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I don’t know how to make things right.
So I’ll just keep pretending
that nothing’s wrong.
(you know that I’m no good)

Kakashi wakes up with a paw to the face followed by the slobbery swipe of a dog’s tongue. Three thumps of furry bodies jumping up onto the bed and he’s edged out to the floor.

Better than an alarm clock.

“To the pound, all of you,” he groans into the floor, before Naruto comes running in behind Guruko, laughter loud and bright. Kakashi gets stepped on twice more, and in moments his bed is filled with seven dogs and one kid and no Kakashi.

“All of you,” he repeats, vowing revenge, to an audience of overly pleased faces, “even you Naruto.”

His vengeance is ignored.

“First day of school! First day of school!” Naruto cheers, and all of the dogs start barking and howling along because this is Kakashi’s life and so nobody in this house is well behaved whatsoever.

When Kakashi is eight years old, his father commits suicide, leaving him orphaned.

It takes a few months, but he’s lucky enough to be adopted by Minato, who was nice and patient and far too good for the surly, angry mess that was a child Kakashi.

A decade later, Minato dies, leaving Kakashi orphaned once more, this time with a baby to take care of.

He tries his best, really, but just because Kakashi is no longer so surly or angry, doesn’t make him any less of a disaster.

Kakashi drives an SUV, top of the line, with all the latest tech and safety features and a healthy coating of dog hair on the upholstery no matter how many lint rollers and vacuum cleanings he attacks it with.

He used to ride a motorcycle with a sidecar for his dogs, but the first (and only) time Gai saw him trying to load a carseat in it, he was highly encouraged into buying a real vehicle.

Normally, Kakashi would ignore Gai’s nagging, especially considering Gai’s definition of cool is vastly different from his own, but given Gai had recently gotten custody of his nephew, one year older than Naruto, he’ll gladly defer to the one with slightly more experience.

(And if that means he can foist Naruto off onto Gai for weekly playdates with Lee, well, nobody’s complaining).

The thing is, he did like Kushina, strange as she was; a weird rock lady with mystical abilities and a literal alien mindset. But she was fun and interesting and kind and made Minato so happy. She made life exciting.

Maybe too exciting.

But that’s not fair.

It’s not Kushina’s fault that the Kyuubi attacked.

There’s a room in the house that Kakashi can’t open. There is no door handle, no hinges, just a single cabochon the same color as the gem on Naruto’s belly.

He probably should have been more worried when dinner passed–ramen, even!–and Naruto didn’t appear. But none of the dogs were concerned when he asked them, waving their tails and hoping for leftovers.

At the very least, he should have put two and two together.

Three hours later, when Kakashi’s on the brink of forming a search team despite the dogs’ blasé attitudes, the door bursts open: Naruto rolling across the ground, inelegantly fighting a kid with an obsidian in his forehead. They bust a hole in one wall, knock over a shelf of books, break the bathroom sink, and nearly flood the whole first floor. The dogs remain unconcerned, Kakashi is far less amused.

Later he’ll learn that inside the room he can’t open, Naruto found an obsidian inside a bubble and popped it. Because that’s the kind of shining example of decision making prowess he’s been living with.

This is how they meet Sasuke.

Meeting Shikako requires a lot less clean up, but raises far more questions than answers.

Kakashi never really considered the implications of Naruto’s existence, beyond not accidentally poisoning or otherwise killing the small life he’d been put in charge of. And he tried his best because Naruto was Minato’s son, and Kakashi couldn’t do less than that.

But Naruto is also Kushina’s son and that has an entire legacy that Kakashi can’t possibly comprehend.


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Human disaster Kakashi trying to raise a half human half gem kid (with the help of seven dogs and Gai).

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If Sakura is Morganite, maybe Inner!Sakura is some variety of black Beryl – maybe even just called Beryl? – to call back to her animation style, i.e. all black with white lines? Then when they fuse, the colors from Morganite’s pale pink and Beryl’s black would naturally flow into a darker red, meaning she could be called Bixbite. (Sorry, I only just saw you’d replied to that post – Whoops!)

(No worries, kuiper!)

Hm… see the thing is, black beryl is actually white/colorless beryl (Goshenite) that has a lot of black spinel inside. So Black Beryl would be a pretty cool fusion idea for a Goshenite and a Spinel but not really a good component gem in and of itself.

