Ask Box Three Sentence Fic, 11/? (2016-11-05)


(1 – anonymous – Shikako & Sasuke, police detectives!AU)

“Well,” Shikako muses drunkenly, leaning against Sasuke who sighs and resigns himself to being a wall, “I’m not much one for or enforcering order… enfordering… law stuff… but I do like solving mysteries.”

“No, Shikako, we’ve got that side covered, I’m just asking you to take a look at some seals that were on the scene,” Sasuke says, futilely.

“I’m gonna be a consoli-date, consulate… consulting detective!” she declares, before bursting into giggles.


(2 – anonymous – Shikako & Sai, canon!DoS, friendship moment)

“What is the purpose of these?” Sai asks, examining the bracelets closely, as if somehow the thread and beads will reveal hidden techniques or secrets.

“There’s no purpose,” Shikako answers, finishing up the green and black band before looping it around Sai’s wrist–he acquiesces, easily. “Well, except for signifying friendship.”


(3 – anonymous – Konoha Thirteen, polyamorous housemates!AU)

“Have you seen my sword?”

Sasuke, in the midst of cooking breakfast–which, considering the number of people living in the house, is no small feat–groans as if he’s been stabbed in the gut, but manfully keeps silent otherwise.

Kiba and, somehow, Akamaru both look incredulously at Shikako from the kitchen table, “How do you just lose track of the legendary Sword of the Thunder God?”


(4 – anonymous – Team Eight’s thoughts on Shikako)

Little lioness
hiding her face, looks upon
the doe with esteem.

Beetle, all-seeing,
watches and waits for the
queen of the forest.

Fangs sharp, wits sharper,
dog and doe run together,
a pack mate with hooves.


(5 – anonymous – even more 6.1, Shikako/Haku, Project Runway!AU, flustered!Shikako)

She can barely believe she’s at Fashion Week, much less presenting a show of her own original designs, but she’s made it and she can feel her lungs deflating like a popped balloon.

Everything is going impossibly smoothly, models strutting down the catwalk, Haku flawless with the finale, and suddenly he’s backstage and pulling her forward toward the audience.

A microphone is suddenly in her hands, all cameras and eyes and lights on her, she can barely breathe; a baffled wheeze escapes her mouth–way to go, Shikako, so suave.


A/N: I don’t think all of the Konoha Thirteen would be in a single polyamorous living situation, because–as I went into in depth with the Walking Around ‘verse–not everyone is poly… but I did also bring up how Sasuke would prefer Shikako’s other relationships to be with anyone but Gaara so…

Also, Team Eight & Shikako haiku?

Post Word Count: 313, Running Word Count: 1756

Ask Box Three Sentence Fic, 10/? (2016-11-04)


(1 – anonymous – even more 3.4, Shikako/Gaara, modern royalty!AU, family POV)

Theirs is not a family of soft gestures and kind words, as harsh and imposing as the desert they rule over–but Temari is queen now, and while her future is irrevocably tied to her country, that doesn’t mean her brothers’ must be as well.

“You won’t get the throne,” she says, fact more than prediction, nearly ringing with decree; Gaara looks at her with barely concealed hope.

“Do as you will,” she finishes, permission and blessing, as close to kindness as their family can get.


(2 – anonymous – Shikako/Shino, rescue mission)

He has been held prisoner for four days: his hive has been depleted, he has had minimal food, water, and sleep, and his left arm is still broken–the situation is less than optimal.

A small spider crawling beneath his cell door is all the warning he gets before an explosion reverberates through the facility, sounds of fighting and screaming following not long after, the spider making its calm but swift pace towards him.

Another, smaller, closer explosion breaks open his door revealing Shikako and his younger sister’s team, “I told you I’d come back for you.”


(3 – anonymous – Shikako, collective realization of butt-kicking ability)

It’s one thing for Shikako to put up a fight against Gaara who is, despite being a jinchuuriki and now the Kazekage, still a kid their age.

