakes up with the sun.

It is excruciating.

Because they are in an outpost and relatively safe, she allows herself to whine noisily into her makeshift pillow.

Obito kicks out a leg, and because the tent they’ve been assigned is so small, it actually connects…

… with Rin’s thigh. She delivers a swift slap in retribution, before going back to sleep.

Kakashi, because he’s clearly inhuman, is already awake and looking down at his team unimpressed.

And fond, but largely unimpressed.

Shikako huffs another whine, before grudgingly going vertical, hating the morning and whichever cruel god invented it.

“You have to meet your clan member,” Kakashi prompts, when it looks like Shikako might just fall asleep sitting up.

“I’m going, I’m going,” she grumbles, splashing some water on her face to wake herself up, before leaving the tent.

An outpost during wartime, especially one so centralized and bustling as this one, is like having a piece of the village out in the field. It’s not home–not even the Konoha of this time would really be home–but it’s definitely a balm after months at war.

Sembei-obaa-san and the deer summons are being used mostly as messengers rather than warriors–rather beneath their abilities, but unsurprising without a combat capable summoner. They’d be housed permanently within the outpost, dorm building instead of a tent outside, closer to the commander where information is more vital.

People around the camp take note of her and wave her along with a nod or a smile–no doubt recognizing the Nara symbol of her uniform–but she doesn’t really need the guidance: Heijomaru’s antlers, tall and decorated, are easily visible from this distance.

She’s a little nervous, eager and worried: if she doesn’t sign the contract, then their trip here was for nothing. If she doesn’t sign the contract then Sembei-obaa-san and Heijomaru have found her unworthy.

The deer contract doesn’t mean home, but it’s another piece of it that’s close enough.


A trial run, Heijomaru had said, after Sembei-obaa-san read the letter of introduction from Ikoma.

She doesn’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

When she had first met Heijomaru, he had been somewhat reluctant even then–even though Sembei-obaa-san had been much older and hadn’t been able to summon him in years.

She’s even more of a cocky upstart now, apparently, which matches the summon she’s been assigned: Wakakusa, the only pyromaniac deer of the herd.

He’ll fit right in with Team Kakashi.


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A Year With The Moon + what made Gary decide to travel with the twins. (I was debating asking for a Shikako au but Pokémon).

I was trying to go in a different direction with this (or rather, to-someplace-else, heyyyyyy ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)) but it turns out this makes more sense to me so…



To some extent, the Oak family is as close to nobility as Kanto gets. The prestige, the wealth, the influence, the name–it’s a lot.

That’s the world Gary is born to.

The mansion and the lab, the land that they own, is bigger than all of Pallet Town. People from all over Kanto come to his grandpa’s lab for advice, to research, or a place to keep their powerful Pokemon.

He doesn’t realize that his life isn’t normal until he goes to school.


Gary is six and his parents are gone. His sister has left for her Pokemon journey, and his grandpa is always so busy at the lab.

He thinks school will be a welcome change. It’s hard to befriend kids his age when he lives in the mansion on the outskirts of town. He knows that sometimes adults don’t want their kids going near the lab–worried that the Pokemon might escape and hurt them–but there’s only been maybe three breakouts that Gary can remember. And two of them were just a pair of Psyducks that spent the day wandering around in circles on Main Street.

He thinks now, away from the lab, he’ll be able to make friends of the human variety.


You can take the boy out of the lab, but you can’t take the love for Pokemon out of the boy.

Love is a kinder term than what the other kids use.

Crazy. Weirdo. Obsessed.

And that’s not even counting what the other kids think of him in that big house far away: snobby, spoiled, bratty.

The saddest thing is, it’s based on truth.


He’s not the only outcast in the class. A bratty, Pokemon-obsessed weirdo he may be, but that’s nothing compared to the twins.

The adults trade whispers amongst themselves–a single woman with no man in sight and two children, how scandalous–and that trickles down to the kids.

Ash, maybe, might be able blend in, but he dreams so loud of being a Pokemon master that he’s not so far off from Gary’s level.

And, also, he has the tendency to hit anyone who even looks at his sister the wrong way.

Considering what Ember looks like–her hair, the firemark, and the dazed, thousand yard stare–that’s nearly everyone.


Gary and Ash become fast friends.

Ember takes her time, but follows soon enough.

The three of them braided, balanced–nothing tears them apart.


In the end it’s not really a decision at all.


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Externality is really exciting right now I love it.


Thanks! 😀

Externality is one of my many unwritten “one day” fanfics which I’ve always put off because I’ve been too scared to not write it perfectly. And then I realized… I’m never going to be able to write it perfectly. If I ever want this story written I’m going to have to just start no matter if it doesn’t match the fantasy version I have in my head.

So I’m glad you like it, because knowing that people enjoy this even if it’s not as “perfect” as I wanted it to be is heartening 🙂

Man, I could read about how Sasuke is g o n e for Shikako ALL DAY. I love the Road One snippets. Also, congrats for getting in to the writing workshop! I hope you have fun and learn something useful.

Thanks! (For both!) 😀

Regardless of whether or not they end up together, I just cannot unsee Sasuke being in love with Shikako so it’s not HARD to get into his head but its also a little embarrassing because… boy, please, a little restraint. (Nah, I’m just kidding. It’s way too amusing to interpret Sasuke as a lovestruck fool. And I mean that in the fondest of ways)

The writing workshop is very much for scripts–which I only have limited, unofficial experience in–as opposed to prose narrative which I do here and have developed more so it’ll definitely be a change of pace for me.

One of my many many “fantasies” is to write a podcast much in the style of Welcome to Nightvale, so this is a step in the right direction for sure.

**offers a hug** I hope you’re okay! If you’re too bushed to write, then don’t feel bad about missing posts. You don’t owe us anything, and writing should be for fun more than a duty. I hope you feel better soon <3

**hugs back** Thanks, to-someplace-else. And @pricefudge and @donapoetrypassion and anyone else who may have the well wishes if not the words.

The posts I’ve queued for the next few days are byproducts of my insomnia and boredom, so it’s more of me using stuff I already have anyway. This blog has always been a personal challenge to myself to write once a day–that’s changed over time to just posting once a day, extending to things like brainstorms and character statistics and rant and meta analysis.

Sometimes I am too tired to write, but it’s never something I dread or resent and certainly not because of my followers. I’m glad that there are people who read what I write–people who like my writing enough to like me, as a person, and worry about my emotional well being.

*asks respectfully* Surely Kakashi’s stamina would have improved in the third timepoint after Team 7 fixed his chakra exhaustion?

Ah dang, I just tweaked his Special to 4.5 after realizing that his single Mangekyo with huge activation cost / major drawbacks wouldn’t be the god-like 5 of Sasuke’s TWO Mangekyo with no negatives…

Regarding his stamina though… you make a good point. I was thinking that the Hospital Arc was more of a “suddenly his chakra fluctuations got EVEN WORSE” and then they fixed it so his stamina returned to normal, but they did say it had been happening since his ANBU days so it would increase a little. Though I think, “naturally” (including his Sharingan, but not the trying-to-activate-Mangekyo fluctuations) Kakashi does have fairly low stamina.

I did want to keep his numbers equal with Gai, though… Oh. Maybe I’ll increase Stamina by .5 and decrease Taijutsu by .5 since it’s not as if he’s learning more taijutsu at this point so much as he’s just improving himself?

Aaaaaaah I gotta correct it but people have already reblogged it, curses!

But, yes, thanks for catching that to-someplace-else! 🙂