Maybe we could use that same color theory reasoning, though? So Sakura is a permafusion Morganite and her two component parts are Goshenite and Bixbite (so white/colorless dilutes the red to make pink)? Goshenite’s white/lack of color could be Inner!Sakura’s monochrome animations style or Bixbite’s red could represent Inner!Sakura’s passion. Hrm, but Goshenite means truthfulness while Bixbite is about harmony so that’s the opposite.

… maybe Shizune is Black Beryl and since both she and Sakura share the Goshenite aspect that could represent their medical training from Tsunade? (Or the sassiness they’ve gotten from her.)


@kuipernebula: given sapphire and rubies are somehow different types of gem despite both being corundum, i don’t think we have to worry too much about what make the gem the color it is

That’s true, canon SU is pretty lax about gemstone naming/choices…

if you could choose anyone from your gem au to become a permafusion, who would it be?

The problem is, the Earth bound Team Seven gems are only two (and a half), and while there are the extended Team Seven gems that join them later, none of them really fit as a permafusion to me.

On Home world, though, whatever type of gems Kotetsu and Izumo are–they’d be a permafusion if they could be (maybe the Home world culture is different regarding non-matching fusions, or maybe Kotetsu and Izumo are the same gem type…)


@kuipernebula: As a random suggestion (I haven’t followed this AU though, so sorry if this is covered) but Sakura could be a permafusion, with pre-time-skip!Sakura and Inner!Sakura as her two component gems.

Ooh! Good point, kuiper… I do have Sakura as a gem (instead of human like most of the Konoha Twelve), more specifically Morganite (because it’s light pink and is connected with healing and such) but maybe instead Sakura is a permafusion Beryl and her two component gems are Morganite and one of the other Beryl types (I’m thinking Bixbite, Heliodor, or Aquamarine)?

an important question about the gems!! since in the canon su, singing is a part of expressing their… feelings? (or something like that) and they actually do it irl – so does that mean tourmaline, obsidian, and naruto (and maybe kakashi) would be singing a lot? (for the whole day i couldn’t keep my head off the two SU openings reimagined as dos!su au smh)

Hm… I think that’s more of a medium thing–in that, music and singing is frequently included in children’s cartoon, whereas a written fic could just do these are character thoughts directly–and a SU specific thing because Steven was raised by his rockstar dad.

I mean, you could very well imagine the gem-ified Team Seven singing if you like, but I don’t know how I would write that in a fic without it getting cheesy.

how would tourmaline feel about kyuubi? would it be in the same light as DOS? (yknow making her powerless, and chakra sensitivity and what not) and would naruto have a human friend that would be trained by tourmaline/obsidian/kakashi in a “do it for her” fashion?

Tourmaline!Shikako doesn’t have the same background with the Kyuubi as DoS!Shikako does, so mostly she’s just very confused by that weird glow in Naruto’s gemstone. Given her powers and her specialty, she make be able to sense the Kyuubi within his gemstone, but until Sasuke makes the connection between that ominous energy and the horrific forces that caused Home World to flee, she doesn’t know what it is.

Arguably, Kakashi is the human that trains himself to protect Naruto.

That being said, given the bijuu are Earth phenomenon, and humans are also Earth phenomenon the Konoha Twelve may have abilities of their own to help them fight though they aren’t nearly as powerful as their DoS versions. Also, I think they’re friends with Naruto. It’s probably because of the size of Beach City and the fact that he isn’t in school for some reason, but Steven seems awfully isolated. Naruto–raised only by Kakashi and his millions of dogs–is definitely enrolled in school.

For the SU AU: where are their gems located? I expect Naruto’s is on his belly, where the seal is in canon. Is Shikako’s on her chest, about where her Gelel stone sits on her necklace? And where is Sasuke’s? Also, did you say what powers he has? I want him to have some kind of OP eye powers but can’t think of what.

Naruto’s is on his belly, yes, but Shikako’s is actually on her back (though at the same height as her sternum). Mostly because that’s where she most frequently gets stabbed and Gelel, but also because I like the idea of her not being able to see her own gemstone. It made researching about herself all that much more difficult and it enforces her need for other people (whether human, gem, or half human half gem).

Sasuke’s is probably on his forehead. I considered having it be one of his eyes like with one of the Rubies, but then I considered–in the same vein as Shikako’s “weak point” being on her back where she gets stabbed the most–that how much more significant would Itachi’s dumb forehead flick thing be if that’s where Sasuke’s gemstone was.

I imagine that the Obsidians (unless I get completely jossed with SU canon) are like the Uchiha: small but fast and powerful warriors. They’re higher status than Quartzes in SU canon, mostly because they’re rarer and harder to make. Hematites (Sai) were probably Home World’s attempt to recreate Obsidians but more controllable and lower status.

As for the Obsidians’ OP eye ability… I mean its canon that Sapphires can see the future so… maybe something similar for Obsidians. But more streamlined to reflect their battle capabilities (whereas Sapphire’s role was more of an oracle/advisor).

Alternatively I wonder if, because gems are just construct of light around their gemstone, that a Sharingan equivalent might be able to poof a gem by disrupting the light around the gemstone. So if an Obsidian can see the gemstone they can disrupt a gem long enough to get close and shatter them. Which is why Obsidians are the worst to fight. Its as OP as Uchiha’s automatic genjutsu skills I think.

Sasuke also has a sword for a gem weapon.

For the su!DoS au Sakura would be a Rose Quartz! Y’know, healing and pink hair! Except she came out,,, petite. Oh! How about since Earth is considered so dangerous, homeworld sent the misfits! (For why Sai is there, Danzo wanted an expendable inside agent if he’s homeworld) Or maybe Danzo is the leader of homeworld? Food for thought. Thanks!

I had considered making Sakura a Rose Quartz, but I didn’t want to include canon gem types (although I know that the “Snowflake” Bismuth mentioned is most likely snowflake obsidian).

And I had figured that Morganite might be a close enough equivalent. Like small travel-sized versions of Rose Quartz–how Rubies are the travel-sized soldiers, Morganite is a travel-sized field medic.

Sakura, Sai, and Tenzo are all a little too orderly to be misfits. Especially without the chaotic influence that is the core Team Seven. But they are meant to be scouting team to see if the planet is still a viable Gem Colony–so not exactly a suicide mission, but not gems that aren’t replaceable either.

Danzo is definitely high up in Home World, just like in canon, but he’s not THE leader. There’s either a tetrarchy like in SU canon or Sandaime is leader and Danzo is suspiciously close like in Naruto canon.

Tourmaline–Shikako, that is, because I more and more like the idea that Tenzo is also a Tourmaline (one that can control plant-life) and considering she was probably adopted into the Nara clan not long after she formed she’d think of herself in the human name they gave her–has a very good relationship with the clan.

She definitely has been with them for enough generations to seem synonymous with the clan, but after they were firmly a clan. So in DoS Shikamaru is mentioned to be the sixteenth head of the Nara, so I’m thinking Shikako’s been with the clan for at least ten generations, but less than fifteen.

Living clan heirloom like the deer herds works pretty well for a description. I mean. They literally named her deer girl. Which is very inclusive on their part–considering their clan head naming scheme–but also partially because when Tourmaline first emerged she found herself surrounded by the deer and was like. Well, this clearly my purpose, and for a good week or so she was acting as the deer herd’s protector until the then Nara clan head was. Ah, this weirdly colored humanoid is a deer spirit blessed upon the clan, we will show her kindness and the clan will flourish. And, well, that is what happened.

The reason why Shikamaru is close enough to consider Shikako his sister is a combination of several things: over the generation, Shikako has been more and more embedded into the clan. Deer spirit to clan member to clan elder of sorts etc. etc. She’s become more and more familiar to the clan over time. Shikaku was probably raised to consider her like a cousin that can control earth.

I also think Yoshino had a lot to do with it, too. One she married into the clan she treated Shikako very much like a human. Shikako has probably eaten more since Yoshino married into the clan than she had for the century before. No one really thought to parent Tourmaline before Yoshino–because she’s an immortal rock person, why would they–but she’s still the equivalent of a teenager so it kind of works. And from Yoshino it’s not overbearing, it’s caring.

The third part is that probably Shikako grew more and more experimental in her abilities as time went on and she probably had to retreat into her gemstone. One such instance happened when Shikamaru was pretty young, and instead of doing the traditional thing of leaving Shikako’s gemstone in the Nara clan shrine for her to regenerate, Shikamaru basically declared he was going to protect her and did much the same as when Steven first saw Pearl retreat into her gemstone. It was a formative experience for both of them.

I’m not entirely sure if it’s a direct analog to the Uchiha Massacre, but I do know Sasuke is the last Obsidian (AS FAR AS THEY KNOW, Itachi might exist I’m unsure) and that all the other Obsidians were deliberately left behind to face the wrath of the bijuu who the Home World had left the planet to escape.

Probably it was an Obsidian who “unleashed” the Kyuubi (in that, if the Kyuubi was “sleeping” and the Obsidians had stumbled upon its lair. Which might have been a volcano since… fire and obsidian) and so Home World reacted accordingly?