Ode to 11010201 Redux, Traditions Torn (2018-11-20)

There were an odd number of candidates at the trials.

Normally, this mattered not. Quantity of candidates were less important than quality, and only the best and brightest could join the Premier Witch Council.

But for this particular set of trials, the fact that there were an odd number of candidates was not just surprising but also worrying:

On the full moon after the Premier Gemini Witches died, trials were held to find a new pair of luminaries to replace them.

One candidate had come alone.

“I know what they think of me,” Candidate Chacone says during the final trial, “I know what they said.”

The eleven luminaries remain silent, observing. Judging.

“They think I’ve done something to her, a diabolical thing. Then mutilated myself for more power. An abomination of a Gemini witch.”

Still the luminaries say nothing.

“But she was the one that slammed a wall between us. She’s the one that left me alone, screaming!" 

Some of the younger luminaries at the ends flinch at her tone, but the Premier Taurus Witch at her place in the center merely holds up her hand, settles them.

"My magic wants desperately to harmonize and all I had were the shrieking echoes of myself.”



For seven hours and thirty one minutes, Luminary Chacone headed the largest, most successful coven in history.

If the knowledge had stayed within their secret half world of magic and marvels, then it would have been a triumph. 

As it is, Luminary Chacone’s actions have brought unwanted attention from the shadowy government organization known as SHIELD.

The magician doesn’t look like anything special, Maria thinks on the opposite side of the glass. Nothing like Loki–grand robes and staff and regal demeanor–but perhaps that had more to do with his alien heritage than his magic.

If Maria had passed by this magician on the street, she wouldn’t even turn around. The magician looks absolutely normal. Absolutely human.

The magician waits, patiently, silently, as she has done since agents escorted her here. No demands for explanations. No pleads to go back. No questions.

How alarming.

This should Coulson’s job. For all that SHIELD is still cleaning up the literal alien invasion, this feels like a peace time interview, or even a recruitment.

But Coulson is dead, and Fury can only trust Maria to do this, never mind that she’s a battle commander and not the deft touch of whatever Coulson was.


Maria steels herself and enters, posture impeccable, and the magician reacts by blinking slow and sleepily at her.

“You did something,” Maria begins, a shaky start but not inaccurate, “During the invasion.”

The magician nods, open, “I protected those that I could.”

“More than that,” Maria responds, unable to find words for what she means to say.

SHIELD had experienced losses that day, of course, Coulson one of many. But only from the direct attack on the helicarrier. When the rift was open, monsters from across the universe raining chaos down, SHIELD stood firm. Agents stood back up from hits that should have taken them down, were able to do things that should have been beyond them. For several hours, SHIELD was undefeatable.

The magician huffed a soft but honestly amused sort of laugh, smile curling her mouth though her eyes continued to droop in exhaustion. “A matter of convenient coincidence,” she answers, though Maria hardly had a question formed. “My priority was to ensure that the building would be safe.” Again she laughs, or tries to, “I told everyone to believe that the shield would hold.”


A/N: The later bits are related to this long ago Avengers crossover. Just doing some “spring” cleaning of little ficlets and such on my computer.

Untitled Avengers drabble (2015-09-26)

Bennet’s in the middle of inputting data–and he’s going to be honest, he really enjoys it, it’s soothing–when the small television they have running as background noise suddenly changes from soap operas to BREAKING NEWS.

It’s… it’s basically a war zone. In New York. With aliens and superheroes and–“Dr. Ross? I think you need to see this,”–a giant green rage monster.

Her mouth twists, no doubt a confusing jumble of concern and elation whirling about in her mind, “Tell the university we’re taking a sabbatical, Bennet,” she says, and he immediately has his email open, drafting a sorry-not-sorry-we’re-leaving-for-a-while, “We’re going to Manhattan.”

He and Riley were like brothers, so it stands to reason that Riley’s little shit of a protege would translate as something like a stubborn punk of a nephew.

“‘Sup Uncle Sam?” Bingley says with that combination of infuriating smile and raised eyebrow that Sam knows always both amused and pissed of Riley, “You mind if I stay for a few days?”

Sam rolls his eyes at the complete lack of heads up, but lets the kid come in anyway. Later, when Captain America and the Black Widow appear on his doorstep he’s both proud and worried at how easily Bingley steps up to offer help.

Family sticks together, after all.

The thing about the Avengers Tower is that it’s still a skyscraper. It’s massive. And maybe Tony Stark is accustomed to living opulently, but an entire floor for one person? That’s kind of ridiculous.

Okay, sure, Thor literally lived in a space castle, so he’s probably used to even more luxury. But as far as Darcy can tell, he’s accepting close quarter living as a given for Midguardian culture. And considering his two instances of Earth living were 1) Puente Antiguo, in which Jane lived in an RV and 2) London. Enough said.

So it’s not unexpected that the Avengers each invite other people to live on their designated floors. Hawkeye brings an absolutely adorable dog and a teenage girl who also, confusingly, answers to the name Hawkeye. The Captain has his own avian-themed not-sidekick, and no doubt his frozen BFF will be brought in, too, whenever they actually find him.

Thor invites Jane, who invites Darcy; no surprise there.

What is a surprise is, a few days after moving in, after Darcy’s unpacked all of her stuff and decides to explore her new home, she bumps into her siblings.


A/N: Oooh, switching from DC to Marvel. Whaaaaaaat? No worries, I love all my children equally. 😛

Here’s a quickly thrown together drabble based on this Fake Fic Summary, in which Darcy is a triplet with Bennet (as played by Jesse Eisenberg) as her brother and Bingley (as played by Kristen Stewart) as her agender sibling.

To be honest, I’m still not sure if I want Bingley to be attached to Sam Wilson’s story line or James Rhodes’. I mean, either way, Bingley is in the Air Force, but I’m not too sure what route I want to take for this. If I were to continue this.

Ode to 11010201 x Avengers drabble (2015-07-04)

He’s in the middle of chemistry when he feels a sudden drain in his energy. He begins to droop immediately, face smashing alarmingly close to the lab equipment on the table. He can’t help the pained yell that follows.

“What is going on here?” Mr Lui asks, torn between concern and confusion.

“I don’t know,” he answers through gritted teeth, a strangely empty sensation of pulling going down his spine. He’s never felt anything like this before, doesn’t have a frame of reference for what it might be.

Except… maybe he does know.

“New York,” he tries to mumble, but his face in general does not seem to want to cooperate with him. Not that such a statement would have explained much.

Luckily, it doesn’t have to.

“Teachers,” says Principle Henao, voice somehow carefully mild over the school’s PA system, “I apologize for the interruption, but please turn on your televisions at this time.” She repeats the sentence again, no offers of explanation, no opportunities for disobedience. Homeroom period, when announcements are made and TVs play Channel One–the high school equivalent of a news station–had just ended ten minutes ago. The request, then, is both strange and unproblematic.

What the TVs are showing, is strange and problematic.

All the TVs in school are connected to a central monitor in the main office. Usually set to play only Channel One and the occasional video announcement, now it must be set to an actual news channel.

On the screen a bright red banner reading BREAKING NEWS is at the top; below it footage of what looks to be… some kind of war zone. Rubble and explosions and fast paced everything, details too shaky and indistinct to make out. But the captions say that it’s New York; Manhattan, to be specific.

His aunt works in Manhattan.

His lab partner, the only one to have heard his attempt to speak earlier looks at him sharply. His other classmates stare entranced at the screen. Even Mr Lui, torn between concern at a possibly unwell student and the sheer horrifying devastation on screen, can’t help the unconscious turn of his head.

The draining sensation grows stronger, as if someone is desperately pulling on the other end.

Ostensibly, he and his aunt have equal, complementary shares in their magic. It’s how Gemini witches are supposed to function. But she had never had full access to their magic until he discovered his ability. And Pollux was always more powerful than Castor.

He can hardly hear himself breathe, much less pay attention to what the news reporters are saying on the TV. But something dangerous is going down in New York, and his aunt works in Manhattan.

Go, he thinks to himself, to his magic, to their magic, to her. Go.

Then he lets go.

In the future, when asked about what he was doing during the Avengers’ debut in the Battle of New York, all he will say is that he was in chemistry class. He will not add that he passed out, had to be brought to the hospital, and woke up three days later in perfect health with the doctors and his dad relieved but extremely confused as to what happened to him.

His aunt’s story is much cooler, anyway.


A/N: Hahaha, the Ode to 11010201 take on the first Avengers movie. No, R does not get recruited into the Avengers Initiative, because the supernatural world has been trying to keep their existence on the down low. Basically, though, she was fueling a giant ass semi-sentient force field around her company’s building with the help of Zim’s share of their magic.

If you cannot tell, I’ve been reading some MCU fic lately.

I don’t think I’ll continue this, really, it was just a passing idea.