Made by andwereallwevegot and mashup’d by jacksgreysays

I posted this on my previous blog but that blog was deleted soo..

Someone with actual musical talent got a hold of my mashup’d version of The Ballad of Lapis Lazuli and made it so much better.

It’s like seeing a random sketch you made be turned into a movie. Except… with music. 

This is so lovely! You have a wonderful voice, kitasmeow.

(Ooh, and here are the ukulele chords for it)

Hey I was wondering about the lapiz lazuli song, did you make chords to that song or did you just make up the unbolded words?

For the Lapis Lazuli song I tried to stay as close to the canon Lapis Lazuli/Water Witch song in the episode The Message… I guess the wiki link on the post leads to a deleted page, now, but basically I just modified the canon lyrics and mashed it up with andwereallwevegot’s Ballad lyrics.

As for the melody, that too I tried to keep as close to the canon Lapis Lazuli/Water Witch song that Steven sings here.

Essentially, I own absolutely nothing in that post except for my voice.

The Ballad of Lapis Lazuli

[lyrics by andwereallwevegot in this post and some modified from these lyrics in the episode The Message. Just to be clear, andwereallwevegot’s lyrics are bolded, the altered canon lyrics are italicized.]

Her name was Lapis Lazuli
She was trapped in a mirror
a prisoner long forgotten
and it couldn’t be clearer
Her name was Lapis Lazuli
She came from far away
She never really liked it here
She didn’t want to stay

Lapis Lazuli, you fled into the bottom of the sea
Lapis Lazuli, you were so mad, but then you came around to me

Her name was Lapis Lazuli
She gave us quite a scare
One morning when we went outside
the ocean wasn’t there
Her name was Lapis Lazuli
It wasn’t an attack
She took off for the world she knew
and gave the water back

Lapis Lazuli, you flew away to outer space
Lapis Lazuli, we were friends but you still wanted to leave this place

Her name was Lapis Lazuli
She sent us back a call
An urgent warning from the stars
That darkness soon would fall
Her name was Lapis Lazuli
She sounded so alone
The Home that she had found at last
was not the home she’d known

Lapis Lazuli, they thought you were a criminal
Lapis Lazuli, I know your friendship comes through subliminal

Her name was Lapis Lazuli
She wanted to be free
She’d felt so trapped so very long
by us and them and me
Her name was Lapis Lazuli
I wish it wasn’t so
She took her captor in her arms
and dragged them both below

Lapis Lazuli, you chained yourself to the bottom of the sea
Lapis Lazuli, I know you can’t, but I wish you’d come back to me

Her name was Lapis Lazuli
I knew her for a while
I might not see her anymore
[But] I’m glad I saw her smile


A/N: Throwing my hat into the ring! I love how many different versions there are (which you can find here). I also tried to incorporate the melody Steven sings in The Message.

Please excuse my pitchy-ness in some parts… and the parts where I forgot how many syllables I had left in each line. Also, I realize I should have made that last note fall not rise since it was the ending. Ooooh well. I hope you enjoy 😀

edit: mp3 can be downloaded here (mediafire)