It’s another thing for her to take on a Sannin.

“Brats these days take things so seriously, it wasn’t a real challenge,” Jiraiya grouses, though the pride in his eyes could not be more obvious: he didn’t lose, and Shikako’s been sequestered in the hospital for chakra depletion again, but it was a damn near thing.


(4 – anonymous – Shikako, haggled advice giver!AU?)

“You probably shouldn’t do… any of this,” Shikako says, bewildered, eyeing Aoba and gingerly picking through the pile of detailed notes he dropped on her desk.

“Not even the pathway of flower petals?”

“That sounds expensive,” she answers, “and excessive considering this is only your second date… also… I’m thirteen–why are you asking me for dating advice?”


(5 – anonymous – Shikako & ??, … preceding reputation?)

“Oh, no,” Kakashi-sensei says completely deadpan, as he leans casually against a barrel of sake “my cute student has gone missing; none of her adoring fans can find her.”

From inside the barrel comes the muffled response, “You’d hide, too, with fans like that.”

“Lucky for this talking sake, my cute student is not on duty for another two hours,” Kakashi-sensei knocks on the barrel twice before wandering back out to the party, gearing up to deal with his own horde of fans.


A/N: While I love the enthusiasm of some of these prompts and appreciate getting prompts at all, if I could request them to be in this format–

“Character and/or Ship, AU or canon!DoS, theme/event/idea less than ten words”

–then that would be great. I don’t want to police it too much, but it’s kind of difficult to parse what some of the prompts are saying.

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You and Me and Baby (Makes Fifteen), part 2/2 (2016-06-02)

It’s not exactly a problem, but considering the make up of Team Seven–the fact that she’s the only non-orphan and the only one with siblings who didn’t leave the village after slaughtering their entire clan–she probably could have handled the matter of introductions better.

Shikako’s teammates take the sudden appearance of a baby as well as she expected. Meaning, not with any measure of grace or dignity whatsoever.

“What do we do with it?” Naruto asks, his hands fluttering around Kareru without actually touching. In contrast, Sasuke’s stare has only become more suspicious, arms folded across his chest.

“He’s a baby,” she answers, exasperated, “not a kunai. We don’t do anything with him except, probably, raise him into a decent human being.”

“We?” Sasuke prompts.

“Oh, well, no,” Shikako says, amending her statement, “Not ‘we’ as in us, but ‘we’ as in people in general. I was hoping someone else would be willing to raise him. And I could just let them take over. It’s not as if we can, there’s other more qualified people.” Although, said out loud, it does sound an awful lot like she’s shirking responsibilities.

“Why not?” Naruto says, absolutely entranced by what might be his only living blood relative trying to eat his own foot. Shikako shifts her hold on Kareru so his infantile acrobatics won’t lead to him plummeting to the ground.

“Why not what?” she asks.

“Why not us?” Naruto clarifies, “Why can’t we raise him?” he asks, finally looking up, blue eyes full of conviction. “We can do this.”

Shikako and Sasuke glance at each other, expressions far less skeptical than the other would expect–neither of them have ever been all that successful at denying Naruto when it really matters.

And, yes, she may have been doubtful of Naruto’s ability to take care of a baby earlier–long ago D-rank babysitting missions flashing through her minds–but he’s not asking to take care of Kareru by himself. He’s asking if they can do it, together. And, well, together they’ve done some pretty amazing things.

She bites her lip, though, still unsure. This isn’t just some one-off mission that they can complete and walk away from. This is a baby, an actual whole other person who will be their responsibility for years. For the rest of their lives.

But it’s Sasuke who makes the decision, carefully extending a single finger in the baby’s direction. Fascinated, Kareru grabs it, a pleased squeal erupting from his mouth.

Naruto’s grin is wide and bright, “We can do this!” he repeats.

Shikako nods, an answering smile of her own spreading across her face. “But,” she adds, ever the pragmatist, “Probably not by ourselves.”

It wouldn’t make sense for the Hokage to be informed of every new citizen of Konoha–frankly, it’s an inefficient use of the village leader’s time and with this particular Hokage, time is something that his horde of administrative shinobi have to schedule with frenzied exactness–but when it comes to this particular citizen, exceptions can be made.

Or, well, Team Seven will make the exception for him. After all, it’s not everyday a jounin-sensei becomes a pseudo-grandpa via his students collectively adopting a baby found in the ruins of a fallen village.

… Well, it’s not as if the paperwork ninja didn’t already hate them.

“Maa, not the mask, Kareru-kun,” Kakashi says fondly to the baby currently seated on his desk and trying to unmask him. Except for gently pulling the tiny hands away from his face, Kakashi lets Kareru do whatever he wants, crawling across the desk and drooling on no doubt very important files.

“That’s all you have to say about this?” Naruto asks, impatient, the first one to crack.

“Hm,” Kakashi responds, stretching the noise out until Sasuke begins to scowl, “He’s a little young to learn the chidori,” he admonishes, just to see the team twitch in annoyed unison.


“I have a lot of free time,” Kakashi lies, blatantly, “I guess I could watch Kareru-kun occasionally,” he says, so nonchalant that it’s obvious he cares.

Not that Shikako was really expecting anything else, her sensei awkward but affectionate in his own way–but it’s nice to be proven right about things.

Team Ten, thankfully, is far less uncomfortable about sudden teenaged parenthood–skipping over origins and uncertainty of what constitutes family, going straight into how to raise Kareru. Which, isn’t really a surprise considering their clans are known for strong family ties.

“I always thought I’d end up with a kid first,” Shikamaru says, one eyebrow raised. But there’s a smile on the edge of his mouth, his shoulder brushing against his sister’s. It’s nice to know he’ll support her even in this somewhat spontaneous decision.

Chouji, in far fewer words, also expresses his approval by reaching out for the baby. His bulky arms a gentle cradle for Kareru to observe the world.

“Can you say Ino-neechan?” Ino coos to Kareru, who babbles happily in response.

“Neechan?” Naruto asks, as tactful as ever, “Wouldn’t you be Ino-bachan?”

“Excuse you,” Ino says, “If you want to be called uncle, then that’s fine. But I’m going to be Kareru’s fabulous older sister.”

“He’s not even old enough to talk yet,” Sasuke says, though he stands on the opposite side of Chouji from her. Strategically.

“I’m training him early,” Ino says with a shrug, before turning her attention back to the baby, “You can pull off purple, right Kareru-chan?”

Which starts Naruto in on the sanctity of Uzumaki wearing orange and somehow devolves into an argument about who will be Kareru’s favorite.

Well, at least he won’t be lacking for attention.

It doesn’t take long for Kiba to find them–hand on the pulse of Konoha’s rumor mill and having almost as good a sense for inane competition as he does smells–the rest of Team Eight follow after.

Preemptively, Shikako says, “No, this isn’t mine and Gaara’s kid,” which sends Kiba into a fit of raucous laughter.

Thankfully, it’s Shino who responds. “I did not think so. Why? First, because you have only been gone for a few months–not long enough for the human gestation period, or for the additional months this child has of age. Second, you were nowhere near Land of Wind, and it is well-known that the Kazekage does not often leave Sunagakure. Third, while it is true that the child and the Kazekage both have red hair, it is obvious, even within such a short period of time, that the child has more in common with Naruto in appearance than the Kazekage.”

There’s a beat of silence as everyone processes Shino’s statement.

“Thanks for the support?” Shikako says, more question than not, but Shino nods and she supposes it’s close enough.

“I-if I can help in any way, I’d like to,” Hinata offers, once the story has been repeated for Team Eight’s benefit. Shino nods again, in agreement, while Kiba is more vocal with his.

“And anyway, babies love dogs! Me and Akamaru will definitely end up this kid’s favorite.”

Which restarts the argument all over again: this time, with animal summons for added silliness.

It’s not as if Shikako ever planned for this–her entire life has basically been rolling with the punches–so it’s not like she’s actively recruiting people into helping out with Kareru.

Try convincing Lee that, though.

“I will run around Konoha one hundred times on my hands!” he declares, eyes bright and filled with determination. “I, too, will prove myself a worthy caregiver for young Kareru! Superior, even, to my rival, Neji!” He points, at said rival who, despite the look of deep disgruntlement, has not pulled away from Kareru’s curious hair tugging.

Instead, to rile up his teammate, Neji says only one word: “Byakugan,” which… is a fairly strong point. The Hyuuga bloodline would make literally watching a baby almost ludicrously easy.

TenTen huffs an exasperated laugh, “Of course they’d find a way to argue over a baby.”

“They might as well join the fight already in progress,” Shikako says, gesturing to where some of their friends have set up an impromptu sparring tournament to somehow prove which of them will end up as Kareru’s favorite. As if they were waiting for permission, Lee and Neji–untangling himself from tiny baby fingers–go and do just that.

“Mostly, I just wanted to see how your mission to Uzushio went,” TenTen admits, “I figured you’d bring back some seal samples, though, I didn’t think you’d return with a baby.”

Well, technically, she came back with both…

“My missions always end up really weird,” Shikako muses, before glancing over at the baby, still comfortably perched in Chouji’s arms. Kareru’s eyes meet hers and he smiles, a wide, toothless, drooling thing.

She can’t say it doesn’t tug at her heartstrings.

Within the hour, Sakura finds them–not that they were hiding–and she comes armed with paperwork and an unimpressed expression.

“I take it you’ve figured out what to name him, then,” she says, channeling as much of her shishou as Shikako tries to channel of her sensei. Given how infrequently Kakashi ever pulled one over on Tsunade, that was probably a poor decision.

“Aah, Sakura, I was just about to… you see, I was on my way home when–”

“Save it,” she interrupts, thankfully, because Shikako’s Kakashi impression isn’t all that good to begin with, “What’s his name and who should I put for his official guardians?”

With all of her friends around her, knowing that she’s far from alone in this, it’s less daunting to say:

“This is Kareru Uzumaki. And I’ll be his guardian.”


A/N: Sorry, y’all. It’s a little abrupt and clunky, but I kinda just wanted to get the full fifteen of the title at least mentioned so I can safely stow this two-shot away in my imaginary completed fic bin… still have a lot of prompts to go through. Oh, dear.

Okay, so I know it doesn’t really fulfill the prompt but… I kinda wanted to do more “reacting to sudden baby” fic than “raising sudden baby” fic, if that makes sense. And,Tth, I kind liked part one as is? But the title wouldn’t make any sense unless I actually wrote the others, so I just kinda use this as an opportunity to explore writing characters I never have before. It’s harder than I thought–less the actual characters and more having them interact in a group setting. One on one from now on, please and thank you.

Anyway… I think I’ll post both parts as one chapter in Dreaming One Shots on ao3…

Okay, Jiro it is! I still have a ways to go to catch up, but I do have a few ideas for specific plot points. Would giving Jiro a crush on Kiba be too much? Or just enough?

I was also thinking Kiba! 😀 But, I mean, I was specifically thinking one-sided Jiro/Kiba? Mostly because I love some one-sided pining!character A and oblivious!character B who is so damned friendly and gregarious that it makes character A’s crush all the worse. It’s soooooo good.

But a mutual Jiro/Kiba would be okay, too, I suppose.

I’m wondering, though, what about Shino? I feel like he’d have a solid grip on his own identity–a steadiness that Jiro would appreciate–though I guess it depends on what kind of personality Jiro has to see what that dynamic would be…

Character Analysis: Dreaming of Sunshine, Team Eight (2015-10-29)

A/N1: Check out Team Seven and Team Ten, if you haven’t.


the Ego
Phlegmatic – Apathetic/Conflicted
(I/e=A)NFP – Idealist – Healer
Neutral/lawful Good


the Id
Choleric – Realist
ESF(P/j) – Artisan – Performer
True/chaotic Neutral


the Superego
Melancholic – Cynic
ISTJ – Guardian – Inspector
Slytherin / Ravenclaw
Lawful Good/neutral


the Mentor
Sanguine – Optimist
ENT(P/j) – Rational – Inventor
Ravenclaw / Slytherin
Lawful Neutral/good

I’ve decided not to do the Five-Man Band since I hate it and it doesn’t contribute much if anything to the analysis.

Surprisingly, Team Eight was fairly easy to do–the designations weren’t what I expected at the beginning, but they were easy.

Anyway, reasoning under the cut.

The Freudian Trio

Team Eight is an almost perfect representation of the Freudian Trio. My only hold back is that, in the beginning, Hinata (the Ego) doesn’t mediate between Kiba (the Id) and Shino (the Superego) so much as she lets them argue it out and have Kurenai (the Mentor) decide. Thankfully, Hinata’s entire character development is her gaining self-confidence so, if anything, Team Eight is become more like the ideal Freudian Trio as they grow older.

The Four-Temperament Ensemble / The Four-Philosophy Ensemble

Given my continued confusion over the Four-Temperament Ensemble, I ended up relying a bit more on the related Four-Philosophy Ensemble to make my decisions. Additionally, for this go around, I ignored the emotional vs rational binary amongst the Temperament (whereas in the Team Seven character analysis, I ignored the introverted vs extroverted).

Between the introverts–Hinata and Shino–it’s pretty obvious that Hinata is the people-oriented one and Shino the task-oriented one. Making Hinata the Phlegmatic one and Shino the Melancholic one. Likewise, Hinata matches the “Conflicted” philosophy more, whereas Shino matches the “Cynic” philosophy more (I definitely would not consider Hinata a cynic).

Amongst the extroverts–Kiba and Kurenai (I’m not entirely sure she is an extrovert, but we only ever see her in a group setting)–I believe that Kurenai is the people-oriented one. Considering her expertise is genjutsu–illusions of the mind–and her continued devotion to her students’ mental and emotional health. In contrast, I believe Kiba is the more task-oriented one–it’s not readily clear since he is in touch with his emotions (considering he’s the Id of Team Eight, he is emotions), but as far as it goes with his actions, Kiba is the kind of person to pursue a goal regardless of other people’s feelings.

With Kurenai as the Sanguine, and Kiba as the Choleric, that would result in Kurenai being the “Optimist” with Kiba as the “Realist.” Which is a little surprising to me, considering that Kurenai is the jounin sensei and Kiba the less experienced shinobi, but it… kind of makes sense. Kurenai is a recent jounin, a lot of her interaction with her team is hopeful–they’re her first set of students, she wants to see them succeed but more than that she wants to see them happy. In contrast, Kiba is member of the Inuzuka clan–which, from the outset, does not seem all that significant, all of the Rookie Nine are part of shinobi clans–but I perceive the Inuzuka clan, and Kiba’s immediate family in particular, to be very open and candid with their experience. As such, I get the feeling that Kiba is second-hand exposed to a lot of the shinobi world.

Myers-Briggs Types and Keirsey Temperament

(Review: Extroversion vs Introversion, Sensing vs iNtuition, Thinking vs Feeling, Judging vs Perceiving. _NF_=Idealist, _NT_=Rational, _S_P=Artisan, _S_J=Guardian)

As I’ve listed above, these are the types and temperaments that I believe matches each member of Team Eight.

Hinata: (I/e=A)NFP – Idealist – Healer
Hinata is comfortable on her own, but she does enjoy and crave company even if it makes her nervous (hence ambivert leaning towards introversion). Much of Hinata’s character is about belief–that she can do more and be more than her past. She remembers interactions as they affect her relationships, and is willing to take people at their words more than their past actions *cough*NEJI*cough*. Her behavior is definitely based on her emotions rather than logic. And she is more likely to wait and react than instigate activities.

Kiba: ESF(P/j) – Artisan – Performer
Kiba, unsurprisingly, is an extrovert–while he can handle being alone (with Akamaru, that is)–he is more energetic around other people. He relies more heavily on what is tangible than abstract ideas, what he (and others around him) has experienced more than what might happen in the future. Considering he is the Id of the team, its unsurprising he’s more of a Feeler than a Thinker. As for my uncertainty on perceiving vs judging, well… Kiba is reactionary and adaptable, he doesn’t plan but rather stays open for possible opportunities, but he is decisive–once he does decide on a course of action he will pull through with it.

Shino: ISTJ – Guardian – Inspector
Shino’s designations are pretty obvious, even though we know comparatively less of him. Introversion, is a bit of a guess, but he doesn’t seem to actively crave become energized by company. For both sensing and thinking, this is mostly because of the rare occasions where he does have dialogue. He lists out pieces of information and how it leads to the ultimate, logical conclusion. Likewise, this method of rationality leans toward the judging side rather than perceiving.

Kurenai: ENT(P/j) – Rational – Inventor
As mentioned in the previous section, I do think that Kurenai is an extrovert (though we know very little of her as well). Additionally, given that she is a genjutsu expert, I believe that she would rely on her intuition more on her senses because she knows just how easily senses can be fooled.  For all that she is in touch with her emotions, I don’t she is ruled by them necessarily–in some cases, I think she acts in spite of them. As for perceiving/judging, well, like with all of the jounin sensei, she has to be a little of both due to her career–as for why I think she’s leans more heavily toward the perceiving end, well, ultimately her behavior is in response to someone else’s actions or decisions.

Hogwarts Houses

I may be a little bias on this one, just because I’ve always had the headcanon that Hinata is a Gryffindor of the Neville Longbottom variety. With that in mind, Kiba would then be the Hufflepuff of the team–loyalty, determination; he’s not as much of the rabid badger Hufflepuff as Sasuke is, but he’s close. As for Ravenclaw and Slytherin, well, I’m not really sure.

Both Kurenai and Shino are intelligent, but given Kurenai’s intelligence leans more towards the creative and Shino’s the practical I tentatively say that Kurenai is the Ravenclaw and Shino is the Slytherin. Additionally, while it’s more a sign of his ability than ambition, Shino was one of two to make chuunin during the first exams. Then again, considering how difficult it must be for a genjutsu specialist to become a full jounin rather than be stuck as a special jounin, Kurenai must be ambitious as well.

D&D Alignment

As you can probably tell, I was a little unsure about alignments for Team Eight.

Hinata: Neutral/lawful Good. Hinata is clearly good–but her lawful leaning is actually detrimental to her; her character arc is her striving and failing to conform to her father’s idea of a Hyuuga heiress. It’s when she steps away from that standard that she grows into herself.

Kiba: True/chaotic Neutral. Of Team Eight, Kiba is the closest to being chaotic leaning–but while he does enjoy the occasional ruckus, he does adhere to orders so long as they are from someone he acknowledges as superior in hierarchy. As for neutral, pack is what is most important to him–so long as his friends and family are okay, he doesn’t really care about anything else.

Shino: Lawful Good/neutral. Shino is, if anything, more likely to bend the law to his own use or find loopholes which allow him to act. Luckily, he is good at heart–if in a cold utilitarian way, optimizing the most benefit for the most people; though he does make exceptions for his friends of course, hence the neutral leaning.

Kurenai: Lawful Neutral/good. Given the creativity needed for genjutsu, Kurenai doesn’t step out of line at all if ever; maybe it’s because she’s a recent jounin and doesn’t want to misstep. As for Neutral/good, I think her concern is centered around her team/Asuma/her friends–she doesn’t seem to extend that care to others. Then again, her actions aren’t inherently selfish